Your evening hunger becomes even worse if you eat this

There is a domino effect inside your body.

Your evening hunger becomes even worse if you eat this

Do you often eat late in the evening?

Then it’s actually likely you’re eating more than you really need.

The levels of the leptin and grhelin hormones make the appetite increase and the carbohydrate boost grows about the time when most of us bench ourselves in front of the TV in the evening.

In this way, the hormones help determine your weight.

Lower leptin level

Senior doctor Berit Nordstrand confirms that studies suggest that the production of the hormone leptin is lower in the evening than before in the day.

This hormone is important for how well you feel.

For those who have been able to enjoy good food in the evening, it means that the chance that you overeat may increase if you go to the closet to pick up something good at the advertising breaks.

– We currently know surprisingly little about why someone eats a lot in the evening and others do not. However, because of the hormone imbalance it seems, this is something we should avoid, both in terms of weight and mood, says Nordstrand.

If the calories from the evening box come on top of an already covered calorie demand, the evening sweets will give weight gain.

A hormone affects another

According to Fedon Lindberg, the changed hormone levels are a natural explanation.

The leptime level is down, maybe not so surprising. Hormones rely on each other, and in the evening, the stress hormone goes cortisol, says Lindberg.

This means that, among other things, the body separates less glucose from glycogen storage in the liver and that the glucose synthesis is reduced.

– This makes sense because people are not nightlife and we do not need much energy while we sleep or rest, “he says..

To prevent underweight

Your evening hunger becomes even worse if you eat this

Do you really know how many kcal you should eat before dinner?

When the blood sugar levels decrease due to cortisol, insulin levels also fall.

And when the insulin level drops, the leptin level also follows the insulin curve.

– Leptin appears to be a hormone that will primarily prevent underweight by stimulating increased intake of food when the hormone is low. Thus, the hormone does not function as a function to make us feel and prevent obesity, “said Lindberg.

He says that obese have high leptin levels due to leptin resistance due to insulin resistance.

– Nevertheless, this does not lead to reduced food and food intake, he says.

Gives inflammation in the body

Many people already know insulin resistance, and we know that there is a clear connection between insulin resistance and obesity.

Tips to avoid overeating

  • Avoid big meals at night
  • Eat the most pure raw materials
  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates
  • Eat protein rich foods
Your evening hunger becomes even worse if you eat this

Ten slimming tips you should be critical of

However, it is also possible to become leptin resistant.

– The mechanism here is the same here, and the reason is that the leptin level is high over time. This happens if you eat high-sugar foods, refined flour and processed foods. That is, the same food that causes inflammation in the body, says Nordstrand.

She explains that the consequence is that you weaken the sense of density and possibly also experience more sucking for healthy carbohydrates.

This happens especially in the evening.

Sleep is important

This suction also has a hormonal cause.

– As the leptin level drops, the grheline level rises. This is a hormone that increases the appetite and especially the desire for carbohydrates. A new study shows that the severity level increased at overweight with BMI at over 30 in the evening, says Lindberg.

The researchers who conducted the study therefore concluded that it is advisable to eat most of their carbohydrates in the evening.

This may result in better regulation of appetite and weight.

– This may be correct. Also, remember that even half an hour of sleep loss can lead to an increase in grhelin the following day and thus increase appetite. Here, it’s not just a matter of what you eat, but also factors like stress and sleep, he says.

Your evening hunger becomes even worse if you eat this

– The cookie can actually work, but.

Avoid healthy carbohydrates

Because we currently know little about how the hormones affect our evening meal, Nordstrand says it’s difficult to provide specific dietary advice.

What one knows, however, is that it is advisable to avoid healthy carbohydrates that give blood sugar peaks.

– This because a high blood sugar peak raises the body’s stress hormones and insulin production. Amounts of insulin then release blood sugar into the cells, and blood sugar levels fall rapidly. The mechanism then triggers a powerful sweetener, so my advice is to switch refined white calories to pure raw materials, says Nordstrand.

To be on the safe side, she also recommends that you do not add up to large meals in the evening.

Your own diet

In spite of limited knowledge, however, the eyes have been taken care of for the body weight of the hormone leptin that there is already a separate leptindi.

Your evening hunger becomes even worse if you eat this

What about calories in food?

This is developed by the American nutritionist Byron Richards, and promises to keep the fat hormone stable as well as provide better energy and overall better health.

The five basic rules remind you a lot about the advice you get in a variety of other diets:

Do not eat after dinner, eat three meals a day with five to six hours between each meal, avoid large meals, eat protein rich foods for lunch and reduce the amount of carbohydrates.

Get the hormones in balance

– More important than the number of meals per day, it is nevertheless that you avoid overeating and that you focus on pure food and a lot of plant-based food. Then you get the most possible smart building blocks per cheek, “says Nordstrand.

She thinks this will solve this and more other issues.

As leptin – and probably more other hormones that are best regulated by such food choices – get better balance, the temptation to overeat is much less. Perhaps it will be gone, concludes Nordstrand

Your evening hunger becomes even worse if you eat this

You get strong, slim and less hungry for food

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