You use q-tips in your ear, did you say?

Therefore, do not use q-tips in your ear

You use q-tips in your ear, did you say?

You use q-tips in your ear, did you say?

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Everyone we have ear wax, to a greater or lesser extent. But even though it protects the ear canal with antibacterial properties, many of us want to remove it. And many do, but not in a recommended way.

– Foreign body in the ear, such as Q-tips, disrupts the ear canal balance by removing the natural protection that the earwax provides.

It tells a doctor at Bærum Plastic Surgery, Robby Roarsen, who specializes in ear nose and throat diseases, as well as head and neck surgery.

Risk of Destroying the Tummy

Removing the ear canal could potentially cause micro-skin damage, with subsequent inflammation. There is also a significant risk that you push the ear canal toward the esophagus instead of getting it out.

– Q-tips will not remove all ear waxes, but push some of the wax inward. Next time, a new part of the ear cushion will be pushed inwards, pushing the old ear cushion even further, says Ear Nose Necker at Aleris Health, Mads Moxness.

He informs that whenever you use Q- tips, the ear cushion pushed inwards will eventually fall over the cervical plan.

Steer away from pointed objects

– You can use Q tips in the ear bowl and at the ear of the ear canal to remove what will be visible ear wax, “says Roarsen.

The EMN specialist informs that people mostly use Q-tips are to clean the ear canal.

You use q-tips in your ear, did you say?


– We often hear about patients who use matches, crochet hooks or other pointed objects in the ear canal to get itchy, he says.

However, this is not recommended as you can easily damage the skin of the ear canal and end up with inflammation.

And if you’re very bothered …

… what in all days do you really use to remove the unwanted yellow cradle?

Moxness recommends that you try an oil, for example.

– Oil is more suitable and can be used throughout the night, so as to rinse out with lukewarm water in the morning.

He recommends an ear care product called Revaxor, which dissolves earwax and wax plugs with drops , spray or oil.

Tumor can be injured

And even if it is not on the package that it is to be used in the ear, nor have we got it recommended, we use it anyway. Roarsen believes the reason for it is because we think it is unclear with earwax running out of the ear canal. Then Q-tips are easy.

– There are quite a few who suffer from itching, which may be due to eczema. Then it’s good to have something to get along with, Roarsen believes.

You use q-tips in your ear, did you say?

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He states that the most dangerous thing can happen is to damage the thigh and the middle ear structures if the Q tip is pushed too far into the ear canal.

However, it is important that this happens. For example, accidentally stopping the Q-tip so that it reinserts into the ear canal, he ends.

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