– You inherit your mother’s body

If you want to avoid getting the same body shape as your mother, you have to work for it.

- You inherit your mother's body

The genetic factor is more important for how easy you put on you than you have previously realized.

And not least: It determines where the extra kilos are placed – whether it is around the stomach or around the back.

14 new genes

The world’s largest genetic study has analyzed the relationship between DNA and body shape of almost 200. 000 people and for the first time have documented that it is hereditary determination whether you are disposed of the feminine pear form, or the more hazardous, masculine apple form.

An international research team has found 14 genes that affect fat distribution – if we store fat around the waist or around thighs and butts, writes BBC News.

And – perhaps not surprisingly, most of these genes have a stronger effect on the female body shape than on the male.

Do you have a body like your mother, in other words, it’s not random. Legacy affects both the weight and the body phase.

But gets a bukfedme, women’s bulb shape

It confirms senior doctor and professor Haakon Meyer at the National Institute of Public Health and University of Oslo.

– We know that there are classical gender differences. Men prefer to have a bukfedme while women are laying around the back, “he says.

– There are also ethnic differences. People from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are more exposed to bukfedme than others.

The life-hip ratio reveals the health hazard

- You inherit your mother's body

This machine melts fat

Where fat is present, it has consequences for health.

– A number of studies show that the relationship between life expectancy and hip range is a measure of how the extra kilos lay on the body. Bukfedme is the most dangerous for health, says Haakon Meyer.

The life-hip ratio provides a better indication of the fat distribution than, for example, BMI (body mass index).

A lot of belly fat means increased risk of diabetes type 2, metabolic syndrome, increased fat in the blood and cardiovascular disease.

Your life-hip ratio also tells you if you look like a pear or apple. This can be found by measuring the perimeter around the waist (in navel height) and the hips. Then you divide the life span in centimeters with the hip width in centimeters.

Someone has more trouble keeping weight than others

– We know that hereditary conditions can be of major importance to the individual, and that some will have bigger problems with keeping weight than others, says superior.

- You inherit your mother's body

ate mackerel in tomato – went down 62 kilos

But he emphasizes that there are changes in environmental conditions at population level, not in genes, which explain the weight gain among Norwegians in recent decades.

– There is no doubt that the lifestyle is of major importance. What we eat and how much we move, in many situations, have greater importance to the weight than the genes have, mean superior.

Lifestyle change destroyed the Pima Indians

He refers to the Pima Indians in Arizona, a former natural person who has become a victim of hamburgers and fries. After they went from a hunter-sanker to a urbanized life, half of adult Pima Indians suffered from diabetes 2 and they struggle with obesity and heart disease.

In the pima reserve, seven times as many people die of diabetes as in the rest of the United States, and the average life expectancy is 20 years shorter, according to the A magazine.

– In Pima Indians, it’s not the genes that have changed, it’s the lifestyle, Meyer points out..

Being fat in your teens is as dangerous as smoking 10 cigarettes a day, according to Swedish study.

- You inherit your mother's body

Protein pill can become a slimming solution

- You inherit your mother's body

Slimming with cookies

Extra important to work out

Do you have a mother with apple-shaped body, or come from a family with weight problems, exercise and a healthy diet are all the more important, believes superior.

But Meyer emphasizes that it is not just about anything as simple as “getting along”.

– Weight problems are complex. Among other things, hormones and emotions help control the appetite and what we eat, he says.

Read more about obesity: Advantages and ignorance characterize obesity, says a psychologist at the treatment center for sickness obesity.

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