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You hardly know what introvert and extrovert means

Are you extrovert or introverted?

You hardly know what introvert and extrovert means

Concept Extroversion

Extroversion is one of the five major personality traits that best describe variation in human personality:

1) Strength (Extraversion, Surgency)

2) warmth (agreeableness)

3) Control (Conscientiousness)

4) Emotional Stability, Neuroticism

5) Culture (Openness to Experience)

The Five Large

The five major personality traits that make up DFS are in one popular Norwegian version:

  • Strength (Extraversion, Surgency): The tendency to seek speed, excitement and attention
  • Warmth (Agreeableness): Tendency to Seek or Avoid Emotions
  • Conscientiousness: The tendency to be neat, punctual, pertinent
  • Emotional Stability, Neuroticism: Trend to Be Careful, Restless and Concerned
  • Culture (Openness to Experience): Tendency to seek out or be open to new experiences, values ​​or feelings

Source: Personality testing is more reliable than job interview, chronicle by Rolf Marvin Bøe Lindgren on research. no

While extroversion is a professional term for a personality trait, outgoing is an expression people use to describe a personality type.

– The term extroversion, as typically within psychology, has no simple definition. The common factor, however, appears to be self-esteem and tends to show enthusiasm, “says Rolf Marvin Bøe Lindgren, psychologist at Grendel’s evidence-based psychology, who has worked with personality psychology since the 80’s.

The most extrovert shows enthusiasm or takes leadership in any social context, while the most introvert shows enthusiasm or takes management only when the topic interests them.

Introvert must therefore be considered as more discerning, and “I want to join too” and “Everything is fun” is typically extrovert.

Extrovert, but not outgoing

– An outgoing person, on the other hand, is one who scores a bit over medium on extroversion, but also slightly above average on an accordion, which is another personality trait that is measured on its own scale – and I would add: Over medium on intelligence, although the scholars are fighting here, says Bøe Lindgren.

Those who are too extroverted, however, become overwhelming, while those who are too hot become too busy to make everyone up to date. In addition, one must be intelligent enough to learn from the social interactions, according to B. Lindgren.

– A person who scores high on extroversion and low on heat is not outgoing. Such a profile will often be more concerned with people as a means of achieving their goals, while humans are an end in themselves for the outgoing, “says Bøe Lindgren.

– Are you both quite extrovert and quite sociable (agreeable, warm), one can be said to be quite social; happy with people, they like them alien and stranger. If you are quite introverted and quite sociable you are unoccupied. Then you take care of yourself and prefer to get around to those you know, strangers stay away, says Svenn Torgersen, psychologist and professor at the University of Oslo, who has personality psychology as one of his special fields.

In the middle of between introvert / extrovert

– Nevertheless, in all cases, there are talk of very sliding transitions between the extreme extrovert (or outgoing) and the extreme introvert (or inverted), says Torgersen.

You hardly know what introvert and extrovert means

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He explains that extroversion is to count as a dimension, such as height and weight. Most are somewhere around the middle between the short and the long, the thin and the thick ones. Talk about introversion and extroversion as two groups are as superficial as sharing people in high and short, thick and thin.

– Most are neither introverted nor extroverted – but in between, says Torgersen.

– Introverte works quieter, but …

The more extrovert, the more interested in contact with other people, the more emotionally intense, the more dominant, the more attention-seeking.

Moving over the middle to the introverted page, we will more and more see the lack of interest in interacting with other people and less emotions expressed, more tense in the background, more sober, more passive.

– Introverte seems quieter, and stays more in the background, but the interest in observing people can still be there and feelings can be hidden in the interior, says Torgersen.

Get located at the extremes

But how can introvert and extroverts be so different, just talking about sliding transitions?

You hardly know what introvert and extrovert means

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– Well, because few are at the extremes, they are different. Most of us who are more in the middle are not so different from each other, as with height and weight, says Torgersen.

– What you are referring to the world affects what the world shows back. Introverte learns other ways to be on an extrovert. Coal is nothing but the absence of heat, yet there can be a big difference between summer and winter, says Bøe Lindgren.

The shy and the socially anxious

However, the words are often used extrovert / introvert and outgoing / inverted synonymous. There is a correlation between the two, but within psychology they refer to very different things (there are also many many outgoing invents).

– What we do is to blend the concepts and characteristics that define them, “says Bøe Lindgren.

Inverted and extrovered (and inward and outward) is, in other words, not so different. Innocent people do not understand people, social interactions, leadership or rafting in Sjoa. They are only to a lesser extent interested. The shy, the socially anxious, the bad speakers, they are quiet and strange – they are not introverted and they are not inverted. They are something else.

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Extroversion does not say how good you are

According to B. Lindgren can also explain the concept of the mixture why there are many extroverted leaders, but that are not necessarily good leaders.

Extraordinary wins often leadership positions (and other positions) because they are thrilled with joy and enthusiasm and take control. It’s just that extroversion does not say anything about how good one is – neither professional nor social.

– Introverte is, for example, the best lecturers and the best to place people, says Bøe Lindgren.



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