You get tired of stress

Many choose to medicate negative feelings with food.

You get tired of stress


Karen Kollien Nygaard: Psychologist, columnist, lecturer and yoga teacher. Exit the Balance book. Tools for Life in 2006.

Torkild P. Andersen: General practitioner, specialist in general medicine and the man behind the ketolysis insurance. Published the books Slim with the ketolysecurity in 2006 and after the slimming in 2008.

Jeanette Roede: Information Director at Grete Roede AS.

Karin Hvoslef: Nutrition Advisor in Own Company Nutritional Fat. Experience from nutrition and sports.

Larger portions

The size of our portions has increased in recent years. Dishes, glasses and soda bottles are getting bigger and bigger.

– Let’s wonder and lose the overview of how much we actually eat and drink. It is important to become a bit more aware of the portions. Buy smaller plates, smaller wine glasses, buy only half-liter bottles of soda and small bags of candy (or split the bag in two and save the second part to another day). Eat slowly. The feeling of feeling comes only after about 20 minutes, says Jeanette Roede.

You get tired of stress

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You get tired of stress

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You get tired of stress

Baker without sugar and flour

– Stress is an important risk factor for obesity development.

It says psychologist Karen Kollien Nygaard.

Food is an effective tool for dampening emotions.

– Therefore, it’s easy to get into the habit of comforting. Eventually it can be difficult to distinguish hunger and sigh, and then it’s quick to get on, says Nygaard.

The Dangerous Stress

– It’s an important relationship between stress and weight, because the body burns worse when it’s in constant preparedness, “she says..

If sleep quality is also worse in periods of stress, it is unfortunate for weight control, says Nygaard.

She says that during stress periods, fewer hours also sleep, which is unfortunate for total combustion.

– The most important thing about stress is that you are less concentrated on what and how much you eat, or if you eat too little and too rarely. This makes it easy to slow down, but surely increases the weight, “says the psychologist.

Belly fat most harmful

Being mentally present when eating is perhaps the most important measure for eating the right type and amount of food, says Nygaard.

– Then you get in touch with the body so that you “hear” what makes it good for energy and weight.

She receives support from Dr. Torkil P. Andersen. He is a doctor and has written the book after the slimming.

– Stress hormones increase fatigue fatigue after a meal. This fat is more harmful than the fat on the buttocks and the body otherwise, both as a risk factor for obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes m. m. It is therefore not important how we eat our food, he points out.

Fun dinners

In countries around the Mediterranean, tradition of long lunches and quiet and long dinners late in the evening, the occurrence of obesity is less than in the United States and other countries where you eat food on the road or stress before and after eating.

– The stress hormones work in the body for several hours after the release of the adrenal glands into the blood, says Andersen.

Therefore, it’s not just relaxing for ten minutes during lunch, if you’re stressing both before and afterwards, he warns.

Jo-yo dieting

– Create the food yourself

Still more of us can not cook from scratch.

– Create food yourself, otherwise you will only be a victim of the food industry who has managed to get us so far from the ingredients that we think it’s disgusting to take meat, fish and fat. Take your food. We have lost contact with the raw materials. If we do not understand what the food we eat contains, we do not make it either. We only buy it and that food is full of sugar and starch. The comfort food is cheap, available and tastes good. But it also makes us obese, warns nutrition advisor Karin Hvoslef.

– We must teach us to cook again. Do not buy pizza, tacos and other ready meals. Buy and cook food that the body is enjoying. Food that is fresh, natural and biodegradable, she says.

Surveys show that 90 percent of those who have slipped back to their starting weight after a couple of years – usually with a few extra kilos.

– The body will try to get the weight back to where it was before dieting, because it has unfortunately become normal for being overweight, says Andersen.

After dieting, your fat cells are empty, but unfortunately they do not disappear. The empty fat cells produce hormones that are led to the brain via the blood and tell your subconscious that you are hungry and what food you should eat. The body tries to trick you into eating food that fills the empty fat cells and it is not easy to resist.

But if you manage to keep your weight stable for a few years then it will most likely accept the new weight as normal.

Saturday all week

In the past, it was common to just enjoy candy, snacks and sodas on Saturdays. Today it is common to enjoy the whole week, which is probably due to better advice and accessibility, says Jeanette Roede.

She believes that many of us today are far more inactive than before, probably also a reason for the need we get in the evening to put things in the mouth. Sleeping in the sofa in the evening, we do not get stress and other feelings that have built up during the day. Instead, many feelings are dulled with food. Boredom often also leads to eating.

The solution is simply to get out of the couch and change today’s conspiracy to include not only things we can put in the mouth but also other pleasures like playing a game, reading a book, talking to someone, walking a walk in the forest etc. Kos is not just food! Also, be aware that eating sweet and / or salty things also creates a need for more, says Roede.


Our eating habits have changed drastically. Today, we can eat “everywhere” and we are offered foods that contain abundant amounts of sugar and starch, such as bread, pasta, rice, noodles, etc., which are important for body weight.

You get tired of stress

– Eating a thick slice of butter for lunch

You get tired of stress

Low-carb diet all managed

An important reason why people are overweight today is that food has become much more available. Before, you had to go to a restaurant to eat, while today we get food everywhere – and this food is incorrectly composed, warns Dr.. Torkil P. Andersen,

He has the following advice for us when eating out:

– Steer away from foods that contain the combination of fat and sugar, such as ice cream, pizza, hamburger with french fries and milkshake / sugar brussel, baguette with butter, cheese, ham and mayonnaise, sausage in bread with shrimp salad, almost all the fast food in shops’ food disks (lasagna, chicken in fat bark sauce with rice etc. ), says Andersen.


– Fortunately, there are today salad bars in many stores, at gas stations and in malls. Then it’s easy to make a good mixed salad with lettuce, tomato, peppers, cucumber, ham, feta cheese, and olives, and use oil as a dressing with some balsamic. It will provide a good and long sense of satire, and be a balanced lunch. At restaurant, it is no problem to disperse potato, rice or pasta (if that’s not an essential part of the dish) and instead ask for a little more vegetables, “says the doctor..

He also suggests fruit as a snack.

Are you on medication?

Some medicines, such as antidepressants, cortisone and sleeping pills can lead to obesity.

Check with your doctor if there are alternatives if you experience this side effect of medicines you are taking.

– Should you eat rice, pasta, bread or potato, then eat it with proteins, not fat. Good examples include sushi (rice and protein), pasta with pesto and ham, bread without butter with salad, cheese and ham, tomato and basil and baked potato with kesam, finely chopped peppers, ham, red onion and corn, says Andersen.

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