You did not know this about childhood diseases

Quiz: Childhood Disease

You did not know this about childhood diseases

The vast majority of children are acquainted with one or more of the childhood diseases during childbirths. Most people are quite harmless, although they may seem scary when it’s on.

But how much do you really like childhood diseases? Do you know, for example, that it is high season for hand, foot and mouth disease summer / early fall?

And you know why measles are so dangerous?

We have created a quiz with ten other questions, where you can test yourself and your knowledge. All information is taken from our own health dictionary, Helseleksikonet.no

Here you can read more about childhood diseases:

  • Burners
  • Waterpox
  • Red dogs
  • Meslinger
  • RS virus
  • Kusma
  • Fever cramps
  • The fourth childhood disease
  • The fifth children’s play
  • Bronchiolite


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