You can notice the difference between virus and bacterial infection

This relieves your sore throat.

You can notice the difference between virus and bacterial infection

– Sore throat often results from a viral infection that passes by itself. The treatment is therefore aimed at alleviating the pain, “says pharmacist and senior advisor Hilde Ariansen in the Pharmacy Association.

She tells that common painkillers will often give a good pain relief for throat inflammation.

– The first choice should be paracetamol that most people can use. Ibuprofen can also be used against bad throats, but be aware that this preparation should not be combined with certain types of medication or used by asthmatics and pregnant women in the last trimester. Therefore ask the pharmacist to find out what type of painkillers is best for you, she says.

There are a number of non-prescription drugs you can try as suction tablets that have local anesthetic effects.

Although it has not been proven that any of these products make you faster, there is no doubt that they can relieve the pain when you are swollen and sore in your throat. It can also help to drink something hot, eat ice cream or soak on ice cubes, “says Ariansen.

If you smoke, you should also avoid smoking while having a throat inflammation.

– For example, choose nicotine gum if you need nicotine, she says.

Runny eyes

Sore throat due to viruses should not be treated with antibiotics, but how do you really know that there is a virus infection you have?

Refreshing advice on sore throats

  • Pain Relief Drugs
  • Hot drink
  • Ice cream or icecream
  • lozenge
  • Lozenges
  • Local anesthetics

Source: Pharmaceutical Hilde Ariansen

– If you have a sore throat in conjunction with your nasal condition, have running eyes and coughs, there is a high probability that it is a virus. On the other hand, if you have sore throat, high fever, swollen glands, no cough, no runny nose or eyes, and the strokes last for 5-7 days, it is probably a bacterial infection, says Ariansen.

You may want to go to the doctor and investigate if you need treatment.

Bacterial infections are also often overcome by themselves, so your doctor may not think you need medication.

Resistant bacteria

– Most throat infections are caused by viruses, and the most common symptoms are neck pain, aching when swallowing, colds, coughing, runny nose and muscle and joint pain, says general practitioner and specialist in social medicine at the Department of Infection Surveillance at the Institute of Public Health, Siri Helene Hauge .

Hauge confirms that antibiotics do not work on viruses and that there is usually no problem for a healthy body to fight viral infections.

– Antibiotics are important and effective medicine in treating bacterial infections, but improper use of antibiotics can cause resistant bacteria to overcome or develop resistance. This means that the treatment no longer affects the bacteria. Therefore, in order to retain antibiotics as effective medicine, it is important to limit improper use to treat for example respiratory infections, she says.

Legend Required

For most, the most important thing is to relieve the pain and this can be done with painkillers.

– I therefore believe that the use of common painkillers by throat inflammation can be a good contribution to reducing unwanted antibiotic use, “says Ariansen.

Maybe it may also relieve your doctor a little while you wait and see if you get better.

– It’s not uncommon for a sore throat to last a week. If you have a bad throat that does not improve, but at the same time detects that the general condition is not getting worse, it is usually good to wait and see the situation. However, if you get worse and the fever rises, you should book an appointment with the doctor, she says.

Sore throat can also be a sign of cold or a beginning of flu.

If you have difficulty breathing or swallowing, tongue or stiff neck, consult your doctor or emergency department immediately.

– There is a serious infection that needs to be treated, she says.


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