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You can help yourself out of depression

Here are the steps you can take to make it better.

You can help yourself out of depression

Heavy thoughts, self-esteem, little desire to do things and lack of energy. Many of us will be affected by today’s people’s disease – depression.

Internationally, several surveys show that depression is the most common mental disorder among our humans. According to the National Institute of Public Health, between 6 and 12 per cent of the population suffer from depression at all times.

Whole 1 out of 5 Norwegians will have a depression during their life, estimates health care. no.

But what can you do if a depression spans your life?

In addition to seeking professional help, something else that everyone who struggles with depression should initially do, there are actually a number of things you can do to relieve the heavy thoughts.

Activity and Thought Work

In general, I would like to say that there are several things you can do, but two very important means to get through a depression are activity and to work with your own thoughts, “says Ragnhild Sørensen Høifødt, psychologist and fellow at the Department of psychology at the University of Tromsø, to click. no.

However, she emphasizes that self-help or guided self-help suits those with mild or moderate depression since it requires action, energy and concentration to try to work through a depression.

You can help yourself out of depression

Therefore, women cry more than men

For those with a heavier depression, this can be too demanding, and they should seek out professional help that provides closer follow-up.

It is important that those who struggle do not wait to seek appropriate health care, such as a GP or other professional.

– The treatment that helps most against the not too heavy depression is to meet a supervisor, get exercises to work out in daily life and then follow up with conversations. I am very concerned that all help will be aided by self-help, but when you first start taking a depression, a supervisor can be a nice support, says psychologist and author of the book “Veivalg”, Jan Christophersen.

You can ask questions free of charge to psychiatrist Nils Håvard Dahl in Doktoronline’s Psychiatry Forum. Dahl is Head of Department at the Psychiatric Clinic, Hospital Levanger. He answers most questions about mental disorders and the treatment of these. Only psychiatric forums are free, in the other forums, expert money costs.

Training and Knitting

There are several things you can do to reduce depression symptoms, and most of it is available and feasible for most:

– What is repeatedly proven to be very effective against depression is exercise and physical activity. Walking, cycling, running or vacuuming induces endorphins, which are the body’s lymph nodes. Therefore, it becomes difficult to maintain mood when active, explains Christophersen.

But it’s not just training that boosts happiness.

You can help yourself out of depression

The test can show depression rate

– Researchers have shown a link between activity with hands and endorphine production. You do not need to run three miles to feel better, but it is also effective to do knitting or other crafts, says Christophersen.

Less time for grubling

Psychologist Ragnhild Sørensen Høifødt also emphasizes the importance of activity.

– When you are depressed, many lose their desire to get out and do things. But activity is important and one must try to get on a physical activity or do something socially, even if you do not want to. Then you get less time to sit at home and abhor, and joy and coping increases. Concentrating on a hobby is also good, says Høifødt.

The psychologist also believes that it’s a good idea to add a battle plan before you begin working with the depression:

– What goals do you have? What does it take to get there? And who can be helpful assistants in that process? Start with small goals, write it down and seek support from someone you really trust, she advises.

Positive self-talk

You can help yourself out of depression

DEPRESSION: Self-help and guided self-help prove to be effective against depression, shows a study at the University of Tromsø. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

We humans constantly conduct inner dialogues with ourselves, consciously or unconsciously.

You can help yourself out of depression

Charlotte (26) fights Tourettes, ADHD and forced acts

For those who suffer from depression, this dialogue is characterized by automatic negative thoughts, such as: “I do not get it”, “nobody likes me” and “I’ll never get better”.

The very key to getting out of a depression is just getting conscious of these negative thoughts, so to work actively to change the mindset to become less monochrome and more constructive.

– Negative self-talk should be replaced with positive self-talk. In cognitive behavioral therapy, you work with different techniques to correct the negative instructions you give yourself, says Jan Christophersen.

Self-help is effective

Thought patterns can be worked alone or with a therapist. Many people also search the net to find their way out of the dark. In the programs moodgym. no and e-coach. com, which is free online, you work to strengthen self-esteem and mental health.

Self-help and guided self-help prove to be effective against depression, shows a study at the University of Tromsø, conducted by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Public Health..

– We have researched the effect of internet-based self-help in people with mild to moderate depression. Our participants met psychologist for short conversations and worked independently with the online moodgym between the hours. Our study shows that self-help affects depression. Participants felt more satisfied and more satisfied with their life situation, says Ragnhild Høifødt.

You can help yourself out of depression

Ask questions to our psychiatrist


  • The symptoms of depression vary from person to person, and the causes are different and complex.
  • It’s common for life to fluctuate, but warning lights should start to flash if you experience drowsiness over several weeks and that goes beyond everyday life.
  • The main symptoms are drowsiness, low self esteem, loss of interest and lust, sadness, reduced energy, hopelessness, sleep disturbance and impaired concentration. Some get suicidal thoughts and thoughts about self harm.

(Sources: Norwegian Health Informatics, Ragnhild Høifødt)

Try this technique!

One of the techniques in the study is to see that there are no situations in themselves that are negative, but what you think about / interprets into them as colors how to experience it.

– One of the techniques many of the participants expressed as very helpful was an exercise where you based on a situation that you have experienced as difficult and describe what has happened – quite objectively. So no interpretation or assumptions! Then you write down the subjective interpretation of the situation, that is how you experienced it. Look at how they differ from one another. Many had an a-ha experience and a little different understanding of the difference between how one thinks and what actually happened, says Høifødt.

To prevent relapses

Unfortunately, those who have already had a depression exposed to relapses. Depression comes back at half, but relapse can be prevented.

– How do you “vaccinate” against new downturns?

– The person in question must think about how to get out of the depression in the first place, draw alternate experiences and be proud to get on his feet again. Being able to get out of the dark is a big achievement, so try to reflect on what you did to do it, “says psychologist Jan Christophersen.

– What factors prevent depression?

– Many things. It’s important to have a life with a certain activity, feel that you master things and have good social relationships. The most important factor is another sense of control over your own life. Otherwise, a fundamental feature of those who are not depressed and depressed is that they do not see limitations in situations, but opportunities, Christophersen believes.

An everyday life that provides for security, profits and positive experiences is important.

You can help yourself out of depression

Check if you make excessive demands on yourself

– Regularity in daily routines and daily rhythms can also be preventative. Also be sure to get enough sleep, gain time for more than duty, but cultivate the experiences that give a profit. Talk to someone who understands you and grab when the mood hangs a bit more than anything else, says Ragnhild Høifødt.

tank training

Here’s a technique for challenging negative thoughts.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Identify your thoughts: What thoughts is it that goes through your mind and makes you feel silent? Write them down.
  • Often we tend to focus on the negative. Get to know your thoughts pattern.
  • Challenge the Negative Thoughts: Question the negative claims about yourself. What are the proofs that nobody likes you? Because you never get anything? Then try to counter yourself by finding examples of the opposite too. What was good with the situation? What did you get? Did you learn any of the situation?
  • At www. MoodGYM. no and www. e-coach. com, you can work on your own mindset for free.

(Source: Moodgym and Ragnhild Høifødt)

You can help yourself out of depression

– The woman may enter a psychotic state

You can help yourself out of depression

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You can help yourself out of depression

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