You can have kiss sickness without knowing it

Several have kissed sickness without knowing it.

You can have kiss sickness without knowing it


  • Kiss sickness (mononucleosis) is a viral disease mainly due to the Epstein-Barr (EBV) herpes virus.
  • Provides lifelong immunity.
  • Kissing kisses through kissing, sharing bottles o. l.
  • The virus is secreted through saliva for a long time after infection, perhaps up to 1 year.
  • EBV can also be transmitted by blood transfer.
  • Symptoms of adolescence are lethargy and often eyelid healing, then pharyngitis with tonsillitis, rash and in some cases enlarged spleen.
  • May have enlarged lymph nodes, especially on the throat, and elevated liver function tests are very common in adolescents.
  • About half of young people have no symptoms.

(Source: www. fhi. no)

About 50 percent of those who are infected with kiss disease never get any symptoms, says a physician at the infection section at Haukeland University Hospital, Kristine Mørch.

Mononucleosis, better known as kiss disease or kiss sickness, is a light contagious disease.

Signs of kisses

– The symptoms of kisses are usually neck pain and swollen tonsils, swollen lymph nodes on the throat or elsewhere on the body, fever, lethargy, and enlarged liver and spleen, “says Mørch..

She says, however, that as many as 95 percent of all adults have probably been infected with kisses without necessarily getting sick, and even feeling healthy, you can actually infect others.

Kiss sickness is easy to diagnose

The first time after being infected with the kiss, it is common to experience flu-like symptoms.

When the kisses break out, these plagues are enhanced.

And while the discomfort reminds a lot of other throat inflammation and flu, the doctor will quickly determine if it is kiss sickness you are suffering from.

– The diagnosis is made with a simple blood sample that detects antibody to the virus. It is preferably children and adolescents who get kissed, says Mørch.

The reason for this is that this age group is closest to each other.

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Kissing can be fatal

In addition, about 90 percent of the population will have developed antibodies to EBV at the age of 20, and once they have been infected, most of them will be immune to the virus.

– Sometimes kisses will cause serious complications. In some, the tonsils will become so swollen that you may have difficulty swallowing or breathing. Others may have cerebrovascular inflammation, pneumonia, spleen spleen or liver inflammation, “says Mørch..

She tells that men in very rare cases have congenital immune deficiency and kiss sickness can then be fatal.

Take it easy

You can do this yourself:

– Enjoy rest

– Try nutrition drinks if you can not eat plain food.

– Hot and cold drinks can relieve the sore throat.

– Drink a lot if you have a fever.

– Use fever and analgesics when needed.

– Avoid physical activity and exercise that can cause stroke or pressure on your stomach for about three months. This in order to avoid sprains spleen.

– Avoid alcohol as long as the liver blood level is elevated.

– Be sure not to infect others. Avoid kissing and sharing the bottle or glass with others while you are infectious.

NOTE: You should avoid using paracetamol medicines if your blood test levels are elevated. Instead, use medicines with ibuprofen.

Source: Pharmacy 1

You can have kiss sickness without knowing it

Exit reveals you

There are no medicines that kill the virus.

– Antibiotics commonly given by throat inflammation have no effect since kiss disease is due to a virus. On the contrary, patients with kiss sickness will often get a characteristic rash if they are treated with antibiotic ampicillin, says Mørch.

If you are infected with kisses, you can, in other words, do nothing but wait for you to recover.

Restlessness is very important in the acute phase of illness and one must avoid exercise and play as long as the spleen is enlarged.

This is to avoid risk of injury to the spleen. One should also stay away from alcohol as long as the liver is affected by the virus.

Read about the kiss sickness in the Healthy Dictionary on Doctor Online.

Kissing sickness can become chronic disease

– The disease period, and especially fatigue, varies from one week to half a year. In some cases, the patient may be bothered with chronic fatigue or ME for an even longer period, says Mørch.

She further says that scientific studies have shown that about 10 percent of patients with kisses get ME.

– Most people with chronic fatigue after kiss sickness get healthy, but it varies how long this takes, says Mørch.

Genetically disposed

ME is a disease that occurs in people who are genetically disposed of.

If you have inherited the genes that are available to ME, a number of infections can initiate an immunological process.

– This process results in the nerve cells entering a state where they reduce the combustion of oxygen. This causes changes in the nervous system, “says Per Egil Hesla, neurologist.

Exhaustion is such a change, but this should not be confused with increased sleep cravings occurring in narcolepsy.

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Kissing can lead to other diseases

– Kissing sickness caused by Ebstein Barr virus can cause other diseases besides ME. The vast majority of infections can result in ME, but because EBV is a virus that has been able to attack the nerve cells, there is a clearer connection between ME and the kiss sickness than between ME and other infections. Remember, however, that ME occurs only in people with vulnerability to this disease, “said Hesla.

You can have kiss sickness without knowing it

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You can have kiss sickness without knowing it

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He states that ME usually occurs after a severe and prolonged infection, and that it can last from weeks to months before diagnosis is made.

The reason why it can often take time to diagnose is that many are tired of an infection without saying that they have ME for that reason.

– The symptoms may come quickly or gradually, and the diagnosis is determined by other similar conditions being considered by internal therapists, neurologists and psychiatrists, “says Per Egil Hesla..

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