Yes, you can eat what you want in Christmas

Eat what you want in Christmas without having a bad conscience

Yes, you can eat what you want in Christmas

Yes, you can eat what you want in Christmas

So often you should move on Christmas

It is a known matter that Christmas often overflows with cakes, good food and sweets.

Too many, it’s hard to eat more without the bad conscience coming after, but you may as well drop first as last.

It’s only Christmas once a year, and nobody has had the trouble to relax and enjoy good meals at Christmas, says personal trainer at the Oslo Performance Center, Camilla Lorentzen. She also runs the blog fitnok. no where she hides in a healthy, normal and balanced lifestyle.

Sweets have a bad reputation

Lorentzen believes that sweets have had an undeserved bad reputation. She does not recommend that the daily diet should consist of a plate of chocolate, but to provide a piece of cake in the new and ne have never hurt anyone.

If you manage to find this approach, I think the sweet foods manage to find their place in the diet, in limited amounts when it suits themselves, “she says.

Helene Tønset is educated in nutrition physiology and works as a diet supervisor. She believes that if you always go around and get a bad conscience because you are eating sweets, you will eventually endanger developing an unhealthy and strained relationship with food.

– There are very few foods that can be categorized as unhealthy. A large intake of healthy foods every day can be more unhealthy than a small intake of chocolate, she says.

Lorentzen adds that candy and cakes have ended up on the so-called no list of foods you should not eat. It often leads you to think you’ve ruined everything when you eat it, and just as much as emptying the whole cabinet for candy when you’re in the process.

– This leads you to a proper “smell”, and then it’s no wonder that the bad conscience comes and picks you on the shoulder, she believes.

You’re not signing

Neither your body nor your weight will be affected by what you eat, but by how much, disregard the mechanisms that take place in the body after ingestion of the various nutrients.

Lorentzen explains that if you eat a piece of cake a day for a long time without lying in a calorie surplus, you will not hang on. The result will be different if you consume more calories than you consume over time, regardless of whether it comes from cake or chicken fillet.

Yes, you can eat what you want in Christmas

The dumbest thing you can do when you lose weight

– There are no foods that automatically turn you on if you eat them, it needs a calorie excess, emphasizes the personal trainer.

The phrase says that you need to look at the calorie account of a person in order to calculate how much food you burn. If you are in energy balance, you will keep the same weight, that is, you do not eat more than the energy you use every day.

– The calorie intake of a person often varies from day to day. If you eat a lot one day, you would like to eat less another day and exercise more a third day. Then you end up going to zero if you’re on the same weight, she emphasizes.

However, you should not eat so much sweets that you exclude necessary, nutritious foods that your body needs, whatever the season.

Other routines

And in Christmas we often go out of our usual routines, also how many and when we eat our meals.

– Many people do not eat so regularly, and we drop some of the regular meals. Therefore, a large dinner meal or a little more sweets will not make up for it, explains Tønset.

However, she emphasizes that you may experience more relaxedness while losing energy and mood. That’s because sweets often contain empty calories that give energy every now and then and only lead to a rapid blood sugar increase with a decreasing level that causes you to lose energy, mood and get hungry again.

Find a balance

But even if it’s just Christmas once a year, this does not mean you’re going to sit down and eat sweets throughout December.

– Use your body, go for a walk, bring your children to the toboggan run or build a snow cave, Lorentzen advises.

Yes, you can eat what you want in Christmas

Four fast food, healthy Christmas cookies

Tens agrees with this and recommends finding a good balance between diet, activity level and rest.

What’s good with Christmas is that most people think it’s heavy and will therefore want to return to normal diet after a few days.

Hold it for Christmas

Have a very large intake of sweets and good food every day from 22. December and January, you will notice that the pants can sit a little tighter around the waist. However, major health consequences will not have.

– If you return to your good and old habits after the holiday season, the extra kilos disappear quite quickly. Just maybe not as fast as they came on, Lorentzen emphasizes.

But she nevertheless believes that no one is hurting to eat some extra chocolate at Christmas times and that you do not spoil anything by indulging in it.

– If the access to the good food in the holiday season continues beyond the new year, a week here and there with a little more food and less training will make a big difference in energy intake and weight, says Tønset.

Lorentzen says that you can eat yourself well without overdosing too much for the various meals.

– When will you go to January with a body that will take you to the next Christmas? “she concludes..



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