Yes, junk food can actually be healthy

Here is the junk food nutritionists choose to eat.

Yes, junk food can actually be healthy

Occasionally I choose fast food, and it is allowed to enjoy myself a little. Everything is about balance and it’s not wrong to eat a burger or fries sometimes, says Anne Marie Skjølsvik, clinical nutritionist at Tine.

She thinks it’s not so bad to eat junk food sometime, you can certainly have a healthy lifestyle anyway.

This supports nutrition physiologist Camilla Andersen at Somebody.

– I have eaten junk food from fast food restaurants, and if I do, I choose to be aware of what I order.

So what would nutritionists really choose if they hit a fast-food jacket?

We asked Skjølsvik and Andersen to take a look at the fast food chain menu and then select their favorites under different categories.

Best alternatives for the calorie conscious

Andersen’s tips:

– To save calories you can buy a simple burger instead of menu.

– Salads, Mc Chicken, Filet o fish, hamburger or cheeseburger contain less than 400 calories.

– What many may be surprised is that the wrapper contains 571 and 679 calories at McDonalds, so even if they seem like a good choice, there are quite a few calories in them.

Skjølsvik’s tips:

– If you’re calorie conscious, the salad at the fast food chains can be a good option, possibly with chicken wings or a plain hamburger.

– Dressing can contribute a lot of calories if you take on a lot, but balsamic is a good option here.

– There are some hamburgers with whole wheat bread and lettmajones. If you combine this with a salad, you have a good alternative to the usual burger.

– If you want something sweet, smoothie is a good alternative to milkshake and other desserts.

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To control sugar

Andersen’s tips:


Advice from Camilla Andersen:

  • Even though you are keen on calories / weight / health, you can find ok food at fast food chains and there’s no reason to be fanatic.
  • But do not eat such food too often. In an otherwise balanced and varied diet there is room for everything.
  • Thanks to all offers to upgrade sizes or add more for a cheap money. Sometimes it is better to save calories than money.
  • Buy a simple burger instead of a menu.

Do not be tempted by smoothie, sugary soda or desserts. Share with a friend or ask if you can get a shake split on two cups. There is a lot of sugar in them, even in half a portion.

– In a large strawberry shake there are 68 grams of sugar. For an adult average person, we recommend a maximum of 50 grams of added sugar per day, so this is definitely over the top.

Skjølsvik’s tips:

– The dishes with the most sugar are often the desserts and milkshakene.

– Keep in mind that when choosing fries, 80-90 percent of the carbohydrates in potatoes starch are dipped in fat. Starch is a type of healthy carbohydrate that produces as fast blood sugar as sugar.

– If you want to eat less sugar, you are advised to be careful about French fries. Then the salad for the burger is a much better choice.

Junk-food for children

Andersen’s tips:

– A baby mat has little space, and children need a lot of nutrition, so it’s important to prioritize the place correctly.

– Hamburger, possibly chicken burgers, fruit and vegetables next door.

– Droplet calorie drinks, both sugary soda and smoothie are calorie and sugary. It is best to order water.

– You do not have to cut out French fries, but choose a small portion. You can share a portion instead of having one each.

– If it is not important for the child, fries may gladly be dropped. There are over 200 calories in a small French fries, so this is definitely about extracting the calorie content in the meal without contributing to any sense to the body..

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Skjølsvik’s tips:

– At McDonalds, a small hamburger with miniguluts instead of French fry, as well as juice or milk can be a good choice.

– One of the Burger King chicken wraps can also be a good alternative, preferably with a salad.

– By choosing salad or minigroots, you will ensure that your child also receives some vegetables, which makes the nutritional value of the meal better.

– Not more than 500-600 calories

Skjølsvik believes that a good idea is that the dinner for an adult should be between 500-600 calories and consist of the most pure meat and fish products, coarse carbohydrates and vegetables.

– You can get hamburgers that give you anything from 300 calories and up to 900 calories in one serving. This corresponds to almost two dinners, emphasizes the nutritionist.

Some of the choices you think are healthier, such as wraps or baguettes, can contain more energy than a regular hamburger or cheeseburger.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a look at what the food contains before you decide. And the fewest go enough at the fast food restaurant daily, and it only happens occasionally, it is of course allowed to enjoy what you feel most wanted, says Skjølvsik.

Andersen says that the most important thing is to be aware of eating on a fast food steamer, the portion size is both in terms of drinks and desserts.

– It’s okay to go for a burger sometimes and it’s possible to make good choices. What worries me is that this is so cheap food that many choose to go there a little too often, Andersen concludes.



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