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– With fiber in the juice you get saturated

No diet or cure but a lifestyle change.

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

Have you heard of juicer therapy? There is no diet or cure but a lifestyle change, according to “Norway’s juvenile queen” Carina Hultin Dahlmann.

According to the juicer’s therapist (that’s what she calls red. note. ) it is the teaching of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and lifestyle diseases and how living freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices can provide better health by cleansing the body, restoring the balance and leading to weight loss.

Slim with juicing

Carina Hultin Dahlmann claims that when you are replenished by real nutrition, your body stabilizes and balances.

– The desire for unhealthy, unclean food is often less, and when you also get cleaned the body’s fat burning device; Liver, through many liver-cleaning ingredients like ginger, lemon, beetroot and carrots, also works its function of burning fat better, she says.

Daily diet

You can also use juice like breakfast, snack or food.

These are light meals that provide plenty of important vitamins and minerals that are important to the body’s energy metabolism, and with a little healthy fat, it will be optimal.

– Juicing should be a part of your daily diet and be one or two of your meals. It is then the health benefit and a healthy lifestyle that prevents diseases and overweight, “says Dahlmann.

Important fibers

The vast majority of vitamins we get through us is a healthy and varied diet.

Randi Vassbotn Norheim, nutritionist and affiliated with both Weight Consultants and Doctor Online, agrees that freshly squeezed juices are a great way to get vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber and liquid on.

However, the process, content and daily amount of different groups in the population can be discussed, but on a general basis, the health effects depend on what kind of juice you make.

– There should also be a lot of vegetables in the juices in order for them to be low calorie. So, saying that you should drink more juice to become slim will in many cases be able to contradict a little, she says.

And does the juice include fiber, which gives sense of feeling? Before you get the fibers, the way you do when you drink smoothies, you get the feeling of feeling too.

– Drinking pure fruit drinks without fiber, it saturates very little, rather than eating an orange that gives you a lot of saturation and a slower blood sugar rise because fibers prevent the sugar from slipping out into the intestine and quickly into the blood, “explains Norheim.

A glass of juice a day, she nevertheless looks awesome. Including berries and vegetables can be increased to two glasses. If you exercise a lot, you can increase the amount further, and similarly those who want to lose weight can drink more than others.

This is juicing

In order to “juice”, you must have a juicer or on whole norwegian: a juice extractor.

A juicer is a centrifuge that can juice whole fruits and big vegetables in a moment. There are also machines that squeeze the juice and develop less heat, thus providing a higher quality juice with a higher nutritional content. These require the raw materials to be cut into smaller pieces and are more time consuming in use. Prices range from less than 1000 kroner to approx. 2000 kroner.

A juicer should not be confused with a blender, but they can be combined to make juicesmoothies. Then you first juice and then mix the freshly squeezed juice with f. example. frozen berries in the blender.

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For those who want to keep weight or lose weight, it’s not beneficial for many glasses a day. And juice should not replace chewable fruits, berries and vegetables. But this also depends much on filtering off the fibers or not, “she says.

Fiber from other food sources

– I must note that I never recommend anyone to juice neither oranges or pure fruit juices. A true juicer focuses on mineral-rich, healthy vegetables! It is not useful to just juice fruit. It is not here that the great health or diet benefits are achieved. Eat your fruit and drink your vegetables, says Dahlmann.

She further explains that fiber is very important for transporting waste substances out of the body, regulating blood sugar and so on, but fiber is not a nutrient.

– The fiber is removed by juicing, but this is not so important as you get fiber from other food sources like coarse grain products and raw, whole fruits and especially vegetables, which will also make up a large part of your diet, “says Dahlmann.

In the case of juicing, it is actually the removal of the fiber which is claimed to provide good health benefits, such as relieving the digestive system.

– When the fiber is removed, it is also easier for the body to absorb the nutrients, “she says.

Digested within 15 minutes

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

JUICING: Carina Hultin Dahlmann calls her juvenile therapist, claiming that when he replenishes true nutrition, the body stabilizes and balances. Photo: Schibsted Publisher

Apples and pears contain pectin, a water-soluble fiber included in the juice. When you make a juicesmoothie mixed with other whole ingredients, you also get some fiber.

– More nutrients “stuck” between the fibers and just under the shell when juicing the ingredients in a juicer or in a juice press are also released, “says Dahlmann.

When you juicer or blender you also break down the strong cell wall of the plant (s) so that the human body can digest it and its nutrients.

– This makes your juice contain more bio-available nutrition than the actual fruit or vegetable in its entirety, “says Dahlmann.

The juice is also easy for the body to absorb and digest, and most juices / juicesmoothies are digested within 15 minutes as they progress into the bloodstream and out to all the body’s cells that eventually absorb what is needed of nutrients.

Good morning detox

This morning juice can be drank throughout the day but is extra nice to help the body continue its natural detox process that has been started during the night. Nutrients are absorbed better when the stomach is empty and thus you get a better effect when the juice is taken before breakfast.

Follow the intake of the juice by eating two boiled eggs for healthy proteins and for increased saturation. A perfect start to a busy day!

2 apples

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

– It’s not healthier to eat gluten free

1/3 lemon

2 cm fresh ginger

3 cm cucumber

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

DETOX: “Good morning” detox juice. Photo: Schibsted Publisher

3 cm green squash

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

A cheap miracle medicine

½ bar celery

1 handful of fresh spinach

Causes of Juice: This Juice contains pectin (fiber), Vitamin C and A, Vitamin

B1, B2, B6, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, digestive enzymes and beta carotene.

Cucumber, squash and celery have special properties that act as diuretic and cleansing on the liver. Ginger is a natural energy ginger and spinach is rich in iron and blood cleansing chlorophyll.

Tip: Make sure the spinach is squeezed tightly and juices between two apples. You will then get the most juice out of it.

salad bar

The authorities recommend that you eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

This juicer is perfect for increasing your daily vegetable intake and giving you a quick ‘5 a day’ focus on vegetables. Are you “drowsy” and using a little cayenne pepper you will experience an extra punch that puts your body’s fat burning in full swing!

2 large tomatoes

½ celery salad

2 cm cucumber

1/3 lemon

1 carrot

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

GREAT GREEN: “The salad bar” contains lots of healthy and nutritious vegetables. Photo: Schibsted Publisher

1 small dash with cayenne pepper (can be looped)

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

Therefore, ginger acts against nausea

Goodies in Juice: Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. The lycopene may appear preventative in relation to cancer, especially prostate cancer. The juice also contains vitamins C, D, B, E and K, as well as the minerals potassium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, iodine and calcium that are good for both blood pressure and liver.

Tips: The cancerous drug lycopene is absorbed as well by the body when tomato juices as when it warms up. Juicing releases the lycopene from the shell without heat treatment and is thus easily absorbable for the body’s cells. Be careful with tomatoes if you have arthritis or similar diseases, as vegetables from the night shadow family are known to worsen the symptoms.

Avocado protein shake

This juice mothie is perfect for use either before or after your workout. It is a natural protein shake that builds up your muscles and initiates the body’s recovery process after a heavy workout. Juicesmoothien is also a perfect snack and good when you get a little hungry for something late in the evening.

2 green apples

1/3 lemon

1 cm with fresh ginger

1 avocado

½ banana (preferably frozen)

How to do: Press juice of apples, lemon and ginger. Divide the avocado into two, take out the stone and scrape the food with a spoon and put in the blender. Add the juice into the blender with the avocado and blend until it is smooth.

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

GREEN: Avocado protein shake. Photo: Schibsted Publisher

Goodies in Juice Mothien:

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

A special grade bean

Juicesmoothien contains natural carbohydrates that replenish your glycogen stocks, in addition to antioxidants, pectin (fiber), vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, amino acids, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and healthy fatty acids..

Smooth and nice

Cellulites are a harmless condition that most often affects women. Orange skin, as it is called, usually occurs on the buttocks, hips and thighs – and in some of the upper arms. Poor circulation, overweight, accumulation of waste materials, hormones and, in part, inheritance are the main causes of cellulite.

Daily juicing with exercise, daily massage of problem areas (for increased circulation) and intake of water will improve the condition, according to Dahlmann.

2 apples

1/5 cucumber

2 cm fresh ginger

1/3 lemon

1 carrot

A handful of fresh leaf parsley

Goodies in the Juice:

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

INCLUDING: “Smooth and nice” is called this juicer. Photo: Schibsted Publisher

Parsley is rich in blood cleansing chlorophyll while it acts as diuretic, highly cleansing and eliminating toxins (toxins). Carrot, ginger and lemon strengthen the liver’s functions, which may seem positive in relation to cellulite.

- With fiber in the juice you get saturated

The supplements should give you better sleep

(Source / recipes: Pictures and recipes are from the book Juicy! Healthy and slim with freshly squeezed juice, Schibsted Publishing)

How to get enough antioxidants

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