What kind of slimming are you?

Proppers, Piggy Bank, Company Lover or Latsabben? Find out which slimming type you are!

What kind of slimming are you?

What kind of slimming are you?

YESSS! A little is more satisfying than dieting that works. Photo: iStockphoto

What kind of slimming are you?

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What kind of slimming are you?

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What kind of slimming are you?

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What kind of slimming are you?

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Map your eating habits. Then it becomes easier to see what you need to do to eat healthier.

Propping he

You dip yourself during meals, and often eat so quickly that you are uncomfortable afterwards. You would like to feed yourself twice.

What can you do?

Do not put all food on the table. The exception is vegetables and salad.

Make the dinner tempting with nice service. A good tip is to use smaller plates, glasses and serving dishes. Eat more slowly.

According to the author of the success book “Why Do You Eat More Than You Believe,” Professor Brian Wansink, calm music can help you eat more slowly. Avoid too many dishes on the table at a time. Leave things left on the plate.

Eat fruit for dessert. Fill half the plate with vegetables and the other with protein and starch.

Good Pig

If goodies are available to you, you eat it. Often you do not care if it’s good, as long as it’s sweet.

What can you do?

Remove any type of food that is not good for you. Put them in the back of the cabinet and at the bottom of the freezer. Please pack them in an aluminum foil to make the extra inaccessible.

If you want something sweet, enjoy fruit or smoothie. Make it a rule and always eat at the table. Do not eat directly from the package.

Company Leo

You completely lose sight of what you eat when you can wonder about delicious food in companies.

What can you do?

Stay at more than one arm’s length from the cold table and the dishes with snacks. Just load two punches on the plate when you go to the serving table.

Inhibit with large amounts of healthy foods, such as vegetables. Then, know if you have more space.


You eat fast while performing tasks from the car or work desk. Often you eat at the desk to save time, but sometimes you eat because you do not bother going down the canteen and eating. It’s easier to buy something from a vending machine, or take a cake from the fridge.

What can you do?

Put a lot of yogurt and fruit in the fridge in the breakfast room. Turn off the computer or drive to the side when you are going to eat. Please chew gum to avoid comfort or stress eating.

Replace the shower with water. Remember to drink enough. Often it may feel like you’re hungry when you’re really thirsty.

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