What is going on?

During a fixed period there are a number of physiological and hormonal changes. These changes are adjustments that are initiated to maintain body functions despite low calorie and nutritional intake.

What is going on?

What is going on?

Implementing Fixed

What is going on?

What is fixed?

What is going on?

A diet that suits me?

Reduced insulin and increased fat burning

With low intake of energy and low intake of carbohydrates in particular, the amount of insulin in the blood decreases and the body adjusts to so-called glucose saving.

Under constant conditions, the body economises with the amount of glycogen present in the liver, and those of the cells that can cope without sugar must burn fat.

During fasting, an increased breakdown of proteins from the body also occurs. This occurs partly as a natural consequence of the reorganization of the combustion in the body, partly as a consequence that the supply of protein is minimal. It is recommended to try to stay physically active also under the fastener to counteract the breakdown of muscle proteins.

Aspiration of acetone

Many as a sniper experience to feel bad breath or breath like odor of acetone (nail polish remover). Acetone is one of those substances that accumulate in the body when the body over a period of time must use protein and fat as energy sources rather than carbohydrates. Acetone is a so-called ketone body, and what is not excreted via the lungs, the skin and the urine circulates in the blood and makes the blood acidier than normal (acidosis). This is one of the same things that happen when you’re on low carb.

Increased salt separation

Particularly at the beginning of a fasting cure, an increased secretion of sodium through the kidneys occurs. For solids that extend for some time, increased amounts of potassium and magnesium will also be eliminated. Therefore, in order not to disturb the body’s salt balance, it is important that the firmament contains enough natural salts.


A natural consequence of reduced food intake is to lose weight. Fixed is therefore used by many as an effective starter in connection with slimming and weight reduction. This may be motivating because you see a good weight loss in the beginning, but it is of minor importance as a weight reduction agent if you do not continue with a healthy diet that is suitable for weight reduction or keeping your weight at the desired level.


Various discomfort reactions are not uncommon during a fasting session. Especially for those who have not fasted before and at the beginning of the fasting course it is common to experience hunger, nausea, restlessness, dizziness, headache, bloating and slow stomach. For most, this is transient and disappears during the first few days.

Are the plagues persistent should the fast interrupt and play is being sought.


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