What disease do the celebrities have?

Quiz: What Celebrity Has Which Disease?

What disease do the celebrities have?

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Everyone can get sick – and disease does not necessarily distinguish between King Solomon and Jørgen Hattemaker.

We have made a quiz with ten Norwegian and international celebrities who have chosen to be open about their illness. Do you know which disease they have or have had?

Known actors, artists and television personalities are presented with their diagnoses can be of great support to others who experience or have experienced the same.

Hagen, Stordalen and Olset

Financier Stein Erik Hagen got cancer in 2011, and has since contributed with openness and financial support about the cancer form he was affected.

Gunnhild Stordalen, who received a serious diagnosis last fall, has also received a lot of praise for his openness. Stordalen was treated at a hospital in the Netherlands, but now treatment is also available in Norway. Senior doctor at Oslo University Hospital, Øyvind Midtvedt, says Stordalen’s openness about the disease has gained momentum in the process of offering this treatment to patients with the same disease as Stordalen, also in Norway.

– It is a lot thanks to Gunhild Stordalen’s openness that the process of offering this treatment is well underway, also in Norway. Her example has undoubtedly been an impetus for us in the professional environment to get an impact on this form of treatment, says the doctor at Aftenposten.

Another profiled Norwegians this spring has talked a lot and open about their illness, NRK programmer Carina Olset, who has been praised for the way she has spoken of her digestive disease.

Also international celebrities share. Among other things, both Brooke Shields and Catherine Zeta-Jones have repeatedly talked publicly about their mental disorders.


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