– Went down 40 kilos of tapeworm in the stomach

Cigarettes, tapeworms and white wine. We almost do not care for getting slim.

- Went down 40 kilos of tapeworm in the stomach

That women are looking for the best and fastest way to lose weight is nothing new. For many years, women (and men!) Have tried different methods in the pursuit of the ideal body.

But just how to lose weight has changed over time. Here are a few different methods from the last 80 years:

Do not take a cigarette!

In the 1920s and 30s, the cigarette brand Lucky Strike announced that if you took a smoke you would not feel the need to eat candy. It was awesome!

At that time nobody knew yet that you could get cancer of smoking, so all steamed in the way – until it began to appear disturbing reports of smoking and cancer.

Then it was the end of that fun.

“Apply Slim”

“It’s all ladies wanting to look as slim as possible,” wrote the Norwegian Ukeblad already in 1938.

The recipe was not to slim, but to dress slim. Whole dresses were the thing for a slimming effect, but also the substance was important: “A lady with a little too round shapes should not have tampering or ludicrous fabric. »


This believes the experts of the future:

Kari Jaquesson:

– I have little faith that something to keep a body from storing fat or suppressing appetite to those degrees does not bring serious side effects. But there is a lot of exciting happening within epigenetics, that is, a branch of genetic research.

Also our lynx is controlled by genes, and genes can be practiced to make us teal differently from what we usually do, so that overeating can overcome.

Fedon Lindberg:

– More will become aware of their choices in the diet, become physically active and gain more awareness about the importance of stress and sleep.

Furthermore, our knowledge about the importance of so-called microbiota (all bacteria and viruses in the body) and how they affect, inter alia, combustion and weight, could lead to major breakthroughs in overweight treatment.

Jeanette Roede:

The goal of weight reduction will be to have a healthy body – not just a slim body.

Food and nutrition recommendations will also take greater account of ethics, environment and sustainability.

The trend will probably go towards cleaner food, as well as more short-lived / local food. I think we will increase the focus on what our food does for our body.

The mot today requires slim hips, and the woman who wants to be really well-dressed must look to get rid of excess fat. At the age of 23, a woman is grown – then she must have achieved the ideal figure, “wrote the Norwegian Weekly Bulletin in 1946.

And how would you get rid of excess fat on your hips? Well, by means of massage:

“If one morning at the mirror detects that there are creepy fat whales on the hips, it has to be dealt with. One grabs the fat with your fingertips and cleaves systematically and vigorously until the skin is dark red. Only then can one be sure that the blood has penetrated the tissue on the fat litters, thus melting the fat away. “

Today’s method of “melting” away the fat is not new.

Belt worm on capsule

In the mid-40s, the famous opera singer Maria Callas dropped 40 kilos in a year and rumors say she did this with the gangster method.

There has been rumor about this method, which would involve taking a gangster in a capsule so that you could have a stomach ache in your stomach eating your food. The International Maria Callas Association claims that the star was admittedly treated for gangster, but she had hardly taken it voluntarily. Most likely she had received it because she ate a lot of raw meat.

An ingredient

Those who invent today’s radar models have not experienced the 60’s. Then the English teenager Lesley Hornby was discovered. She got the nickname “Twiggy” because she was thin like a twig.

Twiggy could have done furore on the catwalk today too. Radmager, hulkinnet and flat breast stared at us from all the world’s magazine magazines.

In the 60’s, dietary cures based on only one ingredient, and people lived daily on pineapples, grapefruit or eggs to become as thin as Twiggy.

It was only until the sight of one type of food that constituted the diet was no longer tolerated.

Cheers, I’m on slimming!

Two desilitates of white wine and one egg for breakfast, two desilits of white wine and two eggs for lunch. And the rest of the bottle for dinner with a piece of beef and some accessories.

This cure should (not surprisingly) have been popular in the 60’s and 70’s. How much you went down is uncertain, but fun was enough as long as it lasted!

Amphetamine on prescription

Amphetamine diet pills flourished in the 1970s. They were not yet aware of the side effects or their dependence, so the doctors wrote fresh recipes to those complaining about a few pounds too much. The pills made the users busy and energetic, they lost interest in food and lived on coffee and smoke.

Did you know that. ?

– Indian figures about the vital goals of today’s movie stars were published in magazines. For example, Greta Garbo: “Height 1.66 m. Weight 60 kilos. Breast width 92 cm, hip width 87 cm. “

– Marilyn Monroe was considered to have the perfect goals: chest width 90 cm, waist 60 cm and hip width 90 cm.

– It is alleged that Twiggy was 167 cm high and measured 81 cm around the bust, 59 cm around the waist and 82 cm around the hips in the 60’s.

– At the beginning of his career, Maria Callas weighed about. 106 kilos. In one year she slipped 28 kilos, and she continued until she weighed about. 54 kilos.

The cows ran off in a sweep, but the results in the long run were rather questionable: The users either became addicted to the problems that came with or stopped the pills due to the hefty heartbeat and gained weight once again when the food intake normalized himself.

. and then Grete Roede came

In 1974, the young Grete Roede had gone up from size 36 to 42. She had tried all the weekly magazines of superheroes; eggcake, pineapple cake, even a cure containing half a desiliter of red wine for each meal.

All led to the same thing: First down a few pounds, then back up at least as much.

One day, she read in an American journal about a diet that was prepared at a health clinic in New York. Then she saw the light: she had to cut out the skipper cakes and change the daily eating habits. As a result, the weight slowed steadily.

After a change from American food to Norwegian, she arranged the first Grete Roede course. Thus we were introduced to the terms yes-food, a little-food and no-food. To date, much of the basic philosophy of the concept is similar to what it had in 1974.

Flight attendant diet

This came in the 80s, as the flight attendants had to be young, beautiful and not least slim to get out in the stylish uniforms. The diet consisted of eating low calories over a four-year period, such as half a grapefruit without sugar and a cup of coffee for breakfast, a delicious lunch of chicken, eggs or anything plus vegetables, and an even lean dinner.

You could eat the rest of the week normally.

- Went down 40 kilos of tapeworm in the stomach

OPP IN SMOKING: In the 1920’s and 30’s, the cigarette brand Lucky Strike announced that if you took a smoke you would not feel the need to eat candy. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Also today there is a variation of this cure, the so-called 5: 2 diet.

- Went down 40 kilos of tapeworm in the stomach

SLANKE: The aviation drug was popular in the 80’s. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Pills and Powder

In 1989 Nutrilett diet powder was launched in Norway. It struck like a bomb, and almost powdered all other dietary cures that existed at the same time.

The whole country lived on chocolate-flavored powder, and the weight broke down on the crayon and plaque.

Well done with the powder, the body happily took it lost, sucked it up and squeezed every calorie from cracking bread and dinner.

In the health food stores you could eventually pick and choose among one diet pills healthier than the other. One just had to read what was written in small boxes on most boxes: The pillars should be taken “in addition to costing and exercise”. And then the question was: What was really the point of the pills?

Fedon and low carb

Today there are many different low-carb diets, but in 1999 there were wild West conditions in Health Norway when Fedon Lindberg came to the field and spoke to the established nutrition experts: Wipe away bread, go away with milk, go away with potato – away with everything that was sacred and inviolable, and the very essence of the Norwegian diet.

The Greek-born internal medicine trampled in the salad that no-one has stomped before. It was almost lynzesteming among those who had always proclaimed the simple rule of eating less and exercising more.

For years, the game went back and forth. Nutrition advice and food safety raged, while low-carb patients lost weight.

The controversies have continued until today, but after the LCHF prophets came to the stage with their teachings about “the more fat food, the better,” Fedon has lost his position as the main enemy. And the potato is no longer considered among the “five a day” by the Directorate of Health..

- Went down 40 kilos of tapeworm in the stomach

Cathrine (41) ate 20 kilos slimmer

Sleek with machines

Imagine laying down on a bench and getting slim without lifting a finger! You can now melt your fat into a machine, make your muscles work like in a hard-working exercise session, get cleaned slag, stimulate the circulation, get wrapped in algae or anything else that will stimulate weight loss.

Opportunities are getting more and more.

Sources of the case: Norsk Ukeblad, www. Gretel Roede. no, www. viktvakten. see, www. Livestrong. com and www. page2. no

- Went down 40 kilos of tapeworm in the stomach

Went 20 kilos of cakes for breakfast

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