Went 63kg with personal trainer

Ruth Anderson (37) weighed 130 kilos. Then she met personally coach Nizam Valentino Kerigo.

Went 63kg with personal trainer

Divorce divorce never disappeared, hectic everyday, a lot of soda, bad food, zero exercise and low self esteem. Thus, Ruth Anderson sums up from Kløfta Road to a long-standing existence in size XXL. Apart from a Grete Roed course where she went down five kilograms, she had no slurry experience before she “scratched”.

– I realized that I had to do something about my health if I were to see my daughters grow up. The happiness was that I met Nizam who believed that I could manage to lose weight, Ruth told the magazine Better Health.

Never exercised before

Personal trainer Nizam Valentino Kerigo (23) realized he had to go slowly and systematically. Without training experience, Ruth had to get to know his own physics. Just crabing at all four with a 130 kg body was a heavy workout in itself. This was where Ruth and Nizam started.

– There was a lot of pain and discomfort at the start. For months with a lot of workouts, Ruth smiles as nevertheless determined what to be today’s overall goal: Training!

Went 63kg with personal trainer

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Training before work or after work, and every Saturday. Saturday’s eve at Elixia in Lillestrøm tend to be done before the husband and their two daughters wake up.

Ruth decided to lose weight when she started, although it’s a slim mood is that you should not set yourself for ambitious weight targets to succeed in weight loss. Now researchers have found that this and a number of other myths are not supported by research.

Get your diet

After eight months of good old-fashioned strength training five days a week, Ruth had trained 30 kilos. With good guidance, she avoided novice errors and serious injuries.

Went 63kg with personal trainer

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Only now, Nizam believed that Ruth was ripe to focus on food and eating habits.

The diet he laid up is really just plain, healthy Norwegian food with a lot of meat and vegetables, low fat and smart carbohydrates. Eat every 3 hours and lots of water, at least three to four liters each day. I ask Nizam for permission to sms if I want to get out. As a rule, he says no, and then I listen to him laughing at Ruth, emphasizing that mutual respect and good chemistry are a must when putting their “fate” in the hands of a personal coach.

Also, humor is a useful means of communication.

Goal reached

At least ten training hours a week and a conscious diet have resulted in new 33 kilos in minus. People hardly know her after she has trained from severe obesity to normal weight.

Went 63kg with personal trainer

STRONG: – Now it’s about maintaining the weight and increasing muscle mass, says Ruth Anderson. Photo: Egil Nordlien HM Foto

– I’m pleased to be down to 67 kilos. Now it is the maintenance of weight and more muscle mass that applies, “says Ruth.

Ruth about the process:

Had not done without: Good support from husband and child and my personal trainer Nizam at Elixia in Lillestrøm.

Pluses: More energy, better health, better mood, more knowledge about body and health, better diet, more conscious of important choices in life.

Challenges: I was dependent on Pepsi Max, and missed it very much at first. The weight loss gave a lot of excess skin on the stomach. Fortunately, I got rid of 1.2 kilos of skin this spring, paid by the public.

My advice to others: You really want a change with all your heart and all your body. Plan and prioritize time, and get it done!

Cost of the method: Approximately $ 60,000 divided into over 120 hours of personal trainer.

One hour a week, she is followed by Nizam. Otherwise, she is self-employed in training. With her new weight, she has been able to expand the repertoire with new forms of training. This summer she participated in the Elixia Running Bike in nine kilometers.

– I have not run since I was a little girl, so this is great fun! The best part is, however, that I have now become an important model for my daughters. I’ll never return where I was!

Therefore, it helps to work out

Although Ruth Anderson used training alone for the first 30 kilos she went down, there is great agreement that training alone is a low-effective slimming for those who lose weight. Although we could manage to burn 500 calories extra every single day (at least one hour of exercise), we can not expect to go down more than half a kilo a week.

Studies show that few of us manage such a tough cure in the long run. Cutting calories via food is more efficient. Hence the term «Food is kilo, exercise is gram».

Provides healthy habits

Martin Norum, Practical Professional of the Academy of Personal Training, is among those who are concerned with the combination of exercise and diet.

– Training is about so much more than losing weight. It’s about feeling healthy and getting healthy habits. Training helps to create healthier diet. If you suddenly stop practicing, there is a risk that other factors that are positive for health are also affected, “says Norum..

Incineration also afterwards

Combustion is a keyword you do not get out of the way when you are on the diet and must take care of your “calorie-in-calorie-out” accounts. And exercise can provide both bag and bag.

– Exercise and activation of the body burns energy, and not only during the workout session. We burn calories too afterwards. Post-burn is due to the body’s increased need for oxygen to the muscles. The more muscle we have, the greater the combustion. Condition training and strength training are particularly favorable in this regard, says Norum.

He is concerned that women must not be afraid to take proper care. We have no reason to fear men’s muscles or that the body can not withstand strain.

Went 63kg with personal trainer

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– Strength training is actually one of the least stressful training methods, especially for overweight women. Individually-adapted strength training in combination with fitness training and a good diet is the key to success, he says..

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