Went 20 kilos of cakes for lunch

Experts started the day with no food, cakes and pizza.

Went 20 kilos of cakes for lunch

To start the day with no food and cakes, is it a good idea?

One who thinks it’s advisable is Professor Daniela Jakubowicz, who, with his study of 193 obese men and women, concluded that a low-protein low-carb diet, supplemented with an unhealthy little carbohydrate bomb in the morning, is the shortcut to a slender body.

No food for lunch

Half of the study participants supplemented the otherwise protein rich breakfast with a moderate amount of carbohydrates in the form of no food that also included a mandatory sweets such as a brownie.

After four months, both groups on average fell about the same, about 14 kilos, but after eight months the breakfast questions had dropped a further seven kilos to.

On the other hand, those who followed a strict low-carb diet without a giant diet had put on ten kilos of the lost weight.

Sweetness and sweetness

About the study

Two groups of obese took in 16 weeks 1600 kcal (men) or 1400 kcal (women) and lost 15.1 kg (those who ate least carbohydrates) and 13.5 kg (those who ate a little more carbohydrates) on average for men and women as long as they followed the diet.

This means that they had a total energy requirement of around 2800/2600 kcal per day, one of which absorbed 78 g of carbohydrates (312 kcal) or 11 per cent of total energy (2800 kcal). The other group consumed 36 g of carbohydrates (144 kcal) or only 5 per cent of total energy (counted 2800), that is, a very low carbohydrate intake.

The group who ate the most carbohydrates for breakfast consumed 600 kcal of which 60 g came from carbohydrates, while the other consumed 10 g of carbohydrates and more fat.

– The special diet is that protein intake is quite high and fat intake relatively low. The reason that the group who had more carbohydrates for breakfast increased in weight after eating free, is not well explained in the study, and the results do not distinguish between men and women, says Dag V. Poleszynski.

Sources: Study «Meal timing and composition influence ghrelin levels, appetite scores and weight loss maintenance in overweight and obese adults» and nutritionist Dag V. Poleszynski

Went 20 kilos of cakes for lunch

Low carb for beginners

Jakubowicz, who has created a diet based on the study, writes in this that other diets do not take into account the underlying reasons for it to slim down well end in more weight gain.

These causes are general hunger sensations, sucking on carbohydrates or specific sweets, according to the professor, building this on experiences she has made with obese patients.

She owes this that obese dropper breakfast entirely or partially and goes against the body’s real needs for fuel in the morning (glucose). This is why they overeat later, according to Jakubowicz.

Reasonable speculations

Thus, carbohydrate intake is basically very low in all of these diets, the minimum requirement is about 50 grams, and a specific appetite for carbohydrate rich, especially sweet foods, “says Birger Svihus, professor of nutrition at University of Life Sciences.

Since the specific need for carbohydrates is particularly high due to a higher physical activity during the day, the risk of such specific appetite may be particularly high early in the day, after a long night without carbohydrate intake. It therefore makes sense to wonder if it may make sense to take a large portion of your daily minimum carbohydrate intake in the morning, he says.

– The study is interesting. In addition to showing that low carb, as it is known, produces a significant weight loss, it shows that the danger is that the weight rises due to the inability to follow the diet over a long period of time. The group who had the most carbohydrates for breakfast was also better able to continue the positive weight development, which can be explained by the fact that the body gained the most access to glucose when the need was greatest in the day when the physical activity was greatest, and thus less degree gave signs of starvation due to low carbohydrate intake, sums up Svihus.

Misunderstands low carb total

Dr. Philos Dag Viljen Poleszynski has studied the study thoroughly and believes that Jakubowicz misunderstands several basic mechanisms.

– Low carb is not usually defined as a diet with a lot of protein, because the body needs relatively little protein. The point for living the best possible is to minimize the work the body is going to do. Then it gets the surplus to repair damage and stay healthy. You do this by consuming a lot of fat, about 80 percent of total energy, moderate amounts of protein and just as little carbohydrate as needed to form the glucose some cells may have, says Poleszynski , editor of the Health Sciences and Reason ( VOF).

Breaking Research Rule

– Sucking for sweet is a consequence of eating a lot of sweet. It is possible that the participants would get even better results if they had eaten more fat, but the study compared two options that were not optimally composed and said which one was best of the two. You should compare a new solution with the best you have before. A low-carb bullet based on evolution theory also does not give any fluctuations in blood sugar, says Poleszynski.

Went 20 kilos of cakes for lunch

You are not slim of healthy food

One does not have to eat many times a day to maintain a blood sugar that is basically located at a low, and evolutionary, optimal level, according to Poleszynski. He is based on evolutionary thinking – on fatty acids, and ketones rather than glucose.

– An optimal steinalder diet enables fat reserves and can keep us going for hours while a carbohydrate diet often causes blood sugar and hunger after just a few hours. Then, one can ask what nature meant if we should base the body’s energy supply mainly on fatty acids and ketones, or almost just glucose. The answer gives itself, says Poleszynski.

The diet «breakfast-generalizes»

Nutrition professor Birger Svihus points out that there is nothing wrong with the prevailing Norwegian diet where we get more than half energy from carbohydrates, but this is not the best diet if you have problems with your blood glucose balance or have obesity problems.

However, he responds that the diet «breakfast-generalizes».

Went 20 kilos of cakes for lunch

12 healthy and good breakfast tips

Went 20 kilos of cakes for lunch

Fill in the bunad after just one week

– For example, what is agreed today is that you can not generally recommend eating breakfast on a general basis. The fact that the tank is empty in the morning and that the combustion must start, it’s just a myth that is not founded in reality. Half of us are not hungry for breakfast, physiologically, which may be due to both genetics and environmental factors. For them, this is not relevant once, says Svihus.

Hungry or Saturated?

– There is no indication that everyone should have breakfast. There is something called the hunger and something called Mett. When should you eat when you are hungry or when you are satisfied? The answer gives itself, says Poleszynski.

Breakfast, break the fast, is about breaking the fast. You transition from a state where you burn fat to end it.

If you get carbohydrates in the morning, fat loss stops and your body goes into storage mode. You are satisfied for a while before you get hungry again and are basing on feeding foods that increase your blood sugar. It usually leads to consuming a lot of carbohydrates. A weight loss advice is to count calories and eat less than the body needs. However, most people burst when they are based on a lower energy intake than they burn and begin to overeat again, says researcher and nutritionist Dag Viljen Poleszynski.

Went 20 kilos of cakes for lunch

Slimming with cookies

All diets “work”

Nutritionists point out that you can lose weight on any diet, as long as it contains less calories than you consume.

– This is a calorie intake of 1400 and 1600 kilocalories, which is so much about the metabolism. When you eat so little over time it’s hard to give your body what it needs, and you should supplement nutritional supplements in the form of multivitamin minerals, warn nutrition physiologist Camilla Andersen in Somebody. no.

– Find your own diet! Just as Jacubowicz writes in the book, a diet should be living with. That’s why it’s hard to come up with a proposal that will suit just another person. The diet must be adapted to each individual in consultation with each individual. The only diet that will definitely work, even in the long run, is your own, “says Andersen.

– For me, for example, cake every day will remove the jug with cake. I enjoy cake better if I eat it once in a while. The body also needs certain nutrients, and you can find them in cakes and biscuits. Therefore, it’s not good to let such food take too much space in your daily diet. So some frames should we put. Imagine something like this: What do I get to eat this? “Says Andersen.

Only unhealthy amounts

Chocolate is not unhealthy if you eat 50 grams a week. Usunt is the first when buying three for the price of two, several days a week. Everything is about quantity and frequency.

– When you realize this, the diet is so liberating! You can enjoy all that you like just fit the crowds, Camilla Andersen tips in Somebody. no.

A bowl of 5 buns gives 1300 kcal (average daily requirement is 2000), while a chicken salad produces 300 kcal. In the balls there are no interesting nutrients for the body, while the chicken salad contains many vitamins, minerals and proteins that make you feel.

– Then your choice. To me it is important to help people make conscious choices. Only you realize that the five balls contribute two thirds of your daily need, without giving you anything particular of nutrients or saturation, so you’ve chosen it consciously. While eating without knowing what you are doing fast can be a health threat, “says nutritionist Camilla Andersen.

– Many of us are sitting quietly. I think we have more to gain from increasing the everyday movement. Sweat some calories instead, so you do not have to cut too much on the food intake.

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