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“We have to cope with life sometimes

How to know if you are depressed or just sad

"We have to cope with life sometimes

"We have to cope with life sometimes

Six tips against burnout

– Depression must not be confused with being sad, outgoing or lazy, says psychologist Carina Poulsen.

She has written the book “Hverdagspsyk – why are you so? Help to Oppress “along with psychologist Rebecca Egeland.

There are some important differences here.

When you’re sad, it’s often a concrete event that makes you get bored, such as having your boyfriend finish it.

– However, if you are depressed, you may not necessarily find something concrete that has led to this feeling. Many say it happens suddenly and without any special warning, she says.

Nature of Disorder

Poulsen says that inborn qualities and vulnerabilities play a greater role in terms of depression than sadness.

– Being depressed can feel more frustrating than usual sadness because you can not find any particular reason for your hurt. Often, depression of the environment will also be confused with laziness because isolation and inactivity are key elements, she says.

The fact that the person stands for himself and is inactive can not, however, be attributed to a personal trait or a choice but is simply a result of the depression.

– In other words, it’s the nature of suffering, says Poulsen.

More symptoms

– Clinical depression is a diagnosis made on the basis of a collection of symptoms. The main symptoms are that the patient either knows sadness to such an extent that it goes beyond everyday activities or he or she experiences losing interest in things like before engaging, “says Gunvor Marie Dyrdal.

"We have to cope with life sometimes

Psychologist Gunvor Marie Dyrdal

"We have to cope with life sometimes

Psychologist Carina Poulsen

She is a associate professor at NTNU at Gjøvik and psychologist at Homansbyen Family Conservation Office in Oslo.

In other words, a depressed person does not feel just sad.

– In addition to either sadness or loss of interest, a total of at least five symptoms must be present for the diagnosis of depression – weight change without explanation, sleep disturbance, changed activity level, difficulty making decisions or problems with concentrate , she says.

You can also get thoughts about death.

Others see it

According to Dyrdal, it is as normal to become overactive as to become inactive when you are depressed and while someone is sleeping very much, someone else is almost unable to sleep at all.

– Those who suffer from depression often feel very lost in energy, she says.

Dyrdal says that before a diagnosis is made, at least five of these symptoms should have occurred concurrently for at least two weeks.

– Of course, it’s tiring to experience this, but it’s also important to keep in mind that everyone has such feelings from time to time. It’s a part of life, but if it goes beyond our ability to work in our life it’s time to seek help, she says.

In addition, these feelings or experiences should also be observed by others in order for a clinical diagnosis to be made.

Go to the doctor

If this is the case, the doctor is usually the first stopover.

Unless you want to pay the entire psychologist account yourself, you must be referred by the doctor.

Some physicians may want to print a prescription on medicine right away, and although sometimes this is necessary, it will often be better for those with mild or moderate depression with other treatment, says Dyrdal.

The psychologist adds that depression in adolescents can be expressed differently than in adults.

– Irritability can often be the most prominent symptom, she says.

Lost faith

A depressed person will furthermore have little faith in the existence of outbreaks or that he or she manages to master the situation.

– When the angry thoughts and feelings we face are so overwhelming and stressful to deal with, we protect ourselves by numbering them. We are unable to adjust the feelings appropriately and negative thoughts take over. Depression is therefore described as a condition and not a feeling, says Poulsen.

Therefore, avoiding the wounded feelings is not a conscious choice, but a misguided defense mechanism in the body.


Despite the fact that nobody chooses the depression, according to Poulsen, many feel guilty because they have been depressed and blame themselves because they do not get out of it on their own.

– Many also find that people around them do not understand what depression is and do not understand why they can not just get along, which can exacerbate the shame. To be ashamed, however, only makes the situation worse, and the shame is thus central to depression, says Poulsen.

The rate of depression can vary a lot. A slight depression may be described as mood while a person with severe depression may struggle with suicidal thoughts and concrete suicide plans.

In mild and moderate depression, counseling therapy, individually or in group, will be a topical treatment, while severe depressed drug treatment is recommended..

Turn the mindset

Dyrdal’s view it is important to be aware that being sad among you is quite normal and also believes that everyone at some point in life will be able to fill a diagnosis of depression.

– Some periods of life are more difficult than others, and the fulfillment of the criteria for what we call depression in a period of life does not mean that you are depressed forever. It is possible to get out of a depression, she says.

One of the most important things will be to recognize and reverse the negative thinking.

Because you do not have to listen to your mind when they tell you to lie in bed.

It is often to interact with others that make you look brighter on life.

Life can be crazy

Seeing the light in the tunnel can be difficult, and it’s probably not easier for us to live at a time when we focus so much on what’s good.

We will master everything, succeed at work, take care of a successful family and cook home-made food.

– On Facebook we see pictures where everyone is happy, but we must have the tolerance that this is not the reality and that life sometimes is crazy. The days are sometimes difficult and you will encounter resistance during your life. You lose friends, get sick and may not get into the study you want, and then you have to cope with this, “says Dyrdal.

She adds that it is human to be sad and disappointed, and that this does not mean you are ill.

– It’s actually quite normal to be bored, have little energy and not hurry to be social at times, she says.

Maintain routines

But if you find that sadness takes over and you can not explain what it’s rooted in, then it’s help getting.

Consult your GP, a psychologist or a psychiatrist, and he will be able to investigate and treat your depression..

– In addition to treatment, it is important for all types of depression to maintain everyday routines and reduce stress. Even if you have energy and are tired, it seldom helps to rest it. If you isolate yourself, you will usually find more time to peruse and worry about your own condition, “says Poulsen..

This may sustain or, at worst, worsen your plagues.



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