– We felt we participated in an episode of House

Anine (5) has had two strokes.

- We felt we participated in an episode of House

Little Anine from Ørsta was no more than four and a half years when the unthinkable happened: She was affected by stroke.

Not long after, the family got shocked. Anine got another shot. But even after two strokes, the five-year-old is today a healthy and active little girl.

– It’s only when we start to find the peace, says Anine’s mother, Cecilie Røeggen (39), and dad Robert Kolås (39), in Ørsta at Sunnmøre.

They look at the daughter who goes to the home’s journalist to show her room. A pink princess room with cuddle and four poster bed. Anine has a lot of energy. Even more than before.

– We notice that she has become more active that she has slightly poorer impulse control. But she has no physical damage after the stroke, tells the parents.

Shaky Face

30. May last year, the Røeggen Kolås family was visiting with some friends in Ulsteinvik. Anine had fallen asleep in the car on her way there, and when they woke her up and took her out of the car, she saw that she smiled a little bit.

– We did not really think so much about it. Given that there were only child wards, Cecilie recalls.

Later, parents began to receive comments. “Anine looks a little bit in her face,” said a girlfriend.

When they were in a birthday party with Robert’s parents, his mother said, “It looks like you’ve had a blow, Anine”.

They left the comment. That it would actually be the case was completely unthinkable.


Next day Anine wore herself. Cecilie and Robert understood that something was not quite as it should. They sought a doctor.

– He quickly realized that something was wrong. He doted her face and saw that she had paralysis. We realized that this was not something Anine found, tells Cecilie and takes her daughter to the lap.

Anine smiles and hugs her mother. Understand that we are talking about her and like being centerpiece.

The doctors still did not realize that Anine had had a stroke for four and a half years. The theory of fainting was most likely, and the doctor in Ørsta sent Anine to the hospital in Ålesund. During the test there a doctor asked her to catch up.

She managed just a couple of buckets before losing the balance. Then he asked her to knock with both hands on her chest.

– She knocked just fine with her right hand. The left went to the cabin and weather.

- We felt we participated in an episode of House

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Still, the doctors thought about bite bites. Cecilie thought brain tumor. The doctors decided to do an MRI examination of Anine’s head.

– I was a bit scared and the doctors had to calm down, smiling Cecilie, who would like to tell her daughter’s story to the most possible.

It’s so important to make parents aware that such things can happen, even with young children. If their story can save a single child, then it’s important for them to contribute.

After a night in hospital, and after taking MRI off the head, the investigation showed that Anine was not bitten by ticks. On the other hand, she had a brain attack – a blow. It was apparently the first time the doctor at the hospital had experienced something like such a young person, says Cecilie.

She joined the daughter in the ambulance flight to Oslo while Robert went home to pack and pick up Anine’s great brother Fabian (9).

– I had to take a lot of blood tests, says Anine about her stay at Oslo Rikshospitalet.

- We felt we participated in an episode of House

“Should we try to operate, or shall we let him die?”

Here she got blood thinning medication and an extensive round of heart check, ultrasound and other tests to find out how such a little girl could get a blow. And while the doctors searched for the cause, one stroke affected the little body.

Incredibly lucky

– This was a much bigger blow. We saw how she stumbled and fell and how she did not have the opportunity to control the left hand. Fortunately, this stroke occurred while we were at the hospital. Anine could have gotten much bigger damage if we had been home and it had been time before she got help, says Cecilie, who did not dare to think about how bad the damage could have been.

At the Rikshospital, doctors had to continue to look for the cause of the brain attacks that hit Anine.

Several hypotheses had to be tested, but today the doctors think the danger is about the little girl.

– For a while we felt that we participated in an episode of the TV series “House”. The worst thing was to not know what was the cause of the stroke. If she would get it again, Cecilie says.

Just a few months before the first battle, Anine had had flu, chickenpox and herbal illness. Everything within two weeks. Now the doctors chose to give her antivirus antioxidant medicine.

- We felt we participated in an episode of House

IN TIME AND TIME: Rabbitbamsen was a good friend and comfort when Anine was in hospital and is it still. Photo: Gunn Gravdal Elton

The doctors thought maybe the chickenpox was the cause. After spinal tests, they found a herpes virus that they thought could be the cause.

- We felt we participated in an episode of House

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Anine received double doses of blood thinning and remained for observation at Rikshospitalet for a few weeks. The medications she still has to take and continue indefinitely.

Although it has been a terrible time, we have been fortunate enough to be. Now, luckily, it has been so long that we start to think it’s going to be fine. And Anine has not had any major damage to the brain. It’s a sunshine story at all. We are aware, says Cecilie and Robert.

A minor injury

While the parents are talking, Anine is actively present.

She is like a glorious little whirlwind, which sums everyone around with a big smile.

She talks and tells. Remember the time at the hospital. How kind everyone was with her.

- We felt we participated in an episode of House

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– The syringes were wounded, but I got a premium after each syringe, says Anine, striking sticky notes, rings, soap bubbles and a pointed thing that was a veneflon to put on her teddy bear.

– I took some blood from the bamsen. And it cried more than me when he got a syringe, “she said proudly.

Think she was better than her teddy bear!

Today Anine has detected a small scar on the frontal lap and where the infarct was.

This implies that she has poorer impulse control and has trouble mastering some things. Like she does not draw as well as before. Or that she has some trouble understanding what she sees.

She is also more active than she was before.

– She must have some follow-up at school, but all in all, it is a trifle in relation to what could have been the outcome, “says her mother..

Grabs the day

- We felt we participated in an episode of House

Tor Atle (35) knows he will have a stroke

Cecilie and Robert have learned how important it is to react when they see changes in their children. Either in behavior or physics. Although it is unthinkable that the children should be affected by an infarction, it may actually be a healthy child.

– It never occurred to us that it could be so serious. What happened has taught us that we can never take things for granted. Today we try to spend the most free time on our children. We want to experience the most of them, “says the couple.

They take one day at a time and try to do well at the moment.

– We no longer push the good events ahead of us. We do not expose experiences that we can do together here and now. And we’re never too tired to hear how the kids have had it at school or in the nursery, “says Cecilie.

There have been some false alarms after Anine was expelled from the hospital last June. Initially, the parents shifted to watch over her at night, and still have the individual control exercises that Anine has to do to show that she has control over the coordination of arms and legs.

– Hopefully, she never experiences a new stroke. Either way, we can not go around fearing it, then we will never get peace. We can not be overprotective, neither us nor Anine benefits. I think we have begun to find peace now, says Cecilie and receives a confirming nod from her husband.

Careful Big Brother

One of the safest signs that Anine is getting well is that Big Brother Fabian has begun to recover when the little sister is so annoying that only little sisters can be.

He took a lot of attention to the sister for a long time, and carefully thought that she was doing well.

- We felt we participated in an episode of House

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– Suddenly one day we saw that everything again was normal. As the siblings most, they can argue and fight one day while they are perceiving the next, says the mother.

Recently, Anine returned to Rikshospitalet for control. The little girl looked great to meet again all the nice nurses.

And although it is not always as good with syringes and examinations, the positive experiences from the hospital are in majority. In addition, all the tests said she did not have to fear new strokes.

– The last year has taught us to be less concerned with trifles. Before, I was careful that the children looked decent. That the hair was perfect and the clothes looked fine. I still like things are right, but I can also see between your fingers more than before. It means so little – really, says Cecilie.

She boasts of healthcare professionals, family, friends and Anine’s kindergarten. Everyone has stood up and helped them through the tough times.

– We can only smile and be grateful that it has been so good.

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- We felt we participated in an episode of House

SUMMARY: ¿We have learned that we can never take things for granted. Today we try to spend the most free time on our children. We want to experience the most with Anine and Fabian, “said the parents. Photo: Gunn Gravdal Elton

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- We felt we participated in an episode of House

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