Watch your heart on New Year’s Eve

Persecution, stress and alcohol can be dangerous to people with heart disease.

Watch your heart on New Year's Eve

New Year’s Heart Command

  • Avoid excessive physical activity
  • Do not bother you
  • Get enough sleep
  • Do not stress
  • Moderate alcohol intake
  • Take Care of Oily and Salty Foods
  • Get medical help on time
  • Distribute work tasks
Watch your heart on New Year's Eve

Where the stress are you?

Watch your heart on New Year's Eve

Got high blood pressure from stress

Holidays like Christmas and New Year are not just a celebration of food and socializing, it is also a feast for deaths from heart disease.

People with heart disease should take extra care of their own health in New Year’s Eve.

Tops in Christmas

According to American researchers, major changes in diet and food intake, alcohol consumption, emotional stress and pee control can trigger acute worsening of heart disease.

Statistics show that death from heart disease is higher in the winter half than in the summer semester. In addition, it’s the best of Christmas and New Year’s weekend.

According to an article published in Circulation, winter cold can exacerbate heart disease, but the temperature does not explain the peaks at Christmas and New Year.

Although the mechanisms are unknown, researchers believe this is related to the intake of large amounts of food, salt, alcohol and fat, as well as physical and emotional stress and pee control.

Irritation to heart

The food served in the holidays is usually not the healthiest kind. These are often foods that are fatty and salty and we eat more food. It may, in turn, also increase body weight. The sudden dietary change can stress a weak heart and worsen the function of the cells that clothe the inside of the blood vessels. Salt can increase blood pressure.

Advice: Avoid spitting you. Eat normal amounts and be careful with greasy sauces, butter and greasy foods. The same food is often salty. Choose rather lean meats and fish. Eat plenty of vegetables.

Alcohol affects the heart

Alcohol can promote heart fibrillation and inhibit contraction of the heart. This can again contribute to reduced blood supply to the heart muscle (ischemia) in people who already have heart disease.

Advice: Moderate alcohol intake. Drink a glass of water for each glass of alcohol. No one is served by overpowered guests.

Stress down

Emotional stress can be due to the fact that you have to deal with people and relatives you are not usually circumvented. Stress also follows increased financial expenses such as gifts, decoration, food and travel. Many also travel far in the romance and in New Year’s Eve. Traveling can trigger stress. Mind can also work negatively.

Advice: Pay attention to yourself first. Do not be stressed by others. It’s not a crisis if you do not go over everything, try to distribute your tasks and plan ahead. Go for a fun walk alone. Make sure you get enough sleep.

Fire in the fireplace

Nothing is as cozy as firing in the fireplace. But the open fireplace is not food for the heart. The firing liberates particulate dust. This contamination of the indoor climate is associated with an increase in heart disease and higher blood pressure.

Advice: Air out once a while. Do not let it burn all day. Get a good wood burning stove that warms well, but does not pollute the air so much.

Excessive Physical Activity

Uvant activities and physical strains can burden the heart. Snow shooting is a strenuous activity for untrained people. It may also be unfavorable to spend outdoor activities on heavily polluted days.

Advice: Feel free to snow but take good breaks and not everything at once. Ask others for help.

Seek a doctor on time

A postponement can be life threatening.

Advice: It’s important to get medical help on time. Seek medical attention if you get bad. Do not wait.

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