– Vaccinate children before Thailand vacation?

Our medical expert Miklos Degre answered about travel vaccines in the web meeting.

- Vaccinate children before Thailand vacation?

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- Vaccinate children before Thailand vacation?

Keep your kids healthy on vacation

- Vaccinate children before Thailand vacation?

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The spring is here, and already it’s a good idea to think about the vaccines you need if you are going to holiday abroad this summer.

Friday, our medical expert Miklos Degre met the readers in online meeting.

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Vaccines in Thailand

“Thailand tourist” tells her that she is going to Thailand next Easter with her aunt child in two years. She wondered if the parents have to vaccinate the two-year-old before they leave.

The doctor answers that there is no need for more vaccines if the child has been through the recommended national vaccination program.

Read the child welfare program on the pages of the Public Health Institute.

Thyfoid and malaria

“Some tropical medicine recommends tyhfoid vaccine. But if you plan to travel to the northern parts, and in the woods it is recommended with malaria medicine, “answers Miklos Degre.

Read the full post, with the answers from the doctor here.

More Answers

Miklos Degre also received questions about genital warts, malaria and vaccines in

  • South America
  • Tunisia
  • Barcelona
  • USA
  • South Africa
  • and Asia

Go to the links to read questions and answers.

Read the entire web meeting here.

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