Trill the pills properly

Deaths and hospitalizations due to improper drug use have doubled in the last decade. Do not go to bed.

Trill the pills properly

Trill the pills properly

Do not lend the pills

Trill the pills properly

Stroke children full of pills

Trill the pills properly

– Giving the kids “hangover”

Trill the pills properly

Parents give children sleep medicine

The number of dead and (unnecessary) hospitalizations due to prescriptions prescribed has more than doubled in the past decade. Here you get some input that prevents you from

go to the trap.

Rinse the tablets with the correct drink: Never take tablets, regardless of type, with grapefruit juice. It contains a substance that can greatly change the decomposition of

Some medications. Only one glass can increase the strength of some medications against depression, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

This can give an unpredictable elevated effect of the medicines and your side effects.

No dose doubling : Ingredients in common painkillers – Paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) – Also found in cough / cold remedies. Exeeded

The prescribed dose may result in poor liver damage. Always read what ingredients the medicine contains or consult the pharmacist to make sure you get in

Too much.

Do not break the tablets: It makes them often easier to swallow but can be dangerous. Many drugs have an outer layer that protects the stomach or ensures that the active substance becomes regular.

released in the blood. Broken pills therefore increase the risk of side effects or excessive dose of the medicine too quickly. If you find it difficult to swallow tablets, ask for alternatives in

Form of patches, inhalers or liquid.

Trill the pills properly

DIFFERENT TO SWELL: Do you think it is difficult to swallow tablets, ask for alternatives in the form of patches, inhalers or liquid. Photo: Crestock

On time: Some medications should be taken late in the evening because they seem dull. Others must be taken with food to be properly taken up in the blood or to avoid broken bowel walls.

Still others work poorer with food. Therefore read the package leaflet carefully and follow the instructions on when to take your medicine.

Pills + promille = Bad combination: Alcohol can increase the sedative effect of sleeping pills, codeine and antidepressants. It can also cause bleeding ulcers at

Those who go on anti-inflammatory, lower blood sugar levels – dangerous to diabetics – and lead to severe nausea in some antibiotics. If it is not specified to take

Medicine with milk or food, always rinse them with water.

Do not borrow other people’s medicines: Use of medicines printed to others may have potentially life-threatening consequences such as a serious reaction or effect of other medications.

You never know how long and how they are stored. The only feasible way is to seek a doctor for a prescription.

Shake the bottle: Liquid medicines simplify the process. However, if you do not shake the bottle to disperse the active substance, you will not get the correct dose. When you get to the bottom you get too much.

Exit the cure: One of three does not complete its antibiotic cure, although it may cause the infection to return.. But even worse, increased risk of resilience

bacterial strains and contributions to microorganisms that can not be broken by antibiotics. Therefore, always complete the cure, regardless of whether you feel fast and fast. Take the dose at the same time each

Day for a constant level of active substances in the blood. If you forget a dose, do not double up next time. It increases the risk of side effects.



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