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Therefore, burpees is the best exercise exercise

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Short, intensive workouts extend life

– Burpees is a fantastic exercise that exercises many muscles in the body at the same time, says a specialist in manual therapy and sports physiotherapy at Klinikk24, Tord Morten Moen.

And the best thing about burpees is that you only need your own body weight to perform the exercise.

– It has been completed in a short period of time, and you are challenged both the legs, stomach, buttocks, back and upper body. Additionally, if you perform a lot of rehearsals, you also improve fitness, excitement and stamina, he says..

Suitable for all

Must have been affiliated with the national team in the alpine since 2012, where he has mostly followed up the lords with Aksel Lund Svindal and Kjetil Jansrud in the lead. He says that burpees fit regardless of whether you are male or female, young or old, functional or have moderate disabilities.

– I work with everything from top athletes to 90-year-old ladies at elderly homes, and the workout works great for everyone. That because it is done without weights and aids, and revolves around yourself and mastery of your own body.

You can perform the burpees both beautifully and badly, as it does not require a special technique, he adds.

– Again, there is no danger of inflicting damage.

Four by day

– How often should you perform burpees in order for it to have an effect?

– Say that you have a daily life in an office throughout the working day, pick up in the nursery, eat dinner and sit still a little while before going to bed, says Moen.

He recommends taking ten burpees twice before lunch and twice after lunch.

It’s basically just about implementing it, but to a great extent, this is precisely where the challenge lies. Burpees only takes a few minutes. If you think you do not have time for it in your daily life, I recommend finding time for it.

– Works before and after exercise

Mette Ulseth works as a personal trainer at Fresh Fitness and Trygge Hender, the latter focusing on businesses, sports teams and individuals.

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You should not be alone about lifestyle changes

– I often use burpees for hours of business, then gladly in circular exercises. Exercise is excellent for heating, since you get very hot in the body of it. It also works well in the end if you run intervals to take out everything, says Ulseth, who has a bachelor in physical activity and health at Norway’s sports academy.

Ulseth suggests that the exercise is also perfect for entering the outdoor exercise.

– I have used it when I’ve had spelling groups. Then we go half way, stop and do some burpees before we go back again. You do not need to take any precautions outdoors other than finding a flat surface. If it’s hilly, it’s easier to step over when you’re taking a jump.

Multiple variants

She says that it is possible to put challenges into practice for those who want it.

– Instead of resting on your stomach after descending from the mood jump, you can take an arm lift. You can also pull your knees up to the chest in the jump, or enter more repetitions than you usually do. There are thus several variants, but most people think that the exercise is heavy enough in itself.

The number of repetitions you take takes a bit on the shape, says Ulseth.

Some think it’s hard to take five, while others are up to 30 without any problems. With enough exercise, the exercise is easy to get good, so you’ll see fast progression if you get started first.

How to perform burpees

1. Stand upright with straight back and both legs in the ground.

2. Sit down.

3. Take a high spin jump with your hands over your head.

4. Sit down again and take your hands on the ground.

5. Jump into a flat position.

6. Here you can either take an arm lift or put your chest down in the ground, as you can. Jump back so you sit back and repeat the exercise.

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To select one exercise exercise, select this

To select one exercise exercise, select this

To select one exercise exercise, select this

To select one exercise exercise, select this

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