To avoid abnormality

A remembrance of a stomach ache is linked to sex more than twice a week. Check the experts’ advice.

To avoid abnormality

Frequent sex, sex with a new partner or multiple partners without condoms are all factors linked to bacterial imbalance in women’s abdomen, bacterial vaginosis (BV).

Symptoms are gray and very malignant discharge, possibly also mild itching or burning. The smell, which is annoying, is particularly noticeable after the woman has had menstruation, and in connection with sex.

Although the condition can be treated, it is common to have relapses and many women who receive BV experience therefore to come in “forever” imbalance.

Six “interferes with”

– Usually, the body is able to maintain a flora in the vagina of the beneficial bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, but in some it is difficult. Frequent intercourse can interfere with this balance and the condition of bacterial vaginosis can occur, says gynecologist and general practitioner at the regional hospital in Trondheim Mette Moen.

She is also Doktoronline’s own expert.

– Treatment can improve the condition, but there is a great tendency for the unfortunate bacteria to take over again. 60-70 percent get fast relapse, she writes in a post at the questionnaire.

– We believe that sex more than twice a week may possibly be important, supplementary physician and specialist in dermatology and venerology Kinia Remaut at Olafiakliniken.

To avoid abnormality

The Vagina Secrets

In the gynecological field of study, Olafiakliniken is going to focus on the most knowledge about the subject.

– Seed makes ph become more basic and increases, making it easier to get bacterial vaginosis, she says.

Although bacterial imbalance or vaginosis (BV) is not a sexually transmitted infection, it usually favors sexual intercourse and is seen mostly in sexually active women.

Only antibiotics that help

Contrary to what many women think, only antibiotics that break the bacterial vaginosis (BV).

Get your abdomen in balance!

– Treatment in women is metronidazole tablets (500 mg) twice daily for 7 days, or metronidazole vaginal gel for 5 days, Dalacin cream (2%) daily for 7 days or Dalacin vagitories (100 mg) every night for 3 days or Clindamycin (300 mg) twice a day for 7 days, says general Kinia Remaut at Olafiakliniken.

It is also advisable to follow up with Ecovag vaginal capsules of human lactic acid bacteria.

Lactic acid capsules should be able to prevent relapse from someone. Those who still experience getting it again also prevent antibiotics.

– I suggest Dalacin shaving cream or suppositories right after menstruation, possibly also after intercourse, writes gynecologist and chief physician Mette Moen in several posts on Doctoral Online. no.

Some recommend women with recurrent BV to use metronidazole intravaginal gel 0.75% 2 g a week for 4-6 months. Removing a coil may also help, says Kinia Remaut at Olafiakliniken.

If all this should fail, they have at their gynecological department, Rikshospitalet, Oslo, a separate department (vulvakliniken) for such problems.

Not only as first-time treatment, but by new relapse. Antibiotics are also recommended preventive for women who are bothered.

– When lactic acid bacteria decrease, they are replaced by increased amounts of other bacteria, including Gardnerella vaginalis. Some patients may be in the borderland and may therefore experience the symptoms disappearing by themselves, but when the number of bacteria becomes excessive, the body does not manage to fix it yourself and that is why antibiotics need to be bowed to the condition, says Kinia Remaut.

According to the gynecologists it is therefore likely that women get these bacteria through intercourse and that the bacteria do not disappear completely after treatment.

– Bacterial vaginosis is a challenge and I’m also not fond of the fact that only antibiotics help. Among other things, there are many who get fungus due to antibiotics and Metronidaziol is also not so good with the gastrointestinal tract. I have been in contact with Tine and from the autumn we will do a pilot study to see if the intake of Biola can help, says general Kinia Remaut.

For those who still want to try something other than antibiotics, there are some studies that suggest that a dietary change can help, although this is not a advice you will get from your gynecologist.

Fast to fast solutions

Many women dare to what they think are “quick solutions” when they are affected by BV, after treating the condition once already.

Many, for example, depend on milky acid capsules, which are sold free of prescription at the pharmacy, and which should act as balancing.

– There are lyophilized lactic acid bacteria from cow milk, Vivag, which are supposed to replace the body’s own lactic acid bacteria and which may have a symptom-inducing effect, but studies indicate that Ecovag, which contains lactobasillas that we humans, has better effect , says Sillanpää.

– But even with this treatment, some people find that the catarrhal is coming back soon after the treatment ends, she says.

She also mentions Lactal Balance, which is found both as suppositories and vaginal gel, and both lower the ph-value in the vagina to normal levels and will make the smell disappear.

– Sometimes this helps as long as you hold on, but the catarr will return after ending treatment, she says.

Partner should be treated

Another point is that the partner should also be treated because this is something that is transmitted sexually, although there is no sexually transmitted infection, says Professor of Gynecology at the University of Oslo, Britt Ingjerd Nesheim.

– It’s a little embarrassing area of ​​course, who has been with who has been unfaithful of who and it may be a bit difficult, and then you wonder if it has occurred in other ways, but I think it’s easier to reach the goal if you provide partner treatment, “says Nesheim.

To avoid abnormality

The woman’s hidden abdomen

According to Chief Remaut at Olafiaklinikken, there are no randomized studies indicating that, for example, Metronidazole per os (via the mouth, red. mrk. ) of a partner affects the woman’s response to treatment. On the other hand, some open studies suggest that Clindamycin (Dalacin) per os (same dose as in women) in partner can have a beneficial effect on the woman’s response.

However, if the woman has had the same partner for many years and is bothered by recurrent bacterial vaginosis, it may be worth giving partner treatment, believes superior.

Some women also have no cataracts themselves, or have had the symptoms for as long as they think it’s normal.

Occasionally, there is a partner who notice something about the vaginosis.

Is not about hygiene

Another important thing is that bacterial imbalance, contrary to what many believe, can not be prevented with cleanliness and good intimacy.

Vaginal Inflammation

Dermatitis, vascular cataracts or vaginitis is a common disorder that may be due to different microorganisms. The most common are candida, gardnerella and trichomonas. The symptoms are itching, burning and discharge. Pregnancy and birth control pills increase the risk because hormone changes change the environment in the vagina and create better soil for some microorganisms. It is important to go to a doctor to determine the cause of a skin inflammation so that you can get the correct treatment.

Read more at Doctor Online. no.

Source: Mind Health. com

– Soap and water do not help preventative, says Moen.

– It is actually by exaggerating the washing of the abdomen that vaginal infections can occur, says Sillanpää.

– Yes, it’s the opposite. The less you cling, the better. You should not drive and spray things up in the vagina that has nothing to do. Washing your abdomen with soap is also absolutely unnecessary, it takes a long time to wash water when you are in the shower, “says Professor Britt Ingjerd Nesheim.

– Also, you should not flush downward because the vagina maintains itself with an environment that is as it should be. It hurts by shower, says Nesheim.

Gynecologists discourage following the core threads found in discussion threads on the Internet, which are pushing various foreign elements into the vagina to get rid of the smell, such as yogurt vents and garlic boats. Also note that a recycled tampon in the vagina can give a strong and rotten smell!

All the facts in this case are double checked through interviews with the specialists Mette Moen, Pia Sillanpää, Peer Høvik, Kinia Remaut and Britt Ingjerd Nesheim.

Note! Sexually transmitted infections (SOI) are also infected with unprotected sex. Click. no encourages to practice safe sex.

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To avoid abnormality

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