Those who saw the action film ate 65 percent more than those who saw the documentary

TV viewing can give you extra kilos.

Those who saw the action film ate 65 percent more than those who saw the documentary

Those who saw the action film ate 65 percent more than those who saw the documentary

This smack can be avoided if you drink regularly

Unconscious eating in front of the TV quickly gives you too many calories. Be aware what and how much you are looking forward to the living room table – and please drop the TV night all the time.

Popcorn and butterflies float into movie theaters, and we even love to put the pizza and chocolate bowl into our favorite series or a good movie at home.

At the same time, more studies show that we tend to overeat when we watch television.

– It’s easy to eat too much when watching TV, says Serena Tonstad, who is a senior physician and works daily with obesity at Ullevaal Hospital.

Reverting to stress

After a long day, it’s time for relaxation, and then the TV and the sofa are a natural choice for many.

– Then we’ll take back the stress from all day and calm down. Eating emotions for some as a reward after a tiring day. For some, food will activate the reward centers in the brain, explains Tonstad.

At the same time, it’s just when we’re going to have some snacks out of the big meals that we put on.

According to Tonstad, special snacking contributes throughout the evening to the kilos flowing. And when we watch TV, we easily lose control of how much we eat.

Action Movie Worst

This is especially true when we watch action films, according to studies conducted at Cornell University in the United States.

Here, researchers wanted to test the hypothesis that action films and especially nerve-raising content would increase food intake during television.

Two groups of students were served chocolates, biscuits, carrots or grapes while watching television with different content. One group watched the action film The Island, while the other watched a documentary program based on one to one interviews.

The results showed that the group who watched the action film had eaten nearly twice as much and had an intake of nearly 65 percent more calories than the group who looked at the documentary.

The researchers concluded that it may be advisable to avoid small eating if you are going to see “very disturbing” content on TV.


– When watching TV and enjoying ourselves, we do not focus on the food, but on what’s on the screen, especially if the movie is extra exciting. Thus the autopilot turns on and we eat completely unconsciously. Thus, without thinking about it, nutrition physiologist Lise von Krogh explains in Bramat. no.

She says that, ideally, we should not do other things while we eat, especially if it’s food you can benefit from more benefits.

– When we do something else while we eat, we become unconsciously how much we get in us. For example, if you eat a slice of bread or a bowl of cereal, it’s okay, but when you put up pizza or a big potato dish it’s easy to eat too much. Suddenly the ball is empty without you aware of it, “explains von Krogh.

Those who saw the action film ate 65 percent more than those who saw the documentary

SNACKS BEFORE TV: It’s easy to pull down calories without knowing it. ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

Passivity and Impact

In addition to getting distracted and losing control of food intake, sitting in front of the TV is unhealthy in itself.

Shake the nuts yourself

Most nuts that are ready to grind are shaken in a lot of fat. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to shake the nuts yourself. Crush them roughly and grate and shake them on a hot iron pan until you know the delicious scent. Sprinkle some salt and olive oil into the oven. Do you have chocolate for, you want to feel that the snack is more full-bodied.

Source: Nutritionist Lise Von Krogh

Those who saw the action film ate 65 percent more than those who saw the documentary

So much is 150 calories

– It is a passive activity that is not healthy for the body. You may want to think that you can also exercise for relaxation. You can go for a walk instead of sitting on the couch and I would recommend everyone to try on a TV-free day of the week, says Tonstad.

She also emphasizes that some may be adversely affected by food ads, which often show unhealthy food in a delicate and inviting way.

Cornell University has also researched who is most affected by food content on television. Through studies, researchers found that those who are most concerned with what and how much they eat are those who are most affected by food programs and food advertisements. TV viewing and accompanying snacks will nevertheless be an important part of Helgekosen for many Norwegians, and von Krogh therefore recommends thinking about what to enjoy before turning on the TV.

– If you decide in advance what to eat and how much do you reduce the risk of overeating significantly. If you are serving your snack in small bowls beforehand, you have control over how much you will eat. In addition, there are many healthy snacks that you can choose from chips and chocolate, “says von Krogh.

Healthy snacks

Here, Von Krogh shares some great tips for healthy TV snacks:

Six healthy desserts you can eat every day

Dip and vegetables

Cut up cucumber, carrot, celery, cherry tomatoes and anything else you like. Make a dip of kesam or Greek yoghurt mixed with a little dijonsennep and honey.

Evening food

Take the evening meal in front of the TV. Put some coarse rolls in the oven and set up good toppings like ham, paprika, cucumber and cheese. Then you can enjoy yourself in front of the TV with real food. Additionally, do you have to make it as you look at, you will naturally get a little less.

Dark chocolate and nuts

Natural nuts are a healthy and nutritious snack and along with dark chocolate (lose 70 percent cocoa), this will be a full and good meal.

Kale Chips

Why not enjoy one of the most nutritious vegetables we have?

Wash the cabbage well and let it drain well. Please use a salad extractor to remove excess water.

Tear it up into smaller pieces and remove the stem. Spread them onto a baking tray with baking paper. Have some oil and salt. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. Make sure they do not overload too much. It’s a good idea to turn it around once or two along the way.

Berries and yogurt glass

Have berries and moisture in the bottom of a high glass. Have over yogurt. Have some oatmeal in a frying pan and shake them a little. Sprinkle some honey and pour this on top of the glass.



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