This you need to know about heart failure

There are no shortcuts in cardiac health.

This you need to know about heart failure

This you need to know about heart failure

EXPERTS: Lars Gullestad and Inger Elling Photo: UiO and LHL

100. 000 Norwegians have this diagnosis, and mortality is higher than cancer.

– More and more Norwegians are diagnosed with heart failure. The problem is great and the problem is increasing, “says Lars Gullestad, professor of cardiology at Oslo University Hospital..

– The heart’s task is to pump blood around the body. When the heart is no longer able to pump around enough blood, we call it heart failure.

Cardiovascular disease in Norway

Cardiovascular disease includes several diseases. The most common are angina, myocardial infarction and stroke.

Not everyone who receives a heart attack experiences the typical chest pain. Many may have unspecific symptoms such as jaw and neck pain.

It is extremely important to recognize the signs of stroke. If a person has first been hit, it is essential that he or she get to a doctor quickly and receive treatment.

Widespread and fatal

About 2 percent of the population suffer from heart failure, which is equivalent to 100. 000 Norwegians.

– In total, 30 percent have died within one year after the first diagnosis, that is, the forecast is worse than the majority of cancer types, says Gullestad.

Mortality is determined by age, severity, and if you have other problems or diagnoses in the bottom.

– For some elderly people with diabetes or rheumatism, mortality is close to 50 percent over a year. At the same time, young people with good function can stop development and through proper medication and sensible lifestyle change in some cases actually reverse it, he says.

This you need to know about heart failure

Check if you have abnormal heartbeat

Many people have diabetes without knowing it. Some symptoms of diabetes appear early, but many suffer from multiple pains for a long time before diagnosing diabetes.

Two types of heart failure

Gold City divides heart failure into two different forms, acute and chronic heart failure.

The acute form usually occurs suddenly as an infarction or full cardiac arrest.

The chronic condition is gradually aching as a result of prolonged wear on the heart.

Treatment of heart failure

– In case of emergency, the person must be immediately taken to hospital. Here, life-saving measures are usually initiated with the supply of oxygen and necessary drugs, he explains..

– The treatment of chronic heart failure consists of a mixture of short-term medication, operative adjustments and long-term lifestyle change. If you have first diagnosed chronic heart failure, it is extremely important that it does not develop in a negative way, against an acute situation with cardiac arrest.

Take responsibility yourself


  • Two types: Acute heart failure and chronic heart failure. Acute can occur suddenly because the heart’s pumping power is temporarily reduced, for example due to an infarction or heart rate disorder. In a chronic condition, the pumping power remains reduced.
  • Causes: Heart attack, angina pectoris, high blood pressure, congenital heart failure, heartburn and alcoholism. All of these conditions alone or in combination may cause both acute and chronic heart failure.
  • Symptoms: Reduced performance, fatigue, heavy breathing, heart rate disturbance, bone swelling, fluid in the lungs, increased urination, chronic dry cough.
  • Treatment: Diuretic and blood pressure regulating medication, lifestyle change, and in some cases operative interventions, including installing different types of pacemakers.
  • Prevention: Increased exercise, dietary change, smoking cuts, moderate alcohol intake, avoid flu and other inflammations.

(Sources: Inger Elling, Head of LHL, and Lars Gullestad, Professor of Cardiology at OUS)

This you need to know about heart failure

Four Signs of Stroke

Gullstad describes heart failure as a huge medical problem, and a field where unnecessarily large resources are used.

– It is important that everyone takes greater responsibility for their own health. The health service can and will try to help those affected, but the responsibility lies with the individual. We can not live healthy for you. Too many come to us and expect the health service to take responsibility. We can try to treat acute cases, we can medicate chroniclers, we can advise and do training, but it’s everybody who has to do the job required for living healthy. There are no shortcuts in heart health, says Gullestad.

Concrete advice

Inger Elling is a nurse and head of department at the National Association for Cardiovascular Disorders.

– Heart failure is a very serious diagnosis and a large part of our work here in LHL agrees to inform both members and non-members about the dangers of this type of disease and, not least, how to prevent symptoms and problems worsens, she explains.

Elling has some concrete advice for people who have or are at risk of having acute or chronic heart failure.

Exercise and diet

– It’s important to keep your heart’s pumping power straight and exercise is the way to go, but it’s a good idea to start calm and do not overdo the first time, think about regularity before intensity, “she says..

Diet is also a key point when it’s going to keep heart problems at a distance.

– Reduce the intake of salt, the salt binds water into the body and increases odds for edema. In addition, it is recommended to eat small and frequent meals, as the digestion of large meals may be demanding for the heart.

Smoking still kills

– Smoking is harmful to a sick heart. The cigarettes damage your blood vessels, steal the oxygen from your heart and cause the blood to clump. The best thing you can do for your heart is to blow the smoke for good, Elling advises.

At the same time, you may want to go through your alcohol habits if you experience heart failure.

– You should be careful about excessive use of alcohol, which can further damage the muscle cells in your heart. Some patients have heart failure alone because of excessive alcohol consumption.

Six not dangerous

Elling rounds with something that might be experienced as a joy in an otherwise difficult time.

– It’s a myth that many heart patients die during sexual intercourse. You can have sex to the extent you have the power and desire. The heart does not work differently during sex than other forms of physical activity, she says.

This you need to know about heart failure

Finally, an advantage of being silly

However, I would certainly not recommend combining the use of potency with the use of prescription cardiac medicine.

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