This was how Anne Kristin got rid of 13 kosekilo

Anne Kristin had lost control of the kilos. Then she started slimming.

This was how Anne Kristin got rid of 13 kosekilo

This was how Anne Kristin got rid of 13 kosekilo

ON COURSE: When Anne Kristin saw the carrots around her stomach last year’s holiday pictures, she realized that it was time for a refresher course. Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen / HM Foto og Privat

– I would have been overweight and sick today without regular Grete Roede course, “says Anne Kristin Bø (56) from Oslo to the magazine Better Health.

When Anne Kristin saw the cars around her stomach last year’s holiday pictures, she realized that it was time for a refresher course. She was not so violently overweight, but the fainting weight was long gone.

Sofaliv and late winter nights without energy for regular exercise throughout a whole year, had a “return” of 10 fast pounds.

– Suddenly I weighed 76 kilos. Should I stop the development, I had to grab now before my job got worse, says Anne Kristin.

Know that course gives results

She knows she has the potential to get quite big: After smoking cuts 12 years ago, she was 87kg.

– I’ve been easy to get on since puberty. My comfort and advantage is that I know I can get rid of both sweets and other addictions by course. That’s how I became smoking and I’ve lost weight. The worst game is really before deciding to do something, the 56-year-old seems.

Better diet and daytime rhythm

Last autumn she started her third Roede course. An inspiring courseholder and good chemistry between the nine participants motivated to make the “homework” proper. Anne Kristin had to weigh and calorie calculate absolutely everything she should eat. The courseholder’s weight and measuring tape showed that she took the homework seriously.

– The course gave me both help with a more varied and correct compound diet and more structure of the day. Three-four main meals, two snack meals and one workout session every day. There were fewer late nights and more sleep, says Anne Kristin.

Others succeed with other methods of weight loss. Cathrine went down 20 kilos by eating ready food delivered to the door.

Anne Kristin about the process:

Did not finish me without: Professionally skilled and inspiring course holders, who can give me specific “homework” from time to time. That really motivates me.

Pluses: Better mood, much more energy, no sweetheart and no fear of trying room when I’m going to shop. It is also a good thing in my own feeling that I have control over my own health.

Challenges: I am very fond of wine, especially white wine, so that kosen has been a little hard to let go of.

My advice to others: Get help if you’re unable to change your lifestyle on your own.. It is not important what kind of course or help you end up with, just wake up before it’s too late.

Costs: Root Standard Course and Root Keeping Weight came to NOK 4780.

For Anne Kristin, the course led to the return of energy and old form of training. In winter she went on the Valdres march on ski (65 km) and the Holmenkollmarsen on foot (35 km).

Not done course

Every day she goes to work, half an hour each way. In addition, she practices strength training and conditioning as often as she can. Since the last course in spring, the weight has been more or less stable at 63 kilos. It is a BMI of 22.3 kilos. You can check your BMI on our BMI calculator here.

– I’m very happy, but the match is not over yet. That’s why I’ve signed up for a stabilization course, she says.

– I’m also keen that there may be more courses in the future if I should get on again. To me there is no defeat. I would probably have been a lot over 100 kilos today without these courses. I look at the course owners as useful healthcare professionals.

Health more important than kilo

Although Anne Kristin is looking forward to buying clothes in size 38 and 40 again, she is not what she thinks most about.

– The health benefits of losing weight are becoming increasingly important the older I get. The health bill we all get after the age of 60 depends entirely on what we have been doing in the years before. This is the one that motivates me most to keep eating healthy, “she says.

20 minute delay

The specialists agree that having a conscious relationship with the meal and food intake, as helped by Anne Kristin, is essential for success in weight loss.

Less than 13 kilos

Weight: From 76kg to 63kg

BMI: From 26.9 to 22.3

Did you know, for example, that it takes 20 minutes from taking the first snack for the hormones to alert your brain that you are satisfied?

Empty Fedon A. Lindberg is among those who believe this innate delay in signal traffic between bowel and brain is proof that we will spend time during meals.

Not least when we want to lose weight.

– If we eat too fast, we try to supply us both two and three times before the metthe hormones reach the brain. If you want to lose weight, you’re going to slow down, he says.

We are managed from outside

Our food intake is also governed by a number of other factors. For example, we eat more with other people than when we eat alone.

Sitting in front of the TV or concentrating on something other than the actual eating process also contributes to increased food intake.

This was how Anne Kristin got rid of 13 kosekilo

10 smart tips to keep weight

Hence the expert’s advice to focus on the meal:

– Consider eating when you eat!

Drop the jogging pants

One of those who know a lot about the psychological aspects of fatigue is the American professor of consumer behavior and matric psychology, Brian Wansink at Cornell University.

In the book Therefore, you eat more than you think, giving him a number of specific advice against unconscious overeating.

A couple of them should be quite simple to introduce right away:

This was how Anne Kristin got rid of 13 kosekilo

– You’re down two kilos a week

Select smaller plates, cups and glass to reduce the portion sizes.

And do not eat jogging pants with spacious knits in life. If you give your stomach expansion possibilities, take it longer for you to feel comfortable.

Went 20 kilos of food delivered to the door

Went 63 kg of personal trainer



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