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This milk type is best for you

Not everyone can drink cow’s milk.

This milk type is best for you

Nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen believes that there are few reasons to choose other forms of milk if you are not allergic or intolerant to cow’s milk.

However, for those who need it, there are luckily more options for milk, although not everyone is as healthy.

Good selection in the food store

– I am a sore supporter of cow’s milk and can not find many arguments against this milk type. Only allergy sufferers must stay away and use alternative milk types, while lactose intolerant can find smart cumin solutions, says Mathisen.

Today you will find both lactose-free and lactose-reduced cheese and milk in regular grocery stores.

– In addition, sour milk and solid white cheese are well tolerated by most lactose intolerant, she says.

Unique food item

– We get a rich interaction of nutrients in milk, and together they contribute to the milk being a very good and unique food for us, “says Mathisen..

It is especially protein quality and the content of calcium and iodine, which means she believes the other milk alternatives can never match the cow’s milk in nutritional sense.

Even for those who are going to build muscle, milk is better than protein powder.

– And when the other options do not improve with regard to the taste experience, baking qualities or responses, I’m back again that cow’s milk is the best, she says.

Soya against hot dogs

This milk type is best for you

This contains your favorite order

Also nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky thinks the cow’s milk is the most favorable choice for most, but she also sees that soy milk can be a good option for many.

Not just for those who are allergic to cow’s milk.

– Soya can have its benefits in menopause, so some women who struggle with hot dogs can experience improvement if they use soy milk in the diet. In addition, this can be a good choice for those who are vegans and do not use animal products, so I think it’s great that most shops now have a vegetarian option available, “she says..

Check the content

If you need or want to replace the cow’s milk with another form of milk, Arsky recommends that you look at the table of contents.

Then choose a milk enriched with calcium.

– Just remember that you do not get the same nutrients with these milk types as you get with cow’s milk. One must therefore make adjustments to the diet to get included in protein quality, B vitamins and iodine, “she says..

Good protein content

This milk type is best for you

Here’s your dinner in a few years

But what do the two nutritionists say are the best milk choices?

– I clearly mean that it is cow’s milk and I hold a button on extra light milk. In addition to its good qualities, it has also added vitamin D. On the other hand, if you have to choose something other than cow’s milk, I would recommend finding that milk that has a protein level that is as close as possible to the cow, and anyway enriched with both iodine and calcium, says Mathisen.

Expensive, but good

Arskys favorite among the cow’s milk is Tines Strength.

And even though the milk has a far stiffer price than the other cartons in the fridge.

– In particular, this is a good choice for those who do not use so much dairy products. It also feels fuller and is nice to mix with coffee. Among the vegetarian products, I think soy milk with added calcium must be the winner, she says.

Here are some of the different options:

Coconut Milk

Get allergic to coconut milk, but the milk has its limitations as it tastes very coconut. It is found with more or less fat.

Remember that coconut milk contains saturated fat, which you do not need more than the most necessary.

This milk type is best for you

THE WINNER MAKES THE ALTERNATIVE: According to the nutritionist, soy milk is a good alternative to milk. Especially if it is enriched with calcium. Photo: Illustration photo: Colorbox

Does not contain calcium.

This milk type is best for you

This gets dice 1

Used to:

With a taste of coconut, this milk is well suited for sauces, soups and casseroles. Or you roll out the water of the box, you can also whip cream or make desserts of it.

Soy milk

Good for cuminergic and lactose intolerant, but some are also allergic to soya. Enriched with calcium, and this is a good choice if you need soy milk.

Contains plant oestrogens, and women with hot flashes can get better with soy milk in the diet.

Good protein content.

Used to:

Tastes a bit sweeter than regular milk, but fits well for cereals, baking and other cooking.


Also good for those who do not tolerate normal cow’s milk but this is not added to calcium and is therefore not a good replacement.

Semi-protein content.

Used to:

Tastes a little less than cow’s milk and is thinner than soy milk, but works well for baking and cooking.

This milk type is best for you

You will not get healthier of organic food

Rice milk

Allergy-friendly milk. The milk is also found with added calcium, which is a good choice for kumelkallergikers.

By the way, less useful than for example soy milk.

Used to:

Thinner and paler milk. Can be used, for example, on cereals.

Almond milk

Almond milk is rich in calcium, but also very calorie. Suitable for those who do not tolerate cow’s milk.

Used to:

The milk has a little tame taste, but it fits well with pastries, soups and sauces.


This is the standard the others are replacing. Contains good with easily absorbed calcium, fine B vitamins, top quality healthy protein and iodine. Skim milk, Strength or extra light milk is preferable as they have little fat but a lot of nutrition. Extra light and Strength are enriched with vitamin D.

This milk type is best for you

Therefore, junk food is postponed the next day

Used to:

Good for drinks, for cereal, in baked goods and for cooking.

Sources: Natural Allergy. net and gunn helene arsky

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