This makes you wrong when you wash your hands

Common to forget the most important.

This makes you wrong when you wash your hands

There are many indications that your fingertips are bacterial bombs. If you only rub a little antibac in your palms before eating, you may be wondering yourself.

Dirty fingertips

It is said that biting nails is like licking the cabbage.

According to a study conducted by the University of Georgia, USA, around 90 percent of the bacteria on their hands are under their nails.

– It’s probably correct. There are many microorganisms underneath the nails, and the fingertips are the most polluted area, “says Senior Advisor Nina Kristine Sorknes at the Department of Infection Surveillance, the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) for this.

She refers to the “Consensus Summary” report from the World Health Organization (WHO), outlining how hand hygiene needs to be done to get effect.

– As stated in the report, fingertips are an important area during the procedure hand hygiene to achieve effect, regardless of method (hand wash or disinfection, red. note. ), says Sorknes.

– And your nails should be short to get clean all areas of your fingertips, regardless of method, she says.

In a summary of current research in the British Journal of Nursing (2007), you can read the following: “Most microbes on hand are found on and around the fingernails and long nails are bad”.

Short nails make it all easier

15 seconds disinfection

1. Wipe your hands with liquor until all hand’s surfaces are covered and rub your palms against each other.

2. Continue disinfection around fingertips and nails

3. . Then around the thumbs and between your fingers.

4. Rub left palm over right hand, then right palm over left hand

5. . and around both wrists. Continue to rub your hands until disinfection has dried in.

Use at least 3 ml of disinfectant, but always so much that all surfaces on your hands become moist. Rub the hand disinfectant until the skin becomes dry, at least 15 (preferably 30) seconds.

Source: Antibac AS

– It has to be said that there are few studies on this subject that have credible methodological quality, Mette Fagernes points out as a nurse and has taken a doctorate in hand hygiene and the use of jewelry.

The studies with a certain gravity have been conducted with different purposes, different methods, and different accuracy, and it is therefore difficult to make clear conclusions, according to Fagernes.

However, current international guidelines on hand hygiene find the evidence sufficient to say that healthcare professionals should have short nails, she says.

Infection Bodil Dyrstad at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, believes that the council with short-cut nails may be transferred to private individuals.

– Short-cut nails are a prerequisite for getting clean hands, for all. Long nails, whether they are own or artificial, are an obstacle to getting clean hands, says Dyrstad.

– In some situations, you should therefore not have long nails. This applies if, for example, you yourself have a chronic illness, have a disease in your family or care for babies or very young children, say the infectious warden.

– It’s also not good with dry tiled nails, dry nails and dry uhel skin. Bacteria thrive particularly well in wounds, scratches and cracks, and areas with eczema, says Ann Mari Dybdahl, Marketing Manager at Antibac AS.

Half Forget Thumb

Dybdahl can tell that on course for healthcare professionals in proper use of hand hygiene, with emphasis on alcohol, or disinfectant, the tendency is clear: about half make it wrong.

30 seconds wash

  • Rinse your hands well under running, temperate water.
  • Hands should be rubbed with soap.
  • Wash thoroughly, both in your palm, between your fingers and under your nails.
  • Use at least 30 seconds.
  • Rinse the soap with running hot water.
  • Wipe with paper towel.
  • The paper or elbow is used to shut off the water.
  • The hands can eventually be lubricated with a hand disinfectant.

Source: Food Safety Authority

– You forget the thumbs, fingertips and top of your hand and wrists, but are good at washing your palms, she says..

Right-handed is also the worst to wash the thumb on the left hand, and the opposite, according to Dybdahl.

The reason why it’s so is first and foremost that you use too little fluid so that you are damp on your hands for a short time to disinfect your entire hand before the liquid has evaporated. You should have enough fluid to dampen your hands for at least fifteen seconds, “Dybdhl says.

– There is a rule that is easy to deal with since the alcohol needs so long to remove 99.9 percent of the bacteria, she says.

A “rule of thumb”

– The 15-second rule is a good rule of thumb?

– Yes, even though we work the most with professionals, I think we should work to get better practices in the private as it is about fighting disease and infections. And the thumb, it’s beyond everything, she says.

This makes you wrong when you wash your hands

Here are the ten worst bacterial cells

– Hand hygiene is one of the most important measures for breaking pathways and preventing infections, especially in the health service and in society in general, says Nina Kristine Sorknes at the National Institute of Public Health..

It’s actually about saving lives, declares the International Campaign for the World Health Organization (2009), “Clean Care is Safer Care”.

– Older, sick or weak can get serious sick of simple things so it may be nice to think that this is not just yours but also the health of others.. Did you know that 80 per cent infection in hospital is transferred by hand? Properly done hand hygiene is an easy way to make sure not to get sick or to infect others if you are sick yourself, “Dybdahl says..

Two Methods

Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to hand hygiene in private is to wash hands when it’s going to be, according to contraceptive physician Bodil Dyrstad.

– For most children and adults at work and at home, you should wash your hands after every toilet visit when you come in after eating and cooking. And short-cut nails make it all the easier, says Dyrstad.

But even though the antibac has become trendy, soap and water are still excellent and necessary to stay clean on your hands. “.

This makes you wrong when you wash your hands

– Do not put frozen food on the grill

– Sometimes water and soap are not properly available, and it may be advisable to use hand disinfection. Assuming that you also clean your entire hand, underline the infection warden.

Soap and water inefficient if.

Dybdahl fully agrees with Dyrstad, but will nevertheless point out why you started using disinfection.

– Wash your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds to get your hands as clean as after 15 seconds of hand disinfection, but unfortunately most of your washbasins will disappear in 6-8 seconds (this is an average measured among the country’s health workers, ed. note. ), then rinse and dry. This is the reason why hand disinfection was introduced as a first choice in Health Norway. It goes much faster, it’s more efficient, more skin-friendly and easier to do “right,” Dybdahl says.

– While alcohol kills disease-causing microorganisms in 20-30 seconds, it takes significantly longer for a normal wash, 40-60 seconds, adds senior adviser Nina Kristine Sorknes at the Department of Infection Surveillance, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

– Remember that your hands must be visibly clean by hand disinfection. If your hands are dirty, only traditional washbasins are applicable, “Dybdahl says.

This makes you wrong when you wash your hands

Stringtrusa is a bacterial bomb

The effect of hand disinfection and hand washing is dependent on:

  • Use sufficient amount of disinfectant or soap
  • The disinfectant / soap is rubbed over all surfaces of the hands, especially the fingers
  • that enough time is spent
  • The hands are not re-contaminated during the hand hygiene procedure

Studies show that there are certain areas on the hands that often remain microbiologically contaminated after performing hand hygiene. This is especially true of fingertips, between the fingers, the thumbs and the handbag.

Source: National Hand Hygiene Supervisor (2005), National Institute of Public Health

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