This magnet helped Helene

After many attempts to get rid of the inflammation of the arms and neck, Helene had begun to lose faith that she could be well.

This magnet helped Helene

This is posturology

Posturology is the teaching of the position and movement of the body. The treatment concentrates on the muscles that help keep the body up and that are important to our posture. If these muscles are in imbalance, posturologists believe that vomiting and twitching may occur in the body, which in turn can cause severe pain in many different parts of the body, depending on what is wrong.

In the summer two years ago, Helene Margrethe Tufte, 24, finished nursing studies and went straight to work. She quickly realized that the job was heavy.

– I used heavy-duty machines to work with, and there were many guards with long-term static work, remembering the village girl, who eventually began to suffer from neck and arms.

– After a while, I had to stop performing some treatments because I had such severe pain. It was not fun.

– You would like to do a good job, says Helene.

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This magnet helped Helene

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This magnet helped Helene

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I was willing to try everything to get better

She also saw the pain privately.

Everyday pursuits, such as vacuuming and cleaning were more difficult, and carrying a handbag handbag could be really painful. Eventually, there were many visits to both physiotherapist and acupuncturer, but although the pain declined in periods, it had no convincing effect.

Helene became desperate, and in desperation she chose to try what is called posturology, although she was quite skeptical.

– I did not know what I went to and thought it sounded a little good alternatively, but I was willing to try everything to get better, says Helene.

She is very happy now. At the first meeting with postwriter Lisbeth Wang at Fysiomed in Oslo, she experienced this:

– In the mirror I clearly saw that my shoulders were crooked. Lisbeth taped a magnet at my tin and asked me to go a few steps before I looked in the mirror again. Amazingly, I immediately realized that the body had straightened up, and I felt that the tension in the body let go of the roof right away.

Magnet and soles

Who can be treated?

If the pain is caused by bias and asymmetry in the posturological system of the body, these ailments can be treated by posturology: sciatica, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pains, foot pain ankle, prolapse, scoliosis, lymph problems, muscle stiffness, headache and dizziness. Because the body must be fully developed, the patient must have passed puberty age.

– Helena’s posture, posture and eye muscular obstruction caused the body to be in imbalance. The joints were skewed and some of them suffered an abnormally high strain. The body therefore began to find alternative solutions that in the long run led to severe pain, explains the posturologist. The magnet Helene got attached to the tin is claimed to send signals to the muscles around the eyes to behave differently.

In order to change her position, she recommended special insoles. It did not take long before Helene began to feel better.

– I had the magnets for six days, then a day off, so six days left. The body had to take a break sometimes not to get used to it, “explains the nurse.

The first time she took off the magnet, the pain clearly came back. Today, a few months after the first meeting with Lisbeth, Helene can do most of her work as a nurse.

– There is very little I can not do, and although I have to follow Lisbeth’s treatment for a while, I feel well already now, says a happy Helene.

This magnet helped Helene

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This magnet helped Helene

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This is not a hocus pocus

– It is important to show that this is not a hocus pocus. It gives a quick sense of recovery, but like any other treatment this also takes time, “says Lisbeth.

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How to proceed:

  • First, an examination of the patient’s posture is performed. Is the body in balance, or does it have twists and turns?
  • Posturologist then evaluates jaw, pelvis, feet and eye muscles
  • The focus is on treating the cause and not the symptoms
  • – Most often, the pain is a symptom of a problem that is located somewhere else. If the muscles, whose task is to keep in balance, are in trouble, our attitude will change and we will get twists and turns. Some joints will get more strain than they should have, and so the pain is spreading around the body, explains postwriter Lisbeth Wang
  • When the problem is located, the patient is treated by using magnet, insoles and ear piercing, depending on where the problem is.
This magnet helped Helene

SENDER SIGNALS: A small magnet is attached with a patch close to the ear. It has helped Helene to recover. Photo: Synne Skråmm Bakker


The treatment costs approximately. 500 kroner for first consultation and then 350 kroner per. treatment hour (1-1½ hours). There is no list of where you will find posturologists in Norway. Consult your doctor.



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