This is the pH diet

Overweight, pain and disease can be overcome by the so-called pH diet. – Sludge, says nutritionist Vibeke Landaas.

This is the pH diet

How angry are you?

You can check your own pH by measuring the acidity of saliva or urine when you get up in the morning. Use lacquer paper that you can buy at the pharmacy.

  • But the safest method for finding out how angry you are is to take a blood test on an empty stomach at the doctor.
  • pH (of English: Potential of Hydrogen) is a measurement value that describes the relationship between acid and base in all substances.
  • The pH scale is 7 neutral (under 7 is acid and over 7 is basic). The pH scale is logarithmic, so 6 on the scale is 10 times as acidic as 7.
  • The blood is special because it requires 20 times as much base to balance any acidity.
  • The body should have a slightly varying pH: The blood has 7.365 (ideal), thus slightly basic. Colon, stomach and urine should be slightly sour while the small intestine should again be basic.
  • This chemical balance is sensitive to any impact, and the body is constantly working to maintain it. For example, the acidity of the stomach and colon is rapidly disturbed by acid-forming foods like sugar and too much protein.
  • When acid-forming food moves into the small intestine, it provides p. a. pancreas to add alkaline / alkaline substances (8.0-8.3) to increase the pH value.
  • But when this still becomes necessary, the systems are overloaded. The result is a series of processes that bind, transport and store acid surplus at a safe distance from the vital internal organs.

Source: Better Health

This should be avoided:

* Pork, like bacon, salami, sausages and ham.

* beef, lamb, chicken and turkey.

* Peanuts, corn and cashew nuts.

* Milk products like ice cream, milk and hard cheese.

* All kinds of sugar, including honey, maltose, sucrose (o. a. ) and a lot of salt.

* Tobacco and other products containing yeast.

* Hydrogenated oils, such as margarine and hardened fat (in foods).

* Alcohol, ketchup, vinegar, canned food, black tea and coffee.

(Sources: The Hippocrates Health Institute of Dr. R. Young)

13 tips for a more basic diet:

1. Start the day with lemon water: About half an hour before the first meal.

2. Drink “green drink”: Health food stores offer some different products – Udo’s Choice “Optigreen”, Pure Planet “Purely Greens”, “Scoop of Greens” and “Supergreens”.

3. Salads and vegetables: This is the core of the diet. Fruits like tomato, avocado, lemon, grapefruit, lime are also base in the body (and vegetables contain proteins!).

4. Grow Sprouts: Helios has small mini-dwellings that make this a game. Mung beans, alfalfa, soybeans and chickpeas are good to sprout (very nutritious and basic).

5. Green tea, herbal tea, lemon and green drink: A good replacement for coffee. Greet tea of ​​garlic and ginger tea. Mumps, bactericidal and, of course, basic.

6. Pork chop before meals: This means that the body does not form antibodies to the food (digestive leucocytosis).

7. Millet, buckwheat and spelled (look for real spell): These are the three cereal varieties that are most basic (neutral) and brown rice, qinoa and spelled grains are recommended (all grain should be freshest possible ).

8. Good oils: Olive, nightlight oil and marine fats. The clarified butter (ghee) is almost neutral. One can now take a test to check the need for Omega 3, which is interesting in arthritis. The test is available online, www. Bioindex. nine or through health care.

9. Drink at least three liters of liquid daily: But keep in mind that it’s harmful to drink more than one liter at a time. If you are sick, it may make sense to invest in a water purge filter.

10. Soy or almond milk: Can replace regular milk.

11. Oily fish, nuts, seeds and (fresh) tofu: Fish should be baked or drained in water as fried foods get more acidic. Almonds and hazelnuts are most basic (should preferably be soaked).

12. Stevia sweetener: Can be used if required, from natural remedies. com

13. Vegetarian protein sources: Here is recommended hemp, tofu, beans and lentils.

Sources: Better Health, The Hippocrates Health Institute and Dr. R. Young

The supporters of the pH diet claim that basic food and drink can cure everything from pain and inflammation to general fatigue.

Got more profit

– For a difference! The fatigue I had suffered for so long, sharply trembled by me. It was only when energy came back that I understood how tired I had been, “says Cato Andersen in the last issue of Better Health.

He is convinced that it is the pH diet that has enabled him to participate in hard cycling today at La Birken.

Others are more concerned with the supposed slimming effect of a more basic diet.

Herbal diet

Neutral pH has a value of 7. Lower pH on the acid-base scale means that it is acidic. Very much of what we usually get in us is more acidic than basic.

For example, soda and black tea have a pH of around 2.5. Coffee at around 4.

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– I took omega 3 supplements, turmeric for joints and ate a lot more vegetables and fish. Instead of coffee, I drank lemon water in the morning, says Cato Andersen about his costly renovation.

Many examples

The doctor Robert Young’s bee The pH miracle created new interest in the pH diet in Norway in 2004. The author claims that there is an acid balance in the body that is important if you want to lose weight – or prevent other health problems.

He refers to a number of examples of diseases that should be cured by the patients having switched to a more basic diet.

Basic Fluid and Vegetables

– I do not mind those who claim to eat only basic food. But most people need a lot more fluid and vegetables, which help the body to get rid of waste (acid surplus) and adds vital nutrients to the body, says biopath and nutritionist Helga Sigurdardottir for Better Health.

She even wiped with pain, inflammation and fatigue before turning to a more basic diet.

We are sure

“Forget the focus on cholesterol. Forget about counting calories and the number of grams of fat. Forget blood pressure, blood sugar and other health markers you know from the doctor’s office. It turns out that the individual measurement that has the greatest importance to health is the acidity of the blood and tissues, “writes Robert Young in the pH miracle.

The ideal is simple

If you achieve the optimal balance of 80/20 between base and oxygen, the result can be strong weight reduction, renewed stamina and iron health, according to Dr.. Young.

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The main thing is that the body does not tolerate oxygen imbalance for a long time. Then the blood begins to pull basic minerals out of the tissues as a counterweight. Muscle pain, headache, runny nose and eczema are reactions to an increasing amount of oxygen that is responsible for the immune system, says Young.

– Fool!

Like any wonder, the pH diet is too good to be true. The documentation of the alleged health effects is inadequate, and in my opinion this is just rubbish, “says clinical nutrition physiologist Vibeke Østberg Landaas to click. no.

– The body’s buffer system against sour food is more than good for eating chicken, for example, without having too low pH.

Risk of malnutrition

– Could there be a risk of malnutrition if you follow the pH diet to the point?

– Cutting down on alcohol and coffee is hardly harmful. It’s all the important sources of iron, protein, phosphorus and not least calcium that can be a challenge to replace, Landaas believes.

Disregards the pH diet

– Do you doubt the slimming effect of the pH diet?

– No, all elimination of basic food will seem weight-reducing. The pH diet works safely like that, too. But it involves a diet I would not recommend anyone, says the nutritionist.

Mushroom body

According to Robert Young, chronic disease symptoms will occur when all possibilities for neutralizing or removing acids are used up.

Acid tissue and blood are the perfect environment for mildew and yeast, which in turn forms the basis for a bloom of bacteria and viruses.

Cut the coffee

– In microscopes, I saw that I had quite a lot of fungi and waste in the body, says Cato Andersen, who goes on a variation of the pH diet.

– At the same time I measured the fatty acid balance in the cells. That’s why I agreed to try “greens”. Step two was to cut down the high consumption of coffee.

Soon, Cato drank around two liters of “green drink” daily, writes Better Health. After a few weeks he felt the skin and the digestion had improved and the pain in the body that he had worn for a long time had decreased. Following new recommendations, he gradually broke down on bread, pizza, coffee, pasta, rice, potatoes and alcohol.

– Based-based and nutritious food has given incredible results to my physical form, Cato Andersen declares against Better Health.

This is the pH diet

Food for the abdomen

This is the pH diet

These calories do you need

This is the pH diet

Go to Moss for a diet

Starting at ease

– We usually recommend that people start drinking more clean water, add powdered grass and possibly take basil supplements, says biopath Helga Sigurdardottir, a therapist at a private health clinic in Oslo.

More importantly, eating more vegetables and less healthy carbohydrates, she says.

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