This is like breast milk for the brain

Just a little chocolate bite, you think. However, before you have thought about, the entire bag is empty.

This is like breast milk for the brain

It’s seldom a problem to eat a minigulrot, a slice of cucumber or a salad leaf.

However, in terms of sweet, greasy and salty foods, the matter is different.

How hard is it to stop eating a chocolate bite or a potato chips?

Food similar to breast milk

The reason why certain foods are difficult to resist is that they have a composition similar to breast milk. Buttermilk contains 50 percent calories from fat, 42 percent from carbohydrates and eight percent from protein, says Fedon Lindberg.

He says that breast milk is the only natural, unprocessed food that has almost as many calories from carbohydrates and fat.

– Other foods are either protein- and fat-rich but low-carb or carbohydrate-rich, but fat and protein-low, he says.

Food that gives comfort

Foods that have about the same calorie content from carbohydrates as fat are called “comfort food”.

– We might translate it into the Norwegian word of hassle. The foods provide maximum secretion of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins in the brain, and we feel comfortable, “says Lindberg. .

This is why we like them so well and that’s why it’s so hard to stop once we’ve started eating.

Salt hurts worse

This is like breast milk for the brain

Therefore, you are hooked on garbage food

– When it comes to salt, it’s a flavor enhancer, and it’s most in combination with carbohydrates and fat, such as in chips, that salt hurts worse. To put it like that – a cucumber slice of salt is not as irresistible, he says.

Are you looking for a cosmopolitan diet that does not affect side effects, Lindberg recommends nuts.

– With moderation, that is, about a fist daily, they are very healthy. If they are toasted and salted, it may be harder to stop eating them, he says.

Eat them raw, then you can eat with a good conscience.

Saves for inferior times

– From purely theoretical thinking, I think flavors like salt, sugar and fat enhance the taste experience. Thus, the flavors stimulate parts of the brain that control hunger and appetite, “says nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen.

This is like breast milk for the brain

This smack can be avoided if you drink regularly

She believes that we want food full of energy, and not for example salad and cucumber, is also about an evolved custom “drive” to survive.

– We are prepared to eat when food is available and save for bad times. Stress also stimulates the need for such food because the stress prepares the body for escape and thus high energy consumption, she says.

Industry speculates addiction

It’s easier to get addicted to, or have a drink for what’s sweet, salt and fat, also confirming nutrition physiologist in Somebody Camilla Andersen.

And the industry knows to tap the right buttons by providing cominations that make us want more, she says..

She adds that the marketing means that we buy large amounts of such products for a cheap money, which means we eat it with a better conscience.

– When we get five large chocolate plates for 99 kroner, we see that we are making a bargain. Then we forget the health aspect and are pleased that we get the goods so cheap that we can eat chocolate and drink soda in our everyday lives, “she says..

This is like breast milk for the brain

Your evening hunger gets worse if you eat this

– We do not even decide

Andersen therefore believes that those who produce good things must take their part of the blame because we do not care about a little bit of chocolate.

– When I mention this to consumers, I often experience scratch criticism from people who say they will choose themselves and that, as a nutritionist, I will not come here and tell them what to do, “she says.

She is also not looking to do, but Andersen thinks it’s important for everyone to be aware that you do not actually choose yourself.

– We are simply ruled by shop psychology, mathematical formulas in relation to product content that gets us dependent and marketing that this takes the choices for us, she says.

Select Normal Size

And the addiction is nothing to bump off.

This is like breast milk for the brain

Simple tricks make you eat less

– Sugar is actually seven times more addictive than heroin. Do you eat and drink a lot of sugar in everyday life, and not least, give the children confectionery in uncritical quantities, making them both themselves and the children a powerful worship service, she says.

Andersen therefore does not see it’s a good idea to let the children choose the largest ice on the icecap.

– You are opposed to setting limits and saying that they must choose one of a more normal size, she says.

We’re committed to large portions

At the same time as new, large ice is produced, we are increasingly given the opportunity to choose large packs also by other sweet and fat things.

And these are usually offered at an economic price like the mentioned chocolate slabs.

However, it is rare that they last longer.

This is like breast milk for the brain

You get strong, slim and less hungry for food

– This size is something we’re familiar with. Our parents would like to share a bottle of two-decade with their siblings on Saturday night, but today we buy both half-lighter, big beers and big bottles whenever we want.

And we like to drink it as a dry drink.

– In my opinion, sugar cane is a pleasure drink, one should drink small amounts of a rare occasion. This is candy in liquid form, she says.

Eat natural sweets

According to Andersen, if you want to control the intake of sweets, you have to cut down on what you’d like to eat too much of.

This is required if you want to cushion sweets.

– It may also help to choose proper chocolate, ie dark or raw, where you actually get chocolate and not sugar with chocolate flavor. That’s what most chocolates really are, “she says.

This is like breast milk for the brain

There are two reasons why you are sick of eating candy

She also recommends to chop in natural sweets like strawberries and nuts with honey.

– And enjoy real food. Make a delicious salad and know how the body just digs you because you give it something it needs. When the body becomes happy you will be happy too, she says.

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She also feels it is okay to allow something sweet sometimes, but think that the amount and how often the goodies are to be taken into account.

– Candy should not be eaten several times a week. If you make it happen sometimes, it’s also more stasis and food than if you eat it all the time. There is no unhealthy food, there are only unhealthy amounts, she says.

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