This gives you bladder catarrh

It does not make for tight pants or lying in bed after six either.

This gives you bladder catarrh

The Swedish general doctor Malin André spoke just about cystitis at a doctors seminar in Älvsjö, Sweden, and stripped away many of the myths surrounding the disease. She said, among other things, that you do not get cataracts freezing or getting cold down.

– And you do not have to get up and talk for intercourse, you can safely stay, “said General André, who comes from the Swedish city of Falun. In Norway, as many as 10 percent of all adult women and one percent of men have been diagnosed with a doctor, over a year, Helsenett writes.

Incorrect myths

General Andre says she has gone through the scientific basis of many myths surrounding bladder catarrhal and found that very few of them are correct. Contrary to what many believe, neither vitamin C nor cranberry juice has any proven effect against the disease, writes Aftonbladet. Click’s nutritionist disagrees.

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– Cranberries contain a type of flavonoids (proantocyanidins) that ensure that the bacteria fail to stick on the inside of the bladder. However, we do not know how much cranberry is needed and how long to take it. Also, what kind of cranberry should be consumed, says nutrition biologist Lise von Krogh.

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E. Coli, sex and heritage

The Swedish general practitioner believes that inheritance, the use of pessaries with spermicidal agents and having sex in general are things that increase the chance of having cystitis. André emphasized that treatment with cystitis with antibiotics should not be treated, as one third of those diagnosed will recover themselves within a week.

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– If you have major ailments associated with the infection and will get rid of it sooner, you can take medicine. But it’s not necessary, it’s important to know as antibiotic resistance increases, she said.

The medical term on bladder catarrhal is cystitis and is usually caused by bacteria that, in most cases, originate from the intestine, E. coli bacteria.

Bladder catarrh is usually caused either by infection or at the end of the bladder. The condition is much more frequent in women than in men, writes

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