This gives you a better menopause

Transition or death? Some women hardly notice that they are in menopause, while others may have major ailments.

This gives you a better menopause

What is menopause?

– Menopause, or menopause, is the period of a woman’s life as she goes from fertile to non-fertile age.

– Women are born with a certain number of immature eggs in the ovaries, and each month, a certain amount of them mature and consumed. This leads to ovulation and menstrual periods.

– What happens in your body when you get into menopause is that the ovaries lose the ability to “do their job”. The production of sex hormones is also reduced.

– This happens gradually and can cause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, bad sleep and more. The menstrual period becomes more irregular before it eventually ends completely.

– 51 years is the average age for menopause, but in some cases it happens earlier – in some cases many years earlier. The most common reasons are:

Operation: For example, removal of the ovaries.

Hereditary dispositions: When did your mother go to menopause?

Smoking: A recent survey from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the University of Oslo shows that smokers have 50 percent increased chance of getting menopause before the age of 45.

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Hetetokter affects eight out of ten women. But there is help getting!

– Menopause is the last while, but the period in life where you notice these changes lasts from 3-7 years, sometimes even longer, says gynecologist Åsle-Marit Ullern.

– Women are born with all the eggs we need, and from puberty we consume the account we have in the ovaries. When the eggs are exhausted and the account is empty, we go through menopause, she explains.

Menopause can begin even in the 30’s. Suddenly you get boiling hot, the sweat flows. Soon after you feel cold.

It can happen both day and night. It’s not just body temperature that can swing; The mood also goes up and down like a roller coaster.

Estrogen exposes the problems

The list of ailments you can get in menopause is long and varied. Most women are bothering for two to three years, but some struggle with them life out.

– The only thing that really helps with hot flashes is estrogen, but it is a postponement of the problem. When ending estrogen, the hot spots usually return. For some, however, this may be the solution for a period, says Associate Professor Mette Haase Moen, Dr. with. and general practitioner at the Women’s Clinic at St Olavs Hospital in Trondheim.

There are far fewer women who use hormone preparations for transitional complaints than in previous years because research has shown correlation between hormone supplements and multiple diseases, such as breast cancer.

This applies primarily to women over 50 years of age who use hormone treatment for more than 4-5 years.

Younger women who use hormone treatment early in menopause do not have this risk.

Two hormones

It is especially the combination of estrogen and gestagen (a synthetic sex hormone) that increases the risk of breast cancer.

So one might have thought the problem was solved if only used estrogen. However, estrogen given alone increases the risk of bleeding and cancer of the uterus. Combination with the hormone progestogen does not give this risk.

In the case of cardiovascular disease, it is also – like breast cancer – a difference between younger and older women.

Estrogen therapy may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women who start with such treatment after they have completed 60 years. For those who are particularly young, or in the mean age (51-52 years), the same treatment will probably work protective.

Hormone treatment can also increase the risk of thrombosis, stroke and bile duct disorders.

Men also experience hormonal changes throughout their lives. Perhaps it’s not right to talk about a male menopause, but hormone production at least explains why men’s body odor changes over the years, and older men smell sweet.

Well prepared

– You prepare the best for menopause by basically being in good physical and mental health. That is, in good physical form and good weight control, but also a stress level that is either reduced than increased during this period, “says Ullern.

– Talk to Mom and Sisters, as time and ailments of menopause are inherited. Be aware of other hereditary diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes which usually occur after menopause and which can largely be prevented.

Fortunately, there are many offers in the field of school medicine and alternative medicine that can help you in this period of life.

Here are some of the things you can choose from:

School Solutions

This gives you a better menopause

– Get away from menopause

This gives you a better menopause

– You inherit your mother’s body

Early in menopause

One type of preparation works in the way that you still want menstruation every month, even if you have actually stopped menstruating naturally.

These preparations are usually used the first year after the menstrual period has stopped.

The preparations contain estrogen for the entire period, and gestagen for 10-12 days, which causes the menstruation to continue.

Examples: Novofem, Tris sequence, Sequidot.

Later in menopause

If more than one year has elapsed since menstruation ceased, you can use formulations with a constant hormone combination that do not vary throughout a menstrual cycle.

These also contain both estrogen and gestagen.

A common side effect is irregular bleeding in the first few months, but eventually most menstruation completely loses.

Examples: Activelle, Eviana, Estalis, Indivina and Livial.

Local Preparations

Local treatment in the form of creams and suppositories to the mucous membranes of the abdomen can be used by almost all women. These counteract soreness and dryness in the abdomen, and can also prevent bladder catarrh.

Ovesterin suppository or cream is non-prescription, while Vagifem (small vaginal tablet) and Estring (plastic ring that can lie in the vagina for three months) are on prescription.

There are also special moisturizers and slides without estrogen.

These can be purchased free of charge at the pharmacy. (Source: Nhi. dk)

Just Estrogen

If you have removed your uterus or use a hormone helix containing the gestagen, you may use a preparation that contains only estrogen. This type counteracts hot flashes and changes in the skeleton.

You can take it as tablets or patches.

Examples: Estradot, Evorel, Progynova.

Just gestagen

These are in tablet form and are used to control irregular bleeding, which is common at the beginning of menopause. A hormone spiral can reduce the amount of bleeding and also be an effective contraceptive.

Examples: Provera tablets and Mirena spiral.

Alternative treatments

This gives you a better menopause

BREAKING HYPHEN (8209) HOTS: The only thing that really helps with hot flashes is estrogen, but it is a postponement of the problem. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Gynecologist Mette Haase Moen has done a study that showed that more than 40 percent of Norwegian women have tried alternative treatment and that the effect is varying.

This gives you a better menopause

Menopause can come earlier than you think

This gives you a better menopause

Everything you do not dare to ask your doctor about

For some, acupuncture and relaxation can have a positive effect, she believes.

– Acupuncture can help, as a major survey from the University of Tromsø has shown.

Relaxation and yoga can also reduce the extent of hot flashes.

If soya works, it’s very individual, but in general, no intake of soya has a significant effect, says Haase Moen.

Natural Products

There are many products that will help naturally. They are based on different active substances.

Here’s a small selection of everything you can buy on healthcare or online:

Super Soy, Menoflora, Chello Forte and Femarelle are based on soya.

Estrogain contains extracts of red clover and soya beans.

Femal Balance contains pollen, but should be used by pollen allergists.

Chello is based on Don Quai (Chinese female), but also contains red clover, which will affect menopause in menopause.

Golden Lady is based on the ancient Indian health system ayurveda. Contains Indian asparagus, which is said to cool down the body.

Membris contains extract from cranberry, containing fatty acids with a potent effect on dry mucous membranes.

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Asian women are less than Western of menopause problems. One theory is that this can have with the diet to do: they eat a lot of soy products. Many of the health food products against menopause disorders are based on soya.

Soy milk, soybeans, tofu and miso are soy products that are bought on health food or in immigrant stores.

This gives you a better menopause

How to find your biological age

(Sources: health food information. no, prgmea. com)

Natural progesterone cream

An American doctor, Dr. John R. Lee, 50 years ago, introduced the theory that women in menopause can have too much estrogen compared to the second sex hormone, progesterone. He has written several books on the subject.

According to dr. Lee should add to the body more progesterone, in natural form. This can be done in the form of a skin cream. The effect should come after a few weeks of use.

Natpro and Progesta Care are two types of natural progesterone cream.

The cream can be bought online, or made at the pharmacy, by prescription.

However, not all doctors want to print such a prescription.

(Sources: Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, Universal Health Products. no)

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