This food may be fatal

Simple dietary changes can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease dying.

This food may be fatal

High blood pressure requires many lives every year, and bad lifestyle may take much of the blame. We eat unhealthy and move too little, and if you smoke in addition, the danger of high blood pressure is even greater.

– Blood pressure is getting more and today it is the major cause of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The use of blood pressure medications has been quadrupled in the period between 1975 and 2010, and we are now approaching a million Norwegians on such medication, says the general practitioner and author of the book “Food and More” Berit Nordstrand.

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Requires life

– High blood pressure is one of the lifestyle factors that requires most lives in the world today. A high blood pressure gives the heart an unwanted high workload as it needs to work with greater power to manage to pump the blood around, says nutritionist in women’s training. no and Thema Nutrition Therese F. Mathisen.

Heart failure will be the consequence when the heart eventually gives up and although inheritance and stress are also important risk factors here, it is actually a part you can do to prevent blood pressure rising.

Be aware that the symptoms of myocardial infarction can be different and difficult to interpret. That’s how you know you have a heart attack.

All Monner Goes

Food that keeps blood pressure stable

Potassium: Do you get from tomatoes, legumes and green leafy vegetables. Try to include the tomato in several meals a day. Cherry tomatoes in the lunch box, tomato slices on the bread, baked tomatoes and tomato salads are good suggestions. Also replace white rice with kidney beans, lentils or marinated chickpeas. Make hummus as an order for the bread slice and dip for the vegetables. Eat otherwise more cabbage and spinach.

Calcium: Do you get from dairy products, green vegetables and chopped sesame seeds. Rip hard cheeses on both cold and hot dishes. Eat more broccoli, cabbage and spinach.

Magnesium: You get from kale, spinach, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, black beans and dark chocolate. Grind sesame seeds and sprinkle them over hot and cold dishes. Make green smoothies with both kale, spinach and cashew nuts.

Unsaturated plant grease: You get from extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds. Make an olive oil vinegar for the salad, make guacamole and avocado soup into vegetable bars and as a side dish for dinner dishes of both meat and fish. Chop walnuts and sprinkle over baked vegetables together with grated parmesan. Have flaxseed oil in smoothies.

Unsaturated fish fat: Do you get from fatty fish like sardines, herring and salmon. Eat fatty fish 2-3 times a week – preferably both as order, lunch and dinner. Add supplements of fix oil such as tran.

Source: “Food and More” by Chief Berit Nordstrand

Even small changes in blood pressure can have health gains, so all monks go. Both smoking cessation, physical activity and dietary measures are a clear push in the right direction.

– If you have high blood pressure, it is helpful in blood pressure-friendly food. This is food that causes blood vessels to relax, says Nordstrand.

A low blood pressure change of 5 mmHg in suppression can actually reduce the risk of stroke by about 30 percent.

– And then it’s great that there are beautiful ingredients we can include in the everyday food, which can contribute to such a blood pressure reduction, she says.

Remember that too diffuse ailments can indicate that you have heart disease.

Drop the salt

While some nutrients give increased blood pressure, there are others who give lower. Salt, or sodium, is an example of a food you should be careful about.

– Sodium gives an increased level of fluid in the bloodstream and this increases the load on the heart. Therefore, foods rich in salt will be associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure. Take care of finished products such as breads, finishes, soups and other posemats as well as hermetic food. Do not forget about salt that appears added or natural in meat and seafood, “says Mathisen.

Berit Nordstrand recommends that you pour the food more fresh herbs and exciting spices.

However, there is only one of at least 20 ways you can cut the salt intake.

Eat vegetables

Instead of salting your food, you should therefore focus on getting you so-called anti salt. These are minerals that act the opposite of sodium.

– Potassium is one of the most important here. This is abundant in vegetables, and it also turns out that vegetarians and vegans have a significantly lower blood pressure and lower incidence of lifestyle illnesses than all-people, says Mathisen.

Vegetables also contain nitrates that make nitrogen monoxide in our blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to relax, thus decreasing blood pressure.

– Typical foods rich in nitrates are spinach, ruccola, celery and beetroot, she says.

Quick effect

In other words, choosing food has a lot to say about your blood pressure.

Food that reduces blood pressure

  • Coal salt – be aware of the salt content in the final food
  • Processed foods such as sausages, meat dough and bacon
  • Omega 6-rich oils such as soybean oil, sunflower oil and corn oil

Source: Senior doctor Berit Nordstrand

Food that reduces other risk factors for cardiovascular disease

  • Fiber rich foods from whole grains, nuts, seeds and fiber rich vegetables. Try to get you 25-35 grams of fiber each day
  • Berries, fruits and vegetables in all colors of the rainbow
  • Anti-inflammatory food

Source: Senior doctor Berit Nordstrand

– Both can prevent the development of high blood pressure and help reduce already high blood pressure with smart food choices. With small daily meals, you can achieve significant reduction in blood pressure and risk of both cardiovascular disease and stroke, “says Nordstrand..

The effect comes according to superior quickly. Already after a few weeks of blood pressure-friendly diet, you will see positive changes when you check with your doctor.

– And if blood pressure can not be fully treated with diet, it is also great to reduce drug use with the most delicious dishes. Also remember that physical activity and a light weight reduction are a great contribution to a healthier blood pressure, Nordstrand adds to.

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