This doctor should you choose

The surgeon will often do the same benefits as the doctor.

This doctor should you choose

– Many of the questions you want to ask the doctor are simple and easy to solve by phone or network, and then it is advantageous to contact a network doctor. This is effective for both patient and physician. There may also be topics that you do not want to address with your family gene, “says general practitioner Dagfinn Aarskog, who works for the Expert Assistance Advisory Service.. no.

It’s not everyone who has a GP they are happy with. But it’s easy to change your GP.

General Kjell Vaage, who answers questions from the health service Doktor Online, agrees.

– You can reach your web browser whenever you want, and the patient can spend all the time you want to formulate questions that they normally never get conveyed to a doctor’s office. Also, the doctors get better time and can provide more fulfilling counseling than they do on a busy day’s day, “he says..

Has limitations

Sometimes you should go to the doctor, and vice president of the Medical Association and leader of the general public body, Trond Egil Hansen, believes it is important to be aware of the limitations of the network.

– An important difference between your GP and your network doctor is that your GP knows you. He or she may consider you individually, for example, by seeing new ailments in connection with your overall situation and any previous health problems, “he says..

General Advice Only

Web consultation is fine when you:

– Has general ailments

– Want to discuss a problem with a doctor

– Have questions you feel as embarrassing

– Has simple ailments and does not want to spend much time traveling to the doctor and doctor

– Want a “second opinion”.

– A random online doctor can only provide completely general health advice. If you tell about possible signs of illness, therefore, almost always the advice of the network doctor must be to seek out the doctor, “he says..

He says that it is now working to get the opportunity for e-consultation with the GP through secure electronic communication.

– This will almost always be a better deal than sending a question to a random online doctor, says Hansen.

Less sure rating

This doctor should you choose

LEGETIME ON NET: Do you have simple questions you want to ask your doctor, a webmaster can often do the same thing as another doctor. Photo: Illustration photo: Colorbox

– There is a lot of clinical judgment in the doctor’s daily work. Then it’s the physician’s experience and the sum of all the findings and impressions that the doctor receives during the consultation, which results in diagnosis or professional assessment, “says Aarskog..

Visitor visits are best when you:

– Want individual assessment

– Has a plagiarism that should be seen in connection with previous health issues and your overall situation

– Want to be face to face with the doctor

– You need to conduct surveys

– You need treatment by your doctor

This doctor should you choose

Therefore, morning bread is so important

Over the phone or web, the impressions are more limited and the assessment can therefore be more uncertain or difficult.

In some cases, he also believes that the patient will benefit from the opportunity to have a complete examination and assessment.

Other times, more urgent help is needed, and you should call 113.

Saves time

At the same time, he believes that there are many assessments that are made as well by the web doctor as by the GP.

Also, the patient does not need to book an hour, travel, wait and meet a physician personally.

– Each patient decides what they want to do with the webmaster. In fact, all questions can be asked over the web, and a good doctor knows the limitations that such consultation gives, “he said..

He tells me that he, as a webmaster, gets the most questions. Only a few of the inquiries are about intimate things, the webmaster is obviously chosen to get answers without having to meet the doctor personally..

More power to the patient

Vaage at Doktor Online has experience that patients on the web use him to get a “second opinion”.

– The ability to question online gives the patient more power. Patients are allowed to take part in, and increase their own illness, “he says.

This doctor should you choose

The tongue reveals your health

He believes that for men in particular, low-threshold offers may be of vital importance.

In addition, they get the “stupid, simple, flau and difficult” questions we worry about mentioning, but who worry, a safe place, he says about online medical attention.

Help on the road

When more complex conditions are discussed with the network doctor, the doctor may not be able to conclude.

Nevertheless, the patient has hopefully come one step closer to a solution because the problem has been looked upon with new eyes.

– Maybe, as a doctor, you can come up with new assessments that help him or her to move on in the process, “says Aarskog..

No research

The advantage of online doctor is that you can get answers to general health issues from your own computer, says Hansen.

The downside thinks he is that you do not get an individual assessment and lose the face-to-face communication you get at the office of the GP.

It is also not possible to conduct clinical investigations and take treatment, he says.

This doctor should you choose

You can be seriously ill without knowing it

Fewest Referred

– When it comes to the GP, he or she can be contacted for all health related issues – whether it concerns mental and physical ailments. The GP will then assess what the person can handle and what may be referred to in the health service, “Hansen says..

He says that only about 10 percent of patients are referred further from the GP, while 90 percent of the issues are being taken care of by the GP himself.

– The fact that patients have a regular doctor means there is always someone to follow up on our advice, “says Vaage at Doktor Online..

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