This cigarette is electronic

The cigarette company claims that the e-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes. The World Health Organization is skeptical.

This cigarette is electronic

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This cigarette is electronic

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This cigarette is electronic

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This cigarette is electronic

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This cigarette is electronic

Smoking increases dementia risk

E-cigarettes have become popular, and Electronic Cigarette Company, one of the companies selling cigarettes, advertises that you can get rid of regular smoke using the e-cigarettes.

Sold online

When you blow out the smoke from the e-cigarette, exhale nicotine vapor and not tobacco smoke.

Cigarettes are sold primarily over the internet, and many are willing to spend money on e-cigarettes because it has become stricter with smoking in public places than before.

– Smoke at restaurant

The e-cigarette can be smoked at restaurants and pubs where the smoking act applies, the company writes on its websites.

– Demand is huge, claims Jason Cropper in the Electronic Cigarette Company.

Senator Frank Lautenberg is working to get the e-cigarette banned in the United States, but the company that sells the recycle claims it’s a healthier alternative to regular tobacco.


Timothy O’Leary in the World Health Organization is skeptical.

The problem is that we do not know what effect they have on their health because they have not been researched, says O’Leary.

Door of smoke

Jason Cropper does not understand why to prohibit e-cigarettes, while still allowing the sale of regular cigarettes.

– We know that regular cigarettes have a lot of hazardous chemicals, “says Cropper.

Every year, five and a half million people die as a result of tobacco smoking.

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