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This can help if you’re hurting your head

“Much stress gives you more headaches,” says researcher.

This can help if you're hurting your head

Researchers recommend those who suffer from headaches to begin breathing exercises.

Have you ever known that the headache is creeping during periods of stress? A new study clearly shows the connection between a lot of stress and more often a headache.

The results show that high stress levels are a problem for anyone suffering from headaches, and the findings emphasize the importance of stress management techniques for people with migraines, as well as those who treat them, “says Dr. Dr.. Sarah. Schramm, at the University Hospital at University Duisburg-Essen in Germany.

According to Danish researchers, there are two reasons why we get sick after a period of stress. One reason is that stress hormones get our immune system to work more efficiently, for a shorter period. When the stress so lets go, we may feel sick if we already have viruses in the body.

1 of 3 with tension headache

The researchers in the German study followed 5159 people aged 21-71 years in a two-year period. Four times a year, participants were asked about the stress level and the frequency of headaches.

A little less than 1 in 3 of the participants indicated that they had a tension headache. These people scored an average of 52 on a stress scale of a total of 100 points – where 100 are the highest level of stress. The headache lasted 2.2 days a month.

Tension headache, also called tension headache or stress headache, is the most common form of headache and is characterized as mild to moderate pain that is evenly squeezing or depressing. Usually it is felt on both sides of the head, in the forehead, in the tines or in the neck.

It is assumed that 8 out of 10 Norwegians will experience thrombosis pains once or more during their life, according to Norway’s Migraine Association.

If you feel bad in your head but do not know what it is, you should first contact your doctor to investigate the pain.

14 percent with migraine

This can help if you're hurting your head

The reason you’re having a headache

In the German study, people treated with migraines were not as common: only 14 percent of the participants had migraines.

This type of headache is of a more pulsating nature and can range from moderate to severe pain. Some become nausea and noise and light shadows. The group of migraine complaints reported that they had a headache on average 4.5 days a month and they scored 62 points on the stress scale.

Only 11 percent had both migraines and tension headaches, which lasted 3.6 days a month. These scored 59 on the stress scale.

Recommend breathing exercises against stress headaches

Researcher Sara H. Schramm explains that the findings reinforce the understanding that stress can be one factor that causes headache disorders to occur. Stress can also accelerate the development of chronic headache and enhance headache attacks. Even the headache itself can increase the stress level.

This can help if you're hurting your head

PUSTEEKSPERT: Anette Aarsland Photo: Private

With proper breathing technique, this happens in the body

  • Stress level decreases
  • You prevent muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, jaw and chest
  • Oxygen absorption is increased
  • Concentration gets better
  • Blood pressure decreases

(Source: Anette Aarsland)

This can help if you're hurting your head

Therefore women are shouting

This can help if you're hurting your head

See what your headache means

The researcher recommends those who suffer from headaches to learn stress management techniques, such as breathing exercises.

Does not breathe properly

– Stress-related headache is absolutely something that can be removed or relieved with deep and proper breath. I’ve seen several examples, says breathing expert Anette Aarsland.

According to Aarsland, stress is the main cause of a superficial breathing pattern, which in turn can lead to tight muscles and tension.

– Many breathe at the top of the chest without breathing properly into the lungs. This can lead to tense chest muscles and shoulders, which in turn propagate between the shoulder blades and can cause neck pain and headaches, “says Aarsland, a respiratory specialist in breathing technology. no and educated vocal teacher.


Breathing properly can provide more health benefits, such as reduced stress levels, muscle tension prevention, increased oxygen uptake, lower blood pressure and better concentration. A proper breath is calm and fills the entire lungs with oxygen.

– It’s physically impossible to stress while breathing deeply and calmly. It is natural to believe that proper breathing techniques can prevent disease when we know that a large proportion of disorders today are stress related.

Proper breathing technology helps with stress headaches

In case of superficial breath, the lower part of the lungs can stiffen. But the breathing muscles can be exercised. If you exercise to breathe all the way into your stomach a few minutes each day, you will soon notice difference, according to Aarsland.

– For example, you can hold one hand on the chest and one at the navel. Breathe slowly through your mouth with an sss sound. Know that the stomach is emptied of air. Close the mouth and feel that the air enters itself through the nose as you relax in your stomach. In the beginning it may be easier to make this lying.

Aarsland emphasizes that it is important to calm down the body regularly. The expert recommends setting one minute per hour for proper breathing technique.

Here are the danger signals

This can help if you're hurting your head

You can have kiss sickness without knowing it

If you have been stressed for a long time, you should take it seriously. Prolonged stress can be dangerous for health and are characterized by these symptoms:

* Physical ailments like headache, tension in the body and bad neck and back.

* That you feel very tired.

* You struggle to relax. Normal rest does not provide enough restitution.

* Concentration problems and poorer memory.

* Sleep Disorder.

* The feeling that you struggle to master everyday life or work.

* The existence is more and more gray, with few rewards and bright spots.

What is the stress source?

– When everything picks up and you feel unable to cope with stress, you need to grasp the situation. In some cases you should contact a psychologist, coach or other outside help, “says Professor and Stress Berge Matthiesen, Stig Berge Matthiesen at the Norwegian School of Business Management in Bergen.

The first step in stress management is to find out why you are stressed.

This can help if you're hurting your head

PUSTE TECHNOLOGY: Stress headache is something that can be removed or relieved with deep and proper breath. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstock

– What is the stress source? Check for one or more reasons. Is there anything you can do to reduce stress? Here you can pay attention to whether you have the opportunity to prioritize your time differently, ask for help from family and friends when you need it and perhaps adjust the requirements you have for yourself, advises Matthiesen.

This can help if you're hurting your head

How to live best with migraines

Can you bring in some more bright spots in life, do cool things, have some time with friends, this can also make you feel less stressed.

Know your own pattern

Fun breathing, meditation and other relaxation techniques can also be beneficial for those who struggle with stress, says the stress expert, adding that healthy living habits like physical activity, enough sleep and nutritious food are also important in preventing negative stress.

– Sometimes it can be your own way of life that creates stress. Bad planning, little organization and always exposing tasks to the last minute can be bad habits that make you more stressed. The solution may be to try to adjust your own behavior so that you avoid the situations you know leads to a high level of stress, says Matthiesen.


This is a simple breathing exercise you can do at work:

* Its straight and upright at the back of the chair. Imagine that there is a string from the tailbone, up the spine and to the top of the head.

* Put a hand on your stomach and feel it enters as you exhale through your open mouth.

This can help if you're hurting your head

Ten indicates you are highly sensitive

* Breathe through the nose and feel that many go out while your chest is calm.

* Everything should be done calmly. Repeat 5-6 times.

Source: Anette Aarsland

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