Thickness of juice and soda

What you drink can be crucial both for weight and for if you meet your nutritional needs. Here are some tips for smart choices in everyday life.

Thickness of juice and soda

Thickness of juice and soda

Hidden Sugar Bombs

Thickness of juice and soda

Measure with straight fat

What are you drinking?

There is a lot of food in good drink called it, whether it be beer, soda, juice or other energy-rich drinks.

A pint of juice or soda, for example, contains 200 kcal, enough to increase eight to ten kilograms in a year, if you enter this as a fixed part of the menu, of course, provided you do not cut at the same time down on something else in the diet.

It is therefore advisable to choose drinks with care. Beverages that only provide sugar and other useful things should be careful, especially if you want to lose weight or avoid losing weight.

Everything must not be water

That said, it’s not the only salivating drink that is water! Even though the water is a winner among dry peasants, there is also room for something else in everyday life.

The point is just that what you drink, which is not water, should contribute something useful, like vitamins, minerals or antioxidants.

Skinny milk and juice

Thickness of juice and soda

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and it is allowed to drink normal amounts as long as you do not have sugar and cream. Photo: Crestock / Tracy Fowler

A few glasses of skinny milk are just such an example. You choose whether it should be in coffee latte, over the cereal or in the glass. This is a drink that is very rich in calcium, phosphate and a variety of other nutrients, while contributing very little energy. A much smarter choice than cheese and yoghurt.

In addition, you may want to add a glass of juice a day, and make it one of the two recommended daily fruit portions. Also choose a little clever – some juices bring lots of antioxidants and vitamins, while others contain almost only sugar. Good choices are berry juice, grape juice and orange juice.

How much should you drink?

Every day your body needs fluid. Recommended intake is approximately 1 ml per kcal you eat. This means that women need about 2-2.5 liters of fluid a day while men need about 0.5 liters more.

Fortunately, you do not have to drink all this. The food contributes about 1 liter, and the body produces some water itself. In total, drink 0.8-1.3 liters per day in pure liquid.

This corresponds to five to nine cups or small glasses a day. With a few glasses of skinny milk and a glass of juice you have already reached three of these. The rest is filled with water, tea or coffee.

Coffee is OK

Both tea and coffee contribute positively to the fluid balance, despite the fact that caffeine is mildly dehydrating. The reason is that it follows liquid with the caffeine, so that the total contribution to the fluid balance becomes positive.

In addition, both drinks are rich in antioxidants and have not shown other adverse effects on normal intake as long as you do not have sugar and cream.

It is also advisable to choose filter coffee rather than cookware and espresso. The latter two contain fatty substances (diterps) that can cause your cholesterol to fade in the weather.

Daily and espresso for a party is therefore a good rule, at least for those who struggle with high cholesterol.


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