These have died to death

The expression “to die to death” is not just a matter of duty. Because it’s not that laughter is always the best medicine.

These have died to death

These have died to death

LATTER FORSKER: Sven Svebak is one of the very few who researches laughter in Norway. Photo: NTNU

Throughout history, more people have lost their lives alone because they have had it too much fun.

Hard on body

Norway’s premier researcher is Sven Svebak and is employed at the Department of Neurochemistry at NTNU in Trondheim. For some time, he documented that there are some drastic things with the body when we break out in laughter, but a proper study to see if we can really help him to death can not complete him.

– As a human being dies under such targeted studies in the laboratory, as a researcher, I want a serious ethical problem !, says Svebak to click. no.

Dead of Movie

One of the funniest, in a galgenhumoristic aspect, is the Danish who died after watching the 1988 movie A fish named Wanda. Whether it’s the orgasm scene that made the beat, it’s not known, but it’s one of the most set segments from the movie on You Tube.

Another, the Greek philosopher Chrysippus, died after seeing a drunk ass trying to eat figs. Perhaps the donkey was in line with these African animals, who have been a little too keen on the fermented fruit dish?

May be shocked

– About 30 years ago, I proved that the pulse rises by up to 50 bpm in just 2-4 seconds when a person breaks out in hearty laughter. Then the pulse falls as fast as the person stops laughing, says Svebak.

– Blood pressure will increase significantly during such an acute pulse increase, and there is a possible explanation of why it is possible to live to death. Then the person dies of circulatory failure.

Svebak says that it is also possible to change what we call the acid-base balance of the body when we laugh a lot and intensely over a few minutes. The effect is about such as when we hyperventilate, thus breathing out and entering for a few minutes.

– Then everyone will feel dizzy and contemptuous. And most people get a significant boost. All nerves in the body become overstimulated. Then it is theoretical that someone gets a physical strain that exceeds the tolerance, says Svebak, recalling that healthy people will hardly suffer any nuisance.

– But, perhaps, the practice of asthma could trigger an attack. And people with known heart disease or facilities for epilepsy should not hyperventilate, says Professor Sven Svebak to Click. no.

Kur? Le more often

– I recommend no one to stop laughing for fear of such an event. Rather on the contrary, I recommend people to have some fun every day. Then the heart and blood vessel system gets the daily trim and will surely withstand the greatest strains during laughter, the advice Sven Svebak gives to all of us who fly some of these stories.

These have died

Throughout history it has been reported about mass deaths in connection with collective outbreaks of laughter, and records of laughter death extend back to ancient Greece. But when it comes to individuals, Wikipedia reports about a total of eight people who have died of laughter, while another website has arrived at you. The two lists are not the same, but here is an excerpt of the most bizarre deaths:

  • Philemon (Greek poet, approx. 236-263) wrote comedies and got such a powerful laughing cramp of a joke he had written that he died.
  • Chrysippus (Greek philosopher approx. 280-c. 207 e. kr. ) donated his wine to the dead of the drunk ass to eat figs.
  • Pietro Aretino (Italian author, 1492-1556) laughed so badly at a story the sister told him that he fell back and died of a blood clot in the brain.
  • Sir Thomas Urquhart (Scottish author and translator, 1611-1660) is best known for translating the Rabelais Gargantua series into English, but the eccentrician will have died of laughter after hearing that Karl II was reinstated on the English throne.
  • Mrs. Fitzherbert (English widow, death1782) from Northamptomshire went on a Wednesday in April 1782 to see the Tiger Opera. When the popular actor Mr. Bannister came on the stage wearing cool clothes in the role of “Polly”, the crowd burst into a collective laugh. The poor Mrs. Fitzherbert was unable to stop laughing, and the week after, The Gentleman’s Magazine wrote: “Because she failed to forget the sight of” Polly “she became hysterical – something she remained without stopping until she died Friday morning. “
  • Alex Mitchell from King’s Lynn died of laughter after watching an episode of the television series The Goodies, where a scot in kilt fights a man-made black pudding with his bagpipes. After 25 minutes of rhinoplasty, the 50-year-old collapsed on the couch and died of heart failure.
  • Ole Bentzen (Danish audiologist, death 1989) died of laughter while watching the movie A fish named Wanda. His heart should have hit between 250 and 500 beats per minute before he got a cardiac arrest.
  • Damnoen Saen-um (Thai ice cream parlor, death 2003) must have died of laughter in sleep, 52 years old. A woman who failed to wake him told that after only two minutes of continuous laughing, life ended. Doctors think he died of either heart failure or breathing difficulties.

Sources: Sven Svebak, NTNU, Wikipedia, The Book of Lists, You Tube

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