These door handles prevent flu infection

The copper material has amazing properties.

These door handles prevent flu infection

Some metals have antibacterial properties. Copper is such a material. Several researchers have talked warmly about the possibility that cups can protect the population from spread of swine flu.

Many diseases are spread by hand contact and several studies show that using copper as a surface material in public places such as hospitals and kitchens can reduce the spread of infection, Professor Bill Keevil from University of South Hampton said at a conference earlier this year.

Businessman Jeff Mickler appears to be very convincing when he says that his business, the Jacob White Construction Company in Texas, has only had an infusion case in the last year – because they have exchanged all plastic, metal and handles, cranes and toilet seats. with copper.

Kills “all”

– The surface prevents bacteria and viruses from growing over time. Instead, they are weakened and die over time. In fact, we have seen that 99 percent of everything that comes into contact with the copper surface dies within two hours or less, says Mickler in the report on Aftonbladet TV.

But it is also he who produces these copper handles, at least according to a notebook in Galveston Daily News.

Can be effective

– Copper can have a certain effect, but I do not think it’s a way to prevent infection. There are too many other surfaces that come into contact with you during a day. We can not live in a copper world, says researcher at bioteknoligi, Kjell Josefsen, at Sintef.

– Both silver and copper are toxic. But I do not think it can prevent infection in the way it is claimed here, “said the scientist, who is surprised to hear that a Texas company has even pulled the toilet seats with copper.

These door handles prevent flu infection

LIVREDDER?: In these pandemites, it is interesting that copper, which is also one of the year’s interiors, says researchers should prevent spread of infection. Photo: Ash Hardware

Good for the body

These door handles prevent flu infection

MANY MEASURES: – There are many ways to get infected, not just through handles, says Sintef researcher Kjell Josefsen. Photo: Sintef

Copper is a vital trace element. Both humans, high-grade animals and many plants can have copper deficiency leading to anemia and other diseases, writes Store Norske Leeksikon.

An adult person needs 2 mg of copper per day, but it is in a completely different form than the alloy that is pulled over handles and toilet seats.

– If you take these handles every day, some infection will occur. And copper is poisonous, says Sintef researcher Kjell Josefsen.

English researchers confirm

Even though Norwegian bodies are skeptical about copper handles and toilet seats, other European countries have been interested.

“A test project at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, where copper cranes, toilet seats and door plates were installed, virtually eliminating common bacteria,” writes Daily Mail. The newspaper claims that the copper interior cleaned the virus and bacterial hospital more effectively than other measures.

The newspaper reports that researchers now think copper “suffers” bacteria, thus preventing them from getting enough oxygen to survive. Laboratory tests will confirm that the metal kills several deadly superbacteria, as well as the influenza virus and E coli.

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