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Therefore you should eat the food raw

Most of what you eat should be raw, but not everything.

Therefore you should eat the food raw

Most of us cook, cook and bust the most to be put on the dinner table, but there is no drawback to make the preparation a little easier.

– Basically, I think raw food is a good trend, but you should not be totally fanatic. Then it will be a short-term affair, “says physician and diet expert Fedon Lindberg.

His advice is that 60-70 percent of the food you eat should be raw or minimally heated.

Nutrient intake

An important argument for consuming a larger proportion of food is that no other animal boils or bites their food. I doubt that human beings are the only exception seen from nature, “says Lindberg.

By eating the food raw, you take it according to your doctor without any important nutrients being destroyed.

– For example, heating can cause proteins to become denatured, fatty acids can become peroxidized and carbohydrates can react with proteins and get acidified. This implies increased strain on our detoxification system and can damage our inheritance and other building blocks in our body, “he says..

Relatively safe

Examples of foods that fit a raw diet:

– Vegetables

– Fruits

– Bear

– Juicer

– Nuts

– Herbs

– Alger

– Seeds

– Oils

– Tartar

– Sushi

Nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen confirms that excessive heat treatment of food can reduce nutritional density, but nevertheless believes that it also has its benefits.

– Raw untreated food is usually relatively safe here in Norway where we have our legislation. However, I see no health benefit by living exclusively on raw food, she says.

Create food like in old days

According to Mathisen, if you want to ensure that the heat-treated food maintains its nutrients, follow the basic rules for cooking food.

Often, it means you should do the way your old housewives did.

– Prepare the potatoes with the shell, as much of the food is in the shell. Because a lot of nutrition is lost if the pot is boiled, you should steam them on a grid. Then less water comes into contact with the potatoes and the nutritional loss is limited, she says.

The vegetables can also be steamed with advantage.

Nevertheless, if you choose to cook them, you should use a little water, cook up quickly and avoid leaving the vegetables long in the water.

Kills bacteria

Some foods are more important to heat treat than others.

– Meat and fish products always have a certain risk of bacteria that cause severe food reaction or poisoning. This can be avoided with a certain heat treatment, says Mathisen.

In these foods, there are also few nutrients that are lost during normal heat treatment.

– This problem is greatest for fruit and vegetables, says nutritionist.

More available nutrition

It is also not the case that all nutrients disappear during heat treatment, and in some cases the heat treatment makes the food more accessible to us.

This is raw food

Raw food is food that is eaten completely raw or not heat-treated over 40 degrees. The food is not processed, not cooked and mostly organic.

Some people also eat meat and fish, but most people who swear to this diet are vegan.

Source: www. raw food. no

Food that is beneficially heat treated:

  • Fish
  • Meat and Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Tomato

– Vegetables are made up of plant cells. The plant cells have a cell wall surrounding the plant cell membranes, and these cell walls are difficult to digest for the enzymes in our intestines, says Mathisen.

By treating the vegetables we help with this process.

Not all raw can be digested

– The heat and moisture will partially break up this plant cell wall. This allows our enzymes to get well and digest the plant material, and we get better thanks to the industry found in the plant, “she says..

Raw vegetables, in other words, are not always digestible for us.

– And then it does not matter that they have a higher density of nutrients than lightly heat-treated foods, she says.

Increases nutritional value

She adds that there are also foods that increase their nutritional value by heat treatment.

– Eggs have, for example, an antineoplastic agent, avidin, which binds to the vitamin B biotin in the egg and makes it unavailable to our body. The heat treatment, however, deactivates avidin, so we can get all B vitamins as well, “says Mathisen..


Tomatoes can also be warmed up.

Therefore you should eat the food raw

NOT CONSIDERED: It’s not all foods we should eat raw. Photo: Illustration photo: VColourbox

– The tomato is particularly rich in an antioxidant called lycopene. Their availability and activity increases by light heat treatment and in the presence of some oil. It is therefore healthier with hot tomato than cold, raw tomato, she says.

Lindberg also agrees that there are exceptions.

– Both for the sake of our habits and cultural considerations, as well as taste and hygiene, it will hardly be a good idea to eat raw chicken for example . There is therefore food that should not be eaten raw too, “he says.

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