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Therefore, you should drop the meat dough

There are unfortunately good reasons to choose sausage, hamburger and fishballs for dinner.

Therefore, you should drop the meat dough

It may feel easy to drop a few sausages into the pot or a hamburger in the frying pan. And when the fish dinner is to be served, there may be fewer protests from the kids if there are fishballs or fish cakes on the menu.

However, the benefits will suffice, because your body is clearly better for clean products than processed foods. Metter better, too.

– The body needs a variety of essential nutrients, ie substances that are unable to make themselves. These nutrients make it your job to feed through the food you eat and if you have clean, nutritious ingredients, chances are you will get what you need. With the right focus, the prize will improve the quality of life and fewer health problems, says senior doctor Berit Nordstrand

More calories and more fat

– Processed food can never measure clean filet pieces or clean, ground meat. It’s about the concentration of proteins as well as the addition of starch, fat and any additives for increased shelf life, taste, color or consistency, “says Therese F. Mathisen.

She is a nutritionist in women’s training. No and Theme Nutrition.

For example, two barbecue sausages will give three times as many calories as a piece of pork or chicken fillet.

This should be checked when buying processed fish and meat:

  • The content of fish or meat should be at least 50 percent
  • Avoid sodium glutamate and nitrite if possible
  • Choose ecologically for the most gentle processing
  • Find a product with the shortest possible table of contents

Source: Senior doctor Berit Nordstrand

Therefore, you should drop the meat dough

Therefore, junk food is postponed the next day

This is due to the fat content and that the sausages also contain some starch.

Good for muscle and combustion

The pure meat piece will therefore always be a better choice, and after all, you will probably be much sourder than you get from the two barbecue sausages as well.

– A pure meat piece has twice as much protein, says Mathisen.

This is positive because the proteins provide satiety, blood glucose control, increased metabolism and are building blocks for the tissue that provides better combustion and body strength in the form of muscles. Proteins are extra important for the elderly.

– Also, remember that there is often a lot of salt in processed foods. This is not lucky as salt increases blood pressure and strain on your heart. Food rich in salt is associated with the risk of high blood pressure, she says.

Clean products are also good if you want to eat to a flat stomach.

Limit the meat quantity

Processed meat, such as meat dough, sausages and bacon, contains some salt as a preservative and additives that affect taste, durability and appearance.

Therefore, you add a lot of useless building blocks to the body compared to pure meat products. If you choose meat from animals that have been on pastures, such as organic meat and game, the nutritional value will be the best. Limit the amount of meat per serving and increase the amount of plant products, so the kilos price will also make sense, says the general practitioner and author of the book “Food with more” Berit Nordstrand.

Tough Processes

However, not only meat and fish are processed.

Select pure raw materials

Five reasons to choose pure raw materials rather than processed products:

1. Fewer calories

2. Metter Better

3. Contains less salt

4. Contains more vitamins

5. Multiple additives per 100 grams of product = fewer nutrients per 100 grams of product

Sources: Therese F. Mathisen and Berit Nordstrand

Therefore, you should drop the meat dough

Eat slimmer and more muscular

– Processing may concern the careful processing and further processing of pure raw materials. It’s all about processes with minimal use of chemicals for tough processes that use both high temperatures, high pressure and strong chemicals, says Nordstrand.

Building blocks in foods grown in nutritious soils, such as vitamins and fatty acids, can be destroyed during processing.

Vitamin content decreases and fatty acids oxidize on the way to a product that still achieves longer shelf life.

– Additionally, a variety of chemicals are added to provide a longer service life in the shelves, and all this goes beyond the nutritional value of the product. The number of useful building blocks for the body per calorie is reduced, she says.

Fish as bad

Sausage and meat dough is one thing, but fishballs and fish pudding is another? For fish is good anyway, is not it?

– Fish products are not always better than meat products. Regardless of origin, the product should consist of most of the raw material itself. Hatter the meatballs, at least 50 percent of the product should be meat, and this also applies to fishballs, says Mathisen.

Her experience is that fishballs generally hold up to 50 percent fish, and this means the nutritionist is too bad. Better is not necessarily the case with the fish cakes.

– Fish cakes tend to have the same low level of fish. Often they contain as little as 30 percent fish, but there are also good alternatives with up to 70-80 percent fish, she says. When considering meat and fish products, you should check which product is the most of the raw material itself.

Eating a lot of fish has several advantages. For example, the fish protein helps you lose weight.

Grind the meat itself

– The deterioration of nutritional value depends on how tough the processes are. Therefore, look for short table of contents and marinas themselves to safeguard the nutritional value as best as possible, says Nordstrand.

For example, if taco or lasagna is on the menu, there is still no way to choose grated meat. Just make sure that the meat that is chopped is as clean as possible.

Therefore, you should drop the meat dough

Nine signs that you are eating the wrong fat

You can do this yourself or you can ask the butcher or those who work in the fresh food dish to grind a particular piece of meat for you.

– You can also use different types of meat – both livestock and game. Feel free to bell fruit for further increased nutritional value and limit the amount of red meat per person to reasonable amounts. Also try some vegetarian variants where belgium and seeds can replace the meat, she says.

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