Therefore, you should choose natural sweet

Berries, dried fruit or honey provide sweets with a bonus.

Therefore, you should choose natural sweet

The advice is a lot of sweets.

– While someone tries to replace refined white sugar with moderate amounts of natural sweet taste, others swear to artificial, calorie options, says doctor and author Berit Nordstrand.

Just for party

Nordstrand believes that cakes would like to come with artificial additions if it happens rarely, but that everyday food should build the body with natural ingredients, and she also suggests to enjoy sweets in the form of sweet straw from sweet herbs, honey, coconut nectar, berries and dates .

– My view is that it is smarter for health to limit the use of sweets rather than covering the sweet needs of chemicals. If you have strong sugar suction, you can also try to shred the body, “she says.

Then you will get more sensitivity to sweets and foods you have previously noticed tasted particularly sweet will be perceived as sweeter.

Calories do not count

So, even if some sweets attract zero calories and carbohydrates, Nordstrand thinks there are other things that should count more.

– Not all calories count alike. Cane sugar and honey contain almost as much calories as regular sugar, but the products also contain building blocks that the body needs. It is far more important to count building blocks per chew than calories if you are feeling good in body and mind, she says.

While refined sugar requires vitamins from the body when converted into energy, nature’s own sweetness comes in unrefined state and with just the building blocks you need to burn the sweetness to energy.

Then you get magic plant power on your purchase and at least do not steal your body from nutrition, “she says.

Less blood sugar impact

– To sweet food with berries or fruit is a terrific alternative to using refined sugar. Also honey, maple syrup and yaconsirup are fine natural sweeteners, which are much better alternatives than white table sugar, says Camilla Hoel.

Sweet natural alternatives

  • Berries
  • Fruit
  • Date
  • Figs
  • Honey
  • Rårørsukker
  • Maple Syrup
  • Yaconsirup
  • Coconut flower nectar
  • Sweet Herbs

Sources: Berit Nordstrand and Camilla Hoel

Always select a little

Artificial sweets always give less calories than refined sugar, fructose or sucrose, but still they should not be taken in uncritical amounts.

– Even if something is harmless in moderate amounts, it may cause problems if you take a lot of it. Many people will have stomach problems and overuse of artificial sweeteners over a long period of time also benefits from being researched in humans. However, museum and rotting studies show that large amounts are never positive, says Camilla Hoel.

Hoel works in (which, like, is owned by Egmont), is a lifestyle coach and holds a master’s degree in molecular biology.

She says that fruit, berries, honey and other natural foods often want a slightly lower glycemic index than refined sugar, and therefore it will not affect blood sugar evenly unless you eat very much at once.

Unlimited quantities

Nutritional content is also quite different.

– It is better to choose natural sweeteners like fruit and honey as these come with several micronutrients and thus have a positive health benefit compared to refined sugar. The white sugar contains only empty calories, she says.

Remember, however, that the natural sweeteners also contain calories.

Therefore, you should not eat unlimited, although these are better alternatives.

– To reduce the amount of calorie, there may be a solution to using half honey and half of, for example, sukrin, which is a sugar alcohol without as much calories, suggests Hoel.

Healthy snacks

– My advice is clearly that you enjoy natural sweets that make your body good and not white sugar that causes blood glucose in the body and trigger sweets, continues Nordstrand.

If you are physically sweet, you might like to cook some fruit salad, Greek yogurt sweetened with honey, roasted nuts or other simple desserts that can be made in a blender for a couple of minutes.

– In my family we make Raspberry sorbet, chocolate mousse, chocolate balls, nut chocolate and much more in everyday life. But we make them with pure ingredients and without added white sugar. Feel free to take your kids on dessert and cookie, so they also enjoy the natural ingredients even more, she says.


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