Therefore you should breastfeed

It is free, natural, clean, safe and nutritionally optimal to breastfeed.

Therefore you should breastfeed

Therefore you should breastfeed

Norwegian children are following

In the first time after birth, you and your child build up strong ties. When the child is at the chest, he or she will hear your famous heartbeats. It is important to lie on the dad’s chest too, to get as well familiar with his heartbeat and smell. This makes daddy feel unattended and can help you later when he can give the child pumped milk so you can safely take you a night out!

Body Preparation

As soon as you get pregnant, your body begins to prepare for breastfeeding. The breasts develop tissues that can produce and store milk. The breasts may grow and feel a little sore in this phase. Small glands around the breast bud begin to produce fat that lubricates the breast bud all in 7. -8. week of pregnancy. The first milk you make is called colostrum (colostrum) and can leak from your breasts from 16. svangeskapsuke. You also produce this milk in the first days after birth before the milk is gradually ripened.

Positive for Mother and Child

Milk contains all nutrients and all the fluid your child needs. The exception is vitamin D, which the child should receive from 4. week of life. It is internationally accepted that infants should, if possible, have breast milk alone for the first four to six months and then in addition to other foods throughout the first year of life. The mother’s milk keeps a high quality even if your own diet is not ideal. But the child is enjoying it extraordinarily if you eat well during the lactation period.

Breastfeeding requires more energy than the pregnancy did. It is therefore important that you eat well, even if you want to go down the extra kilos you left in your pregnancy. It is common to gradually lose weight during breastfeeding. You do not need to follow any special diet while breastfeeding, but it is important that you get enough iron and calcium from coarse grain products, lean meats and skim milk products. You also need a lot of liquid for milk production. Fruits and vegetables you can eat a lot of, and for your child it is good if you eat oily fish or take cranes regularly. The fatty acids omega-3 from fish is therefore important for the development of the nervous system, vision and growth in general.

Therefore you should breastfeed

CARE FOR CHILDREN: Mother’s milk is the best food for the child. But not everybody is as comfortable with breastfeeding the child outside their own home. Photo: Crestock

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Natural Medicine

In breast milk, it is not only nutrients, but also antibodies that strengthen the child’s own immune system and protect against infection. No factory can make these antibodies, and therefore they are not present in industrialized breast milk replacements. Other drugs breast milk is alone to contain are substances that maturate the baby’s bowel or directly helps in digestion of the food so that absorption increases by nutrients the child needs. The amounts of these substances vary in line with the child’s development.

Increased demand increases production

The more you give, the more milk you get. Breasts that are constantly sucked out of milk react to increasing production. The more milk your baby drinks, the more milk you produce. The amount of milk you produce is therefore completely independent of the size of the breast or how the breast bud looks like. The child’s suction stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin stimulates the contraction of the milk passages, so that the milk is easier to escape. In addition, the uterus is stimulated to contract. In this way you can return to the shape you had before pregnancy sooner.

You can also stimulate milk production by milking or pumping milk from the breast. You may need this if your child is premature or ill, and thus unable to die properly. In this way you will avoid losing milk. If you do not breastfeed, the product will eventually disappear. This is because the milk contains a hormone-like substance that causes the breasts to descend production if the milk stays long for the breasts.

The cream lasts

Therefore you should breastfeed

TETTE BAND. Love and care are one of the things that breastfeeding gives, but that can also be given if you are breastfeeding. Photo: Crestock

When breastfeeding, the first milk is watery and perfect for the thirst of the baby. Further into the meal comes the fatter, creamy milk that is full of the nutrients your child needs. Therefore, it is important that the baby sucks one breast completely empty before offering the other one. Changing the breast can wake the child a little so that it is possible to eat further. It’s okay if the child does not want the other chest, or stops eating before the chest is empty. It is almost impossible to completely empty the chest as production is constant. At the next meal, you offer the second breast first, so that one breast is not overloaded and difficult to give milk.

If your baby does not get breast milk

If your child for some reason does not get breast milk, or must have an additional beside breast milk, you can be sure your child will grow and thrive on breast milk replacement. If you give milk in a bottle, make sure you have skin contact with your child and talk or sing for the child to strengthen the relationship between you. When giving food, your child should be the only one you focus on. Love and care are one of the things that breastfeeding gives, but that can also be given if you are breastfeeding.

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