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Therefore you get blood in your mouth

Blood taste in the mouth is often due to poor warming in advance.

Therefore you get blood in your mouth

– The blood taste comes when you push hard, and there’s a simple reason for that happening, says CERG at NTNU, Henning Ness, to

He explains that under high intensity, blood pressure becomes so high that the thinnest blood vessels in the lungs can burst or break up and some blood enters the lung surfaces.

– At the same time, the breathing rate is very high and causes this to get into the mouth. This causes us to feel a touch of blood in the mouth. This phenomenon occurs in connection with the gas exchange from the lung cycle, where the oxygen diffuses between the thinnest blood vessels in the lungs to larger blood vessels for further transport in the body, “says Ness.

– This is not dangerous, but a signal from the body that tells you that you should calm down the intensity, he adds.

In other words, blood taste is not the same as having blood in your mouth. If you have blood in your mouth, for example, if you are spitting, then you should consult a physician, as it may be disease-related.

Remember the warming

That you experience this unpleasant metallic blood taste in your mouth may have a simple cause; You have not warmed your body well before exercising or other physical exertions.

– I think for rapid transition to higher degree of exertion is the main reason for this; ie too short, or too bad, heating, says Ness.

He further explains that the reason for warming is recommended before getting started with the workout is that it warms up the body – also the heart, muscles, blood vessels, and so on.

– These processes in our body should gradually adapt to the increasing strain. For example, our blood vessels will become more elastic and expanded so that the blood flows more easily when we get properly warm, he explains.

Do not push too hard

In addition to spending some time warming up your body before exercising, it’s good to take it as a signal that you need to take it a little more peace or slow down.

Therefore you get blood in your mouth

This will make you run faster

– It may be a sign that you press a little too hard repeatedly, if you are also “stiff” of lactic acid during interval training, for example. In the worst case, there may be a disease such as asthma. Then you should seek out the doctor, he advises.

Also in asthmatics

Also for asthmatics, bloodstream in the mouth can be a topic.


  • Asthma gives breathing problems and wheezing caused by respiratory distress.
  • Asthma causes the walls of the trachea to contract unusually easily. The contraction, in turn, causes air to not flow as it should.
  • The number of people affected by asthma is increasing. It is assumed that ten percent of the children are affected. You can also get asthma in adulthood.
  • The narrow airways are often also hypersensitive to irritants in general. This means that asthmatics often also have hay fever and are bothered by eczema.

Learn more about asthma in the Helseconcept.

– When it comes to blood taste in the mouth, it’s likely from strong cough that causes some of the small blood vessels in the lung to burst due to high pressure. This is not dangerous, but can give this metallic taste to the mouth, “says Adviser in Health Sciences for Norway’s Asthma and Allergy Association Anna Bistrup.

There may be several reasons for this happening, she continues:

– Some people who have really powerful hostages experience this. Also, if you have poor lung capacity and are in physical activity, or if you have a sprinter without having warmed up first. Asthmatics can experience blood taste in the mouth, but this does not apply to anyone who has asthma, says Bistrup.

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