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Therefore you get a filling server

If you still have nerves for half a day after you stop drinking, may it be a good idea to regret?

Therefore you get a filling server

Counterfeit advice

1. Accepting fill anxiety is a fairly common effect after a night in “lykkerus” (the brain is artificially overwhelmed by certain substances during the evening and when the artificial supply ceases, it becomes apparent same substances for a few hours until the balance is restored).

2. To “repair” to add more alcohol might help in the short term, but is a very unfortunate long-term coping strategy.

3. Fill the fridge with good, nutritious food and drink (f. eg juice) before the party.

4. Talk to others who were at the party for a real-life check: Did you really do something you have reason to regret? What has become a big heavy should in your mind, and feel like an embarrassing loss, others may have experienced as innocent, completely understandable and nothing to regret.

5. Distract yourself and do not think about the party . Watch a movie or take a walk in the field.

If the rush is too fast, it can increase the risk of a chemical jo-jo effect with our feelings

When you drink alcohol, dopamine is released, a signal that mutes nervousness and some retardations while it achieves muscle relaxant and soothing.

Alcohol also releases endorphins, a substance that has much in common with morphine, and which gives the feeling of happiness and tranquility.

Fill anxiety and nerves

The next day, on the other hand, the fillet canch with brass and bram. It makes you nervous and trembling, touching and crowded, and you may feel ill conscience.

– Filling sickness is something other than stuffing anxiety. The first creates headaches and nausea, the other makes you nervous and guilty: You regret what you have done. For some, it may be more like a kind of depressive reaction than anxiety and nervousness, says researcher and editor in the journal of Norwegian Psychology Association, Pål Johan Karlsen.

Volatile happiness

The active ingredient of the alcohol, ethanol, affects the nervous system in the same way as other drugs. Either by changing the chemical balance or by mimicking the brain’s natural signal substances. The psychoactive substances change perception, thoughts, mood and behavior.

We do not know why ethanol works as it does, but what one knows is that it calms and sedates in addition to stimulating the brain’s reward system. It gives a volatile sense of happiness.

Bad balance

While drinking alcohol, the nervous system is working on a blast to restore the balance. If there is an abundance of signal substances, the brain reduces the production and release of its own molecules.

So, when the alcohol slowly but surely disappears from the blood, there is a loss of the same substances. The balance is often not restored until it has been half a day.

It’s in the period before the balance is restored that the dreaded fountain servers turn on.

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Easy to figure out the promise

This gives you reason for filling anxiety

Therefore you get a filling server

TOO MUCH?: If the world starts to look like this when you drink, there may be a danger of filler server the day after. Photo: Kyrre Lien / SCANPIX


Therefore you get a filling server

World’s worst hangover

When you get anxiety anxiety, you experience the opposite of what you felt while dancing homelessly in front of your colleagues. Then you felt calm, happiness and lacked inhibition. Now you’re pissed off, are insecure and feel guilty.

Can tell me you’ve done something you have reason to regret, but it can also be due to a chemical imbalance in your brain. When you feel angry, it’s natural to think that you must have done something you regret. We have been able to find an action or event that explains the behavior, “says Pål Johan Karlsen.

Call a friend

Many times, we do not know what we really have gained fillerver and filless anxiety.

– You may regret “all” or that your behavior is very diffuse. You are sitting with a feeling of having listed you in every way critically, but without putting your finger on something special besides you have been outgoing. But if you ask others who were at the party, they may not remember that you have done something that you should be ashamed of.

– In addition, you usually remember your own losses better than others.

But if it has been over half a day and you still regret it, the shame can not be due to brain imbalance. If you really have done something stupid, may it be in place with an apology?

Genetic Fill Server

But why does anyone get more apprehension than others?

– Everybody is not affected by the same day. The fact that someone is extra vulnerable can be genetically conditioned, and some are introverted by nature. Some are also more than others on the body’s signals, says Karlsen.

Simple advice?

The best and easiest advice for filling and filling is to drink less.

– In addition, it helps to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. If the rush is too fast, it can increase the risk of a chemical jo-effect with our feelings, warns Pål Johan Karlsen.

Research director at the Norwegian Institute of Drug Research (SIRUS), Ingeborg Rossow, says that surveys show that there is a connection between how much and how often you drink and whether you feel nervous and stressed the day after.

– Those who drink the most often also, naturally, are at greater risk of hangover problems. The best way to prevent is, of course, to drink less, says Rossow.

Have you ever had a fill server? Tell us your story in the comments box.



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