Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

No, you’re not smarter in the evening than in the morning.

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

SOURCES: Linn-Eva Sørlie, personal trainer at Condis Økern in Oslo and Bjørnar Andreassen, personal trainer at SPUVI in Asker. Photo: Private

– It’s not a badweed that tells you whether you’ve put on weight or lose weight. There are many factors that play in when weigh you.

It says Linn-Eva Sørlie, personal trainer at Condis Økern in Oslo.

Just a number

– Bathing weights show us only a total number. It does not show how much fat, muscle or water is.

These factors depend on weighted numbers.

Tractor weight down

– If you get tired after you have eaten a lot of carbohydrates, drink a lot, stress a little and work well, will show a nice number, says Sørlie.

Tracks wake up

– If you are feeling tired after eating a lot, having a stressful period and drinking too little, you may be surprised at how much this can affect weight, she says..

Water storage is essential

– The body usually consists of 60-75 percent water. This causes weight to be affected by the body’s amount of water because so much of you are water, “says Sørlie.

Experiencing your body dehydration will hormones protect the remaining fluid. Then the body does not dry out.

Water Storage:

Each cell in the body controls its fluid balance through sodium and potassium. Potassium is inside the cell and sodium is outside the cell. Water storage is a side effect that this relationship is in imbalance.

Source: Linn-Eva Sørlie, personal trainer at Condis Økern in Oslo.

Various factors that can make jumping up and down:

  • How much fluid you have in your body
  • How to work out
  • Stress
  • menstrual
  • How much carbohydrates you eat
  • How much food with salt you eat

– The body will attempt to regain balance in the cells if you have created imbalance through diet, stress or too little drink, says Sørlie.

Salt foods affect the fluid balance

The body adapts to how active you are, and it does it by holding on to the water.

– The fluid balance can be affected for many reasons, but the most frequent causes are too much salt, carbohydrates, lack of water intake, menstruation and stress.

This explains Bjørnar Andreassen, personal trainer at SPUVI in Asker to Click Health.

– Long endurance sessions will cause fluid loss that leads to lower weight, whereas when replenishing fluid quickly builds up again.

Muscles are heavy, but burn fat

– Strength training builds muscle that is heavier than fat, and therefore will not put much weight in terms of reducing kilograms in the short term, “says Andreassen..

Increased muscle mass also increases combustion.

Stress provides temporary weight change

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

DO NOT LET YOUR LIGHT: Weight is not always right when it shows you how much you weigh. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

It is said that stress and menstrual factors can make your weight increase, but this is only for a short period of time, “said Andreassen..

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

Lene Alexandra’s recipe for flat stomach

– Stress does not increase weight forever, but for a short period of time will lead to increased urination. This can result in a short period of time, he says.

Weight follows the human cycle

– During menstruation you lose fluid by blood loss, but many people feel swelling in the body just before menstruation, says Andreassen.

– One reason for water storage, which gives increased weight, is women’s menstrual cycle, says Sørlie.

– This is caused by increased levels of hormones in the body. In fact, a woman can get an extra two to three kilograms of extra weight knocked out on the scales during the menstrual cycle, she says.

Carbohydrates absorb fat

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

WEIGHT’S IMPORTANT: Bathing weights do not always show how good your health is. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

How much carbohydrates you eat plays a role.

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

Here you will be exposed

– Carbohydrates lead to insulin secretion to balance blood sugar.

– If you eat a higher amount of carbohydrates suddenly, this will lead to storage as fat, “he says..

The fat cells contain about 10 percent water.

– If you do not eat carbohydrates, your body will need to burn fat that also reduces the body’s fluid content, “he says..

– This gives a little more frequent running on the toilet. Many take off a lot of pounds quick for such a diet, especially initially, says Andreassen.

Bathing options

Knowing your weight is not the answer to how good your health is, according to your personal coaches.

There are other methods to know if you have gone down or gained weight.

– It’s amazing difference to look at a well-behaved body and a lean body, even though they have the same height and weight, he says.

Weight may display errors

For a long period of time you have been good at exercise and diet, and start to see progress. Your clothes are slightly looser and the stomach seems to be tighter. But if the scales show the same, or higher numbers, there is nothing to fear.


Andreassen believes that BMI can be a good indicator.

If you absolutely want to weigh, it’s best to do this with as much prerequisites as possible.

– In the morning right after you get up and go to the toilet for example, Andreassen says.

Body Analysis

Linn-Eva Sørlie swears to body analysis.

– A body analysis gives figures you can count on in terms of results, says Sørlie.

– There you will see more than just total weight. You will see both fat percentage, kilo fat, kilo muscle mass, sleep metabolism, total body water and much more.

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

OTHER METHODS: Instead of weighing you, you can measure whether you’ve gone up or down with your clothes and pictures. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

If you are very keen on weight, you can pay a few dog slips for a body analysis at a fitness center near you.

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

Here are the 10 best training tips of the year

– It is after all the body composition that has something to say in the long run, ie the relationship between muscle and fat, says Sørlie.

Measurement tapes and images

– We recommend measuring the number of centimeters around central areas. Measure your waist, thighs, buttocks, arms, shoulders and chest, “says Andreassen.

– You can also see you in the mirror, taking pictures in underwear that’s just for you, says Sørlie.

– But it’s hard to see change even as we see ourselves every day.

Therefore, you can use scales as a pointer, says Sørlie.

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

TAKE PICTURES: Images reveal whether you have put on or taken a few pounds. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

– If you weigh you, it is recommended to go on weight once a month, on the same day, at the same time.

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

Short sessions make you more familiar

Therefore, you can not count on bathing weights

Burn 1500 calories without touching

– Note what you have eaten and exercised in the last 24 hours before you went to the weight so you do the same to the next weighing and measurement, Sørlie tips.

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