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Therefore, yogurt and apples are unhealthy

These foods have gained an undeserved reputation.

Therefore, yogurt and apples are unhealthy

Bacon is good for the heart

In addition to the foods that have received an undeserved bad reputation as unhealthy, there are those that are referred to as just as healthy and good. Both tofu and coarse bread can have effects that are not good for health.

Tofu has a good reputation nutritional since it contains few calories, has high protein and iron content and is free of saturated fat or cholesterol. But research has shown that tofu, like other soy products, can reduce men’s fertility.

Although orange juice is rich in vitamins, the high sucrose content can cause dental maladministration and increase the risk of diabetes type 2.

Coarse bread is rich in fiber, but can also be packed with sugar. Professor Peter Whorwell, Expert on Digestive Problems, says fiber rich foods should be reassessed in a healthy diet.

– Fiber gives the bowel more to work with, and for those who suffer from constipation, this can hurt worse, says Whorwell, according to the British newspaper Telegraph.

Therefore, yogurt and apples are unhealthy

CALORIBOMB: Smoothie contains a lot of fruit, but should be made with unsweetened yogurt, not sweet milk. Photo:

Smoothies are going to be very healthy because of all the vitamins from fruit, but the delicious drinks are also calorie bombs and should be enjoyed with ease.

– A true smoothie of the original variety should contain yoghurt, “says Kjersti Selseth, Food Consultant at, The Information Office for Milk, to the Nettavisen.

See which smoothie is the healthiest here.


Sushi is healthy, but although fatty fish contains omega 3 that is good for heart, mercury content in salmon and tuna can be relatively high, according to British The Telegraph. According to an American research report from 2006, high-quality fish stocks can be harmful to fetuses and lead to premature birth.

In Norway, the authorities warn pregnant and breastfeeding against eating freshwater fish such as pike, perch, trout and char, just because of the high mercury content team. Rowfish, like salmon, have extra high concentrations. For all others, eating these fishes should be unproblematic, as long as one does not eat too much. “At an average diet, the increased mercury content will not increase the risk of health damage,” according to the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority.

Advice applies only to fish caught in freshwater. Breeding fish and sea trout can be safely eaten, according to the Food Portal.

Acid Damage

Yoghurt has a lot of healthy content, but can be harmful to your teeth. Bacteria can react with the sugar and create acids that attack the dental enamel. Therefore, yogurt without large amounts of added sugar is preferable.

An apple a day may keep you from the doctor, but five apples a day can quickly send you off to the dentist. Sweet apples can contain corresponding four teaspoons of sugar.

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